Catastrophic National Disaster Imminent? Why Has the United Nations Purchased Most National Parks and Targeting Major Cities in the USA?


Over the years, the United Nations has gradually purchased most of our precious National parks in the United States of America, and now they are working on buying all major U.S. cities. But why? What is the bigger picture? What is coming to America?

Before It's News

As the Obama ‘Regime’ childishly uses our National Parks and Monuments as weapons against it’s own veterans, citizens, and especially to threaten the Tea Party, and it’s values (The Constitution),  few people are aware of the fact that we the people, United States citizens, do not control our own treasured landmarks. The United Nations (of which most member countries are our enemies) now controls most of our U.S. National Parks and Monuments including Yellowstone, the Everglades, the Washington Monument, the Statue of Liberty, Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello, the Brooklyn Bridge, Yosemite,and the Grand Canyon – to name just a few….while U.S. taxpayers still foot the bill.
Jon Doughtery of WND said, “…if most Americans “knew what was going on (with their national parks), the uproar would be deafening.” Dougherty explains , “…(the U.N.) attempts to “globalize” huge portions of the United States — with taxpayers picking up the tab.” Agenda 21 is a United Nations document that was signed by Clinton and Bush that will allow the implementation of a one world government by gradually separating American citizens from their private property and “redistributing the wealth” globally. Globalists like Obama, Hilary, international bankers and George Soros are using many means to accomplish this including the implosion of the U.S. economy, the destruction of the U.S. family unit, and the ‘fake science’ of man-caused (anthropomorphic) global-warming/climate change’ endorsed (knowingly and unknowingly) by the environmentalist (earth worship) movement.
“It is a well-documented fact that the U.N. is trying to gain control over vast amounts of U.S. territories to herd more people into cities where they are more manageable,” says Henry Lamb of Eco-Logic — a watchdog organization that monitors U.N. activities and U.S. sovereignty issues.  —Victoria


The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization


  1. Earth worship? Come on, what emotional and divisive language! There's something clearly not right about this argument that categorizes environmentalist as the enemy. I get the whole thing about the global warming issue but what does that have to do with pushing alternative clean technologies and educating the public to steer them away from the disposable mindset many are still entrenched in. Pollution destroys. Leave the environmentalist to their job of greening and helping to stop abuse of this planet. Something's terribly lopsided about this. Why are intelligent people throwing the baby out with the bath water? I smell rats, and I want to know why.

  2. This is off topic a bit, I know, and the issue of UN owning the National parks means they'll have to change the name to UN parks. It's a very big deal, and it's pretty shocking.

    However, I'm on this global warming thing. Firstly, I haven't read books on it, and I haven't researched it, but what I think is that if it did exist then the warming sea currents would surely be causing the cold in the northern hemispheres which is happening. That was explained to me years ago. However, my point has always been - the whole debate takes the issue away from the very big impact that mining and coal burning are so destructive to life on Earth, and of course the body of Earth. It all just seems like such a deliberate diversion from the fact that free energy technology exists so wtf is going on? It also seems like a deliberate and successful attempt at division. What am I missing here? Why isn't the general populace up in arms about that instead? That's THE issue.

  3. They're both my comments above by the way - Krianda, if anyone cares to enlighten me on this issue.