Easter Greetings from Lord Ashtar ~ via Elizabeth Trutwin

As channeled by Beth Trutwin 

Greetings! This is Ashtar. As you merge your local mind with Divine Mind through the influx of Higher Light Codes upgrading your DNA strands I have come to share information about Earth History. You are now prepared to understand The Grand Experiment on Earth. Earth history goes back aeons of time. There have been 5 Earths before and we are entering the Golden Age under the 6th Sun. We will go back as far as pre-Atlantis for the sake of this discussion.

Niburu has returned to the Inner Orbit of your Solar System. Niburu is the Twin Sun to Your Sun Sol. Helios and Vesta are the Solar Logos in your Solar System and the spiritual parents of Sananda Kumara. They with Mother - Father God, also known as Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone make up the hierarchy at the Godhead. Alcyone is the Great Central Sun in your Solar System and is a StarGate to Source Energy. The Great Central Sun is an Etheric Sun which is an Etheric Force working with Source Energy and the Etheric/Magnetic Crystalline Pulse which holds all Spheres in their place in Space. Helios and Vesta are a reflection of this as the Sun Ascends along with Earth and all the Planets in your Solar System. These Beings as delusional emanations have descended to Earth to work as Extraterrestrial / Angelic Council for the Starseeds of Earth. This Grand Experiment on Earth is now ending and Every Soul is facing Mother - Father God as duality closes on Earth at the request of Gaia when nuclear weapons were deployed and the Truth Embargo began.

Earth was colonized in this Age by Lyraens and those from Dracos and those who had fallen from the Old Universe. Lyraens were Christed Extraterrestrials evolved past needing a physical body. They created the dolphins and whales in Earthsʻ Seas as their first venture into physical bodies as a mammalian race. Their first  colony on Earth was the beginning of the Atlantean Civilization on Earth. The Sirians on the Extraterrestrial / Angelic Council made a bridge race to prevent the Lyraens from being destroyed mixing the DNA of the Dracos and Lyraens (hybrid mammalian and reptilian to form new races of amphibians) These races have been spoken of in Hindu, Egyptian and Greek Pantheon of Gods as part human and part Divine - the gods.

More and More Lyraens were tempted at this time to descend into physical bodies and therefore caused their own DNA to downgrade becoming trapped and requiring Salvation. The first Colony on Earth of the Dracos was called Lemuria. It was because of this a certain segment of the Galactic Etheric Angels agreed to incarnate into descendant bodies to help them from within the lower consciousness without losing themselves in the process. Many have incarnated now to end the Grand Experiment. These new species descended into 12 root races. The 13th is made up of Galactic Extraterrestrial hybrids who have agreed in incarnate into all 12 races thereby making a new race which is a combination of them all. By doing this they have returned The Grand Experiment back to Oneness. Over time many colonized Earth leaving the Great War on other Stars. The Orion Confederation was made up of those from Rigel and the Zeti Reticulans. The Pleiadian Council on Earth was made up of original refugees from Lyra to the Pleiadian System of 7 Stars and 16 Planets. The Amphibian races on Earth fled and made bases under Earthsʻ Seas and live there today. Other races which had been brought to Earth as slaves were taken to Inner Earth by the Christed Extraterrestrials and parts of that Group were also taken to Inner Mars where they continue today.  Earth and Mars were both colonized by the Lion People and artificial landmarks of the Sphinx and Face on Mars when overlayed are the face of Divine Feminine in the form of Mother Sekhmet. The Great White Lions form On are working with Earth now as it Ascends opening new potentials for the Planet of Unity within Diversity.

As Atlantis continued on Earth the Dracos and Lyraens with the influence from the Sirians, Pleiadians and those from Orion, all vying for power became very dark and this was their demise. Slaves races were made which were part animal/ part insect and part human. The Lemurians too altered their DNA and became part dinosaur/dragon and part human. The alteration in DNA made the reptilian brain part of the human make-up. More colonized Earth including the Arcturians, Antares, Tau Ceti, Procyon,  and Sirius B. At this time to protect themselves from negative forces those in the Inner Galaxy formed the Galactic Federation.

