You don't get rich writing a lot of checks? or, living evidence of a soul's incarnate blueprint ~ Greg Giles

Evidence suggests its easier for the wealthy to take candy from a baby

Although the following video presentation, entitled, 5 Reasons Being Rich Can Make You A Bad Person, does not explore possibilities beyond our current physical reality, I feel the statistics and test results given are strong evidence to corroborate the theory that souls incarnate into lives that teach them specific lessons. In my view, the attainment of wealth is not the catalyst that changes a person (as theorized by the producer of this video presentation), rather, a soul is given wealth as part of their incarnate blueprint, a plan specifically designed to offer them the opportunity for growth by affording them experience in a particular area, in this case, possessing generous means. In other words, a soul is given a life of affluence to allow them to overcome psychological challenges associated with money. 
Greg Giles 

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