Video Proof the Powerball Lottery is Rigged ~ Greg Giles

Waiting in line for a Powerball ticket

As yet another piece of evidence surfaces to confirm how each and every aspect of our world is is controlled and manipulated by those who wield power from their dark corners of life, millions of people awaken today to realize they have been taken all along by the rigged lottery scam. Rarely, if ever, would those behind the veils of power allow any of us, who they insultingly refer to as the sheep, to get our rightful hands on any monies they deem worthy of theft, a talent they have mastered quite well. Do you think these insatiably greedy individuals would actually allow any of us, the commoners, to win millions, perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars in a lottery or Powerball drawing, money they see through their childish eyes as 'mine, mine, mine'? Until today, I have never had any proof to offer of my suspicions, my solid beliefs of this, but as you will see for yourself in the following footage of the live Euro Powerball drawing, the millions and millions of people who stand in line for hours and dole out their hard earned money possess zero chance of ever holding the winning ticket.
Greg Giles

 Watch closely as the number 21 appears on the screen
a full thirty seconds before the Powerball is actually drawn up as the next number.