Meet Tesla Model S 70D: 240-Mile Range, 140mph Top Speed And $75,000 Tag Price

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The new Tesla sedan costs $5,000 more than the electric carmaker's previous Model S — but some consumers may find the extras well worth the price.

Discussing the amount, CEO Elon Musk noted that it's "a slight price increase, but it's a huge value increase," adding, "customers wanted something that had more range and they really wanted all-wheel drive."

The Model S 70D electric sedan boasts a heftier battery pack at 70kWh, as well as dual electric motors with a combined output of 514 horsepower, which give the car its name. It features all-wheel drive, quicker acceleration times (0-to-60-mph at 5.2 seconds) and hits a top speed of 140mph.

Now that's not as speedy as Tesla's Mode S P85D — but it's still pretty impressive to PTA-soccer moms who are eager to ditch the family van but still want at least five seats.

The Model S 70D starts at about $76,070, and arrives in May. The previous auto in the fleet, the Model S 60, had an initial price tag of $71,070 and was equipped with a single 380hp electric motor and a 60kWh battery.

The new sedan also features autopilot technology, which Tesla hints may be the beginning of self-driving capability to come. There are a slew of safety features including parking sensor, lane-movement warning alerts and auto emergency braking (another self-driving feature), as well as a GPS Homelink system and automatic keyless entry.
"Customers wanted something that had more range and they really wanted all-wheel drive," said Musk.

Some are saying the new vehicle is hitting the market without much warning, and that may reflect Tesla's need to rebound on sales a bit. The brand is hoping to bring an electric crossover utility vehicle to the market by year's end.

Reports on the impending UV offering claim the model will feature two electric motors and an 85kWH battery pack. Yet Musk has stated there may also be a smaller UV option at a lower price point and similar to the Model S 70D vehicle.