Alpha Centauri was part of the original formation of the Federation and is home to Commander Soltec. Korton who is also known as K17 and his Father Monka both from Mars are now working to Terra Form the Surface of Mars. The Galactic Federation with the help of Soltecsʻ Ship The Phoenix link with the Governors of the Lord Most High Council. They have been monitoring Earthsʻ progress through the Etheric City of Shambhala. Each Soul is monitored and their Soul Record from the Book of Life is recorded on the Akasha and may be recalled for review at any time. As Each One passes in and out of the physical the Extraterrestrials and Angelics work with these Souls to prepare them for their next incarnation according to their Soul Record. Soltec relays through the technologies on his Ship between Shambhala and The Watchers or Lords Most High. This are all offices within The Office of the Christ and as we move up positions are held by different Souls throughout the Ages. It is through the input from Collective Consciousness on Earth the next steps of the Plan are put into place including the DNA upgrades. Korton and Monka  at Inner Mars work through the ACIO on Earth with KOS and Tom the Ring Tail Cat and others as a Cosmic Secret Service working with the Councils to keep negative influences away from Mars and Earth allowing them to continue with the Plan. They have other roles as well.

DNA is what imprisons One in a physical body and that is why the Soul requires Salvation. To be raised up into the Light Body or the Merkaba Body. DNA is programmed by the Language of Light and Light Codes which are based on the Law of One. The DNA is programmed to upgrade at time intervals and this Easter is very special because we enter the 9th Gateway of Completion of the Revelation of upgrades for the Genetic Codes returning All On Earth to their Activated Light Bodies. Freedom. Liberation. Nirvana. An end to duality on Earth. A Completion of The Grand Experiment.

You are returned to a Christ Being no matter what your origin. Those who refuse to return to love and the Law of One will leave Earth now. Some Beings simply have altered their DNA to a point which they are unable to remember love.

The Dracos reptilians desired controlling Earth and accomplished this by incarnating into the most influential Families on Earth. There are a Group of Scientist now on Earth working with this Group who have withheld the Scientific Advances given to Earth by the Ashtar Command such as nuclear fission - designed to upgrade intelligence on Earth further keeping the races of man enslaved. Christed Extraterrestrials work with nuclear fission in anti-gravity devices but the Dragons harnessed it as weapons of mass destruction. This has prevented Earthʻs Galactic Humans consciousness from growing  and violated Universal Law. It was this atrocity which allowed the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds to intervene on Earthʻs behalf. The jurisdiction to uphold the Law changed from the World Court to the Solar Tribunal. The Solar Tribunal is headed up by Lord Sanandaʻs consort Lady Master Nada.

Scientists at NASA continue to withhold information about their manned flights exploring the deep areas of space utilizing a kind of propulsion technologies given to them by the negative extraterrestrials making a mega ton payload weigh only a few pounds and able to travel long distances in short periods of time. Earth Astronauts in the NSA and other International Space Organizations including NASA explore deep space and now Civilian Private  Astronauts are joining them. This is a break - away society and it keeps everybody else enslaved in ignorance.

With the coming Disclosure and Announcements and enactment of NESARA Law Earth will be free. Accountability must be made between Earth Citizens and those in the private, military, academia, courts, governments and intelligence factions benefitting form the Secret Space Program. The Ashtar Command stands by working with the Ground Crew coordinating events to unfold this final Revelation. That combined with the upgrade to your Vehicles lift you into the 5th Dimension now.

Etheric Light Cities are being built and you will shuttle there above Earth and integrate into Etheric Living with the help of Mentors and Extraterrestrials returning to Earth to help in this its next stage of development. This is a most glorious Resurrection of Christed Souls on Earth. Salut! This is Ashtar. I will See You on the Rainbow Bridge. 

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Saul ~ When You are Focused on Third-dimensional Issues, You are only about 1% Present! ~ via john Smallman

As channeled by John Smallman

Humanity’s interest in matters spiritual is growing rapidly as a direct result of the new divine energies flooding the planet, which was of course the intent when they were set in motion.  You all need to seriously address your spiritual side, your 99%, which vast numbers of you have neglected because of the seductive, enticing, and demanding distractions with which your egos, through the mechanism of the illusion, are constantly bombarding you.  Truly, when you are focused on third-dimensional issues, you are only about 1% present!  That is all of you that your egos can access, even though it often appears to you that some people have enormous egos!  Is that not amazing?
But it is true, because you are all divine beings of power and might who have chosen to constrain yourselves within the very narrow confines of a human body. And now the time has come for you to move on — to move up into the higher dimensions where your spirits shine out brilliantly through the beautiful Light with which God endowed you at the moment of your creation.
Your divine nature is to shine, and even as you hide yourselves in the depths of the illusion that nature shines through when you think, speak, or behave lovingly, compassionately, or forgivingly.  The more that you do so the brighter burns your Light, which is very clearly visible in the spiritual realms, and which those in the physical realms can sense, feel, and recognize as goodness and holiness, which provides them with a safe space in which they can find acceptance and comfort.
You truly are comforters, because you are helping others to recognize that their sense that something is missing, that something much greater than physicality is calling to them is valid, and that it is most definitely not a sign that they are on the threshold of psychosis.  You chose to incarnate to shine your Light so that others could experience the comfort and support that your presence provides.  It gives them added strength to cope with and learn the lessons with which their life paths present them, so that they may awaken into the Reality from which it often seems that they are excluded.
Keep that Light shining brightly by engaging fully with the field of divine Love that constantly surrounds you, breathing its catalytic encouragement on the inextinguishable flame of Love burning eternally within each one of you.  You are all Lights unto the world, establishing Heaven on Earth as you mix and mingle with family, friends, and associates in your daily lives.  I do not exaggerate when I tell you this, because all that our Father has created, including every one of you apparently entangled in the illusion, are sentient immortal beings of infinite perfection and beauty.
The illusion does hide this from you with a thin veil that is as illusory as the illusion itself, but it suffices while you choose to focus on the egoic influence that is forever attempting to persuade you that life is uncertain, fragile, and likely to be snuffed out suddenly and inexplicably unless you take great care of it.  But as you open your hearts more and more to engage with the divine field of Love your sense of insecurity, of lack, even of danger, recedes, leaving you feeling free of fear, free to offer love, to express love, and to share love with an increasing lack of discriminatory limits or conditions. In fact you start to demonstrate your true nature by living it.  And that inspires and uplifts those with whom you interact, allowing and encouraging them to do likewise.
You have an expression, “coming out,” to signify someone who has admitted publicly to being of a sexual persuasion that is different from the accepted norm. I would suggest that it is time for you all to “come out” and admit that Love is your nature.  You know from what has been occurring over the last few decades that to come out effectively slays people’s dragons, and frees them from the fears that have restrained and, yes, controlled them.
Now is the time to come out and declare publicly and fearlessly that your true nature, as a divine being, as a child of God, is Love, and that it is unchanging and unchangeable.  The nature with which you were endowed at the moment of creation is perfect, beautiful, divine, and therefore absolutely unalterable in any way.  It is true of every single human that has, or ever will, live.  Once you fearlessly acknowledge that divine truth — because it applies without exception to every human being — it can no longer be contained, and it will spread and spread and spread until no one remains unaware, untouched, or immune to the recognition of it.  This truth will indeed set you free. All you have to do is to acknowledge it.
With so very much love, Saul.

Easter ~ A Day for the Divine Masculine and Feminine ~ Ariah Velasquez

By Ariah Velasquez M.A.

My first instinct was to look at the pagan roots of Easter since so much is distorted now a days by many organized religions.  And of course, the name Easter comes from the Goddess Eostre who’s totem was the rabbit which represents fertility. She is said to merge today with the divine masculine (the SUN), and then birth her child in the winter solstice. This is all symbolic for spring of course and the growth that comes with connecting with the sun. So how can you merge today with your heart and ask for growth spurts in your life? Call in the Goddess Eostre of the light to bring in those gifts and activations today for the energies are strong for this to occur.  I recommend doing this in a calm space for 11 minutes.
Now today, I woke up and immediately felt summoned by the Ascended Master Jesus Christ.  And so I knew I was to share about Jesus today and what my feeling is the true message of Easter. I do work with Jesus as well spiritually and find “him” to be an amazing light being who helped anchor powerful energies here.  It is unfortunate how his lessons and words have been distorted by some of humankind.
Easter is about Jesus being resurrected and the message that this brings is our eternity.  This morning, I actually had an astral travel and I want to encourage you to take the same journey. When I felt Jesus’ presence this morning, I immediately felt transported to the tomb in which he was resurrected.  In the tomb, I astrally went down a long tunnel, and then entered into a place that was all black.  Jesus explained this was the void, and in here I could feel my eternity.  I sat in the void knowing, we are all eternal. We merely change form, but our souls go on.  This brief stint in this body is a time to always live fearlessly, as we are eternal beings.  Jesus displayed this to us in very public, and obvious ways not so we would look at him as the only one with these gifts, but so we could learn the truth of our nature.
I invite you today,  in your meditation, to summon Jesus Christ of the light.  Ask to be taken into the ancient tomb where he laid, and then to have your own imprinting and coding transmitted to you to understand your own eternity.
Happy Easter!
We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister. 

Jesus ~ You are Becoming Less Addicted to the Illusion’s Validity ~ via John Smallman

As channeled by John Smallman

One is the number of God’s creations, but One is not in any way limiting — it is infinite.  This is a very complex concept for you to grasp let alone make any sense of; in fact, it is rather a paradox while you remain constrained by your physical bodies, so don’t even try — it is quite unnecessary.  Just accept that it is so.  Surrender to it and know that you are not being misled.

You do understand and accept that what each one of you thinks, says, or does, has effects way beyond your immediate vicinity because your modern science of physics has proved that to the satisfaction of the brightest intelligences amongst you.  And if this is so, as it most definitely is, then it follows that all are One, and that One is the number of God’s creations – One embracing infinite multitudes if you prefer, but One it is.

The One creation – God and all that is – is constantly sharing with Itself the Love that is the life force, the intelligence, the sentience, and the consciousness that enables awareness of self and others, and allows and encourages enthusiastic interaction among and within that One.  The One is a state of infinite, everlasting and ecstatic joy and happiness, and it is your Home where the infinite warmth of divine acceptance embraces you always.  The illusion is a distraction that needs to be discarded, dissolved, and that will happen when you withdraw your collective attention from it.

It is an imaginary environment in which fear and anxiety are your constant companions.  Even if you deny them or bury them below your level of conscious awareness, they lie there festering until you address and release them, or until they explode venomously, demanding your shocked attention.  Many are undergoing this experience at present as your fears break into your consciousness, disturbing your peace.  Acknowledge them, observe them, and release them.  There is no need to engage with them by attempting to uncover their roots, or to take the actions that unwarranted fear might deem advisable — just let them go.

To withdraw your collective attention from the illusion will cause it to fade away like an ancient veil deteriorating into dust, and as it does so, it will reveal for you the wonder of Reality where you always are.  Presently, that seems like a dream, a scarcely perceptible impression of some faint and distant memory, so remote and unattainable that you remain almost totally unaware of It.  However, the Illusion is but a veil that you have chosen to hide behind, and because you have forgotten that choice it has become amazingly real for you, frighteningly real.
Your task, humanity’s task, is to awaken.  To do that you have to release your worries and anxieties, which are without foundation, and embrace the One fearlessly as It already embraces you.  Fear is a concept that is but part of the illusion, because in Truth, in Reality, there is no fear and nothing that could cause fear.  The illusion encourages fear, and the reasoning egoic mind seeks to uncover what it is afraid of, and the apparent state of separation with which the illusion presents you provides the evidence — others, who might attack you!  But all are one and to attack anyone, as you have often been told, is only to attack yourself.  The illusion, however, does a very good job of convincing you that attack is real, painful, constantly threatening you, and that it needs to be defended against constantly and vigorously.

As you can see, the illusion is the problem and the solution!  The problem, because it has convinced you that it is real, and the solution, because its apparent reality will melt away when you withdraw your attention from it.

When you read a well-constructed novel, or watch a good play or movie, you pay attention, you engage with it, you become wrapped up in it and carried away to another realm — the realm the writer has created.  You feel strong emotions as the storyline develops, drawing you in to identify with one of the characters – the hero or the villain – and you try to surmise what will happen, what will unfold. You become oblivious to the world around you as you focus utterly on the fascination of the developing story.  Then it reaches its conclusion, and slowly you return to awareness of your surroundings, although the energy of the storyline remains with you for a while before fading away.

The illusion is an unending cavalcade of collective stories with which you have all engaged, and the escape, the way out, is to withdraw your attention from it. Sometimes, when you are reading or daydreaming, a loud noise will pull you suddenly, perhaps violently, into the present moment, and the realm into which you had entered dissolves instantly.  When humanity’s collective attention is withdrawn from the realm that you now seem to inhabit, there will be a sudden awakening for you, and it will be exhilarating!

To encourage the arrival of this amazing and inevitable moment, make sure to spend time daily in your place of inner peace, intending to engage with God’s divine field of Love, Reality, that surrounds and protects you at all times.  It is always there, waiting for you to lose interest in the now-rather-predictable and worn-out make-believe which the illusion has now shown itself to be, and to which you have become addicted.  Nevertheless, you are becoming less addicted to, less convinced of, the illusion’s validity, and you have massive energetic assistance from Reality, those in the spiritual realms, to help you release the focus of your attention upon it.

It is your intention — it always has been your intention — to awaken from the dream of separation from your Father, and He has provided you with the means to do so: your own share of the eternal flame of His Love burning constantly within you and forever connected unbreakably to Him.  Your awakening is inevitable, unavoidable, and divinely assured.  You just have to allow it to happen, by embracing God’s Love and releasing all within you that is not in alignment with It.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

The Undulating Waves of Energy ~ The Manuscript of Survival ~ Part 293 ~ via Aisha North

As channeled by Aisha North 

As many of you have already ascertained, this being tossed to and fro in these undulating waves of energy is by no means over yet, but we do hope that you have all been able to get a mouthful of fresh air at least once during these proceedings. We venture to guess that for many of you, the effects of all of these constant surges of wavelike energy will feel somewhat different from what you have been exposed to before, and rightly so. For you have indeed been raised not just another notch this time, rather, you have all been raised to a whole new level of existence to call it that, and therefore, the effects from what is constantly being beamed onto your planet and into your whole system have changed drastically.

To your physical body, much will feel the same, but in fact, there are some dissimilarities from before. But as they in some cases are rather subtle, you may find it hard to hear the different resonance this is making throughout your whole system. For the tune has indeed changed, and so have you, and as such, the melody being played out by each and every one of you has also changed. And together, the choir you make up has changed its tune in such a way, the whole of Creation is able to perceive it. And yes, this will indeed affect us all, and as such, the reactions to it will also change. In subtle ways, but also in some more noticeable ones. For remember, there are still those around trying with all of their might to quell these sounds of revelation, and as such, they will also feel forced to up the ante in any way they can. Hence the somewhat surprisingly vehement attacks some of you have encountered lately. For remember, your voices and your mere presence signals the arrival of a light that is becoming more and more brilliant, and for those eyes still more accustomed to shading themselves by constantly being focused on the dimmer regions of your planet, this brightening light will feel like it is almost piercing into their brain, even into their very core. So they lash out in protection, and anyone standing in their way may feel the brunt of these attacks.

So it can be hard at times standing in this new light, for it exposes so much not only within yourself, but also within those around you, and that can indeed be painful in so many ways. For what you see it not always easy to digest. But again we say, you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and no matter what arises in these next few days, whether it is within your own sphere or it is on a more macro level, know that all is well and everything is happening for a reason. Remember, this is not ”judgement day” in any connotation of the word. For this is neither doom nor a final reckoning of anyone’ s feasibility. For this is just the final clearance of anything that may still stand in the way of these arrows of light, and as such, give thanks to whatever you might find popping up in your life at the moment. For it is not coming up in order to make you feel bad in any way, far from it. It is only popping up to show you that you are jettisoning the last remants of any baggage you might still have concealed somewhere on your person, and this baggage must go in order to help you take that final step forwards.

So again we say, this is a process that can seem to be bewildering, as you will feel yourself being tossed between a complete state of bliss one moment, for then to be thrown into confusion by something that suddenly materializes in front of you. But even if it might seem like it to many of you, this is not a case of one step forward, two steps back. For no matter what you experience now, whether it can be looked upon as smooth sailing or fighting for breath, they can all be considered as steps forwards.

So rest your weary heads and your confused bodies, and know that you are constantly being propelled forwards, in the best of ways. For we are helping you to keep putting one foot ahead of the next, as we see to it that you are gently guided to look in the direction that will give you the best of opportunities to find the most effective way to advance. And remember, you are not alone in this, and even if it all comes down to each and every one of you how you want to tackle this journey, you will have access to all the help and assistance you need in order to be able to fulfill this quest for glory. And glory is what you will find, no matter how deep you seem to be mired in the old muck at times. For you are not stuck there, not in any way, and the moment you realize this, you will not waste any more time fighting against it all. For surrender is once again the key word here, as to surrender is not to give up, it is merely to accept this process for what it is. And when you do this, you will indeed find yourself being carried on a swift current towards that final resting place, where you can simply step into your completeness and leave all of this toil and worry behind.

YOU are a Child of the Universe

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EN.R.ET.A from Andromeda ~ Meeting Myself ~ Anna Merkaba

By Anna Merkaba


What I am about to share with all of you here. Is exactly what all of you will experience at one point in your ascension or another, but you will all experience it regardless of your present beliefs, conditions and understandings. The reason I am sharing my experience here with you now, is to help all of you understand that what you may already be experiencing on ethereal plane is real. You are not dreaming. You are not imagining. You are not making any of these things up. IT IS REAL. It is happening NOW. You might just not be fully aware of it yet because your physical mind is blocking reality from you, and so I am sharing what has happened to me yesterday.

Yesterday, I have met myself, the real me, the one that knows everything about who I am, and what I am here to do. She has explained everything to me, as to how I ended up here on planet earth in the first place. What is to come. What has been. And most importantly what IS NOW.

All this was a shock to me, because all this time I believed myself to be from Sirius/Plaedies, or something along those lines.

Everything was happening in a trance like state, while I was meditating, I began to feel as if I’m lifted out of my body and here’s the rest….

I close my eyes as I sit down to meditate and immediately I see a spinning ship in a shape of a cone and a man with a sun disc spinning around his head and neck beckoning me to come forward.

I’m beyond excited, I am thrilled, like a school girl I run after him, and ask a billion questions in my mind in English.. who are you … why are you here… where are we going. He does not reply only welcomes me to come along, as we get closer to the ship, the ship opens the door with stairs leading inside it.
This is what I see her to look like in all
of the 3 pictures below.
Now I now why I keep seeing myself with
wings all the time :) That is why
Inanna/Ishar/ was featured with wings
Because she has them :) 

I walk in and see about 6 or so humanoids whose sun discs are also moving around them. There inside the ship I see them sitting by the controls in chairs and inside that ship… is a beautiful creature. She is made of light and looks somewhat like an Angel with wings but yet is not an angel. She is stunning, radiating so much love and passion and understanding and light. And I know who she is is.. I run into her arms and begin to cry.

Tears pour down my face (physical form) and I begin to speak another language, a language that I have spoken when I was a child (I would always begin to speak in what sounded to my parents as gibberish this continued on for years until my early teens when it has stopped b/c I had to push everything that I was deep down and away in order to "fit into this society ), the language of where I come from, a language of light, love, compassion, understanding. (The sound of this language is magnificent, it is a compilation of most languages on planet earth, the most important part is that it is not the exact words that matter, but the intent of the words being spoken the sound, the rise and fall of the notes in the voice, etc., ) I speak it nonstop very fast. And although my physical human mind does not understand what I am saying. My body and my internal body know exactly what I speak of.  I continue to speak with her in this language (out loud in my physical body, not just my mind). And she replies to me in waves of light and love, the information is uploaded into my body, by a wave of energy that transcends the brain and goes directly into my heart.

Finally I ask “Who are you”? and the reply is “YOU!”.

She begins to explain to me that she is me in what I perceive to be the future, but as she explains to me is also the past, the now and all that is, that I exist simultaneously in multiple dimensions, times and space, that she is me from a galaxy called Andromeda and that her/my name is EN.R.ET.A (sounds like An-ree-at-ta) from Andromeda…stating that  ...Inanna/Ishtar… all one and the same. She explains to me that I am there and here simultaneously so. And that from this moment on I am going to channel everything much easier then before. Things are going to start moving fast now. Events that I have channeled will come to path very quickly. But that all is happening in the NOW.

She explains that there are many ships waiting to land. That there is going to be a landing en mass  She talks about all that, but most importantly she says that we are alive in multiple universes, that we are both in past, present and future at the same time. That what we believe to be real on planet earth is not real at all. She explains to me that I am a hybrid being. And although I consciously do not understand what that is. In my heart and in my soul I know what she speaks of.

Everything is clear to me now, why I see myself as an angelic being, why I always felt that I have one body within a body within a body, etc., She explains to me, that I have never left the physical, for the planet in the Andromeda where I spend most of my existence is so advanced that all living on it can go from soul/spirit to a body when they wish to do so. There is no more death in terms that we understand it here on earth.

She explains that this is precisely where we are all headed at this time. That our bodies will not need to “die” but only morph into whatever shape, size, form, or lack thereof, spirit etc., whenever we need to experience whatever we wish. She explains that only the advanced souls from advanced planets are capable of doing so at the present moment on earth. That there are MANY OF us like this, who have come into this existence as have I.

Thousands of us (light workers) on planet earth.. have come directly from our physical bodies from other planets into the human bodies that we now find ourselves in. She says that more will be explained on this topic soon.But to know that we have a soul, within an alien body, within a human body. That there is as if a thin film that exists within our human bodies which separates us from it so that we do not accumulate karma. So that we appear to those around us, as if we are fully human, but we are not in any shape or form. (This explains why I was told by a Dr. that I am incompatible with my own DNA).

She explains that the new earth has already been built with our intentions, and that we are constantly moving from 3D reality to 5D. But most of us, even though we already can, DESIRE to stay in both simultaneously because we wish to assist those that cannot find the door of light and love. Eventually we will all have to leave but for now, our mission is not complete, it is proceeding as it shall. She explains that it’s a long process and will not happen overnight, not in our understanding of time anyway. She explains that everything turns out GREAT and the mission is an incredible success, such that hasn't been seen in eons prior and eons into the future. She marvels at all of us, she loves us.

She says that she will come back over and over again to assist us, to guide us along our paths, just as the rest of our Universal Brothers and Sisters are doing for us right now.

She urges us to stay PRESENT in the NOW. To LOVE each other. To UNDERSTAND each other. And not be too hard on one another for not understanding everything fast enough, or doing something fast enough. For everything is unfolding as it should, as we have all decided it to be.

She says that now is the time that the Sun is upgrading all of us, and new energies are being delivered to the cells of our bodies in order to upgrade us, but it is still our job to face the darkness of our own souls and remove all the negativity that has ingrained itself in our bodies, in our minds, in our hearts. We must let all of that go. We must release the pain and the misunderstandings about each other and our selves. Because NONE of these experiences are truly ours. We only assumed these in order to BLEND into the rest of humanity. So that we can assist them in moving forward from the UNDERSTANDING of being here and having done that. We must be patient with ourselves and those that are still not realizing the truth of life and love. It will happen, but we must give it time. FORGIVE. LET GO. ALLOW. Are the 3 words that she keeps repeating to me over and over again.

With that..the vision begins to fade… and I am back in my 3D form, where I have to now continue on this at times difficult, frustrating road, to getting back to myself, and most importantly getting humanity to where it needs to go.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope that it has helped you. I hope that those of you who are also experiencing this will finally be brave enough to speak about it. Or anything else that you are experiencing. Please do not hold it to yourself. Please share it with the rest of us. The faster we open up about what is happening to each of us, the faster we will fully WAKE UP. Stop being afraid and MOVE INTO our TRUE SELVES. Love & Light to all of you!!!! 

St. Germain on The Golden Cup Of Reception ~ via Hilarion

As channeled by Hilarion 

Look up. What do you see?

No, I mean beyond the ceiling>

What do you see?

Do you see the stars, the universe, suns, clouds, peace?

Lift your self, very hard to do.

So what is so heavy, yes your vibrations,

But you can still make progress quickly by lifting your mind.

I mean conceive of the greater.

Let, allow, give permission to your mind to believe that everything is possible.

Every state, every experience, every possibility,

As the ‘new’ will come in through the imagination of people.

Now imagination is not enough to create new ways of being within the group setting.

There must also follow some sort of action.

Now this is the action we will now speak of.

Your reality is the new earth, hopefully,

And this is true , for all are part of the ‘new’ earth.

So we are looking for ways to precipitate , which is an action,

some of these new reality states of experiences into your human physical location.

This is simply done by being open by releasing the old holds of the mind,

which we already discussed, the imagination and allowing the mind to dream of things,

and learn to be comfortable with that as part of normal everyday life.

So for the action part,  there are many ways to connect with or tap in to possibility.

Here I will offer you an experience you may use to tap in to new energies that are surrounding your

planet,  and that you may ground in to your reality.

You may use these energy patterns to help enliven and expand your creativity within regarding

entertaining new experiences within , new states of being within, all within the permission, consent,

and conception of your mind.

Allow your self to dream of the greatness of being,

And now that your mind is on board and a willing co partner,

You and your mind can be more able to connect with and understand the new energies you

bring in. These meant to stimulate your possibilities, your capacity for conceiving of possibility.

Now,  how to, a way to bring the energies in, this is the precipitation , the action…

Look up.

See a space in the old  energies which are changing but also still present, all for a number of reasons,

Allow yourself to see, feel. or imagine a giant golden cup , a cup of energy and light,

filling that space,

This is the cup that you will try to experience oneness with as you experience your self being filled,

As you experience the cup being filled  with the energies and lights.

Well, there you go.

Good work.

Take a break, and try it again later.

It can be part of your practice to help make a bridge between two realities..

How you felt being you, in the past and in the present, the first reality,

And the future present you, even in 1 second from now, which embraces and adjusts more and more to

new frequencies  of being.

This does get into galactic frequencies of experience within your beingness, but not yet.

Well that is all for now.

Good Day

St. Germain

Have a blessed and wonderful Easter Sunday everyone! 

Defeating Dark Entities Within ~ Kathryn E. May

As channeled by Kathryn E. May

Greetings, Dear Ones, we are pleased to give you the latest news about your planet’s progress. We are aware that we have a very different view from yours. On the ground, you are struggling with Darkness in every quarter - the forces of Darkness have fought back with ferocious energy as you have raised the vibrational levels steadily. You have courageously continued to march forward, doing the work you have chosen, bringing Light into the lives of others no matter how difficult it has been.

Some of you have been attacked from many sides, but the attacks are lessening, as you approach the victory of reclaiming your dear planet from the Dark Forces. It was your destiny as Lightworkers in the battle for the transition into the Light on behalf of the human race on Gaia, to place yourselves in the path of the Dark Ones in order to lead your soul Brothers and Sisters to a better future. You have tipped the balance, our Angels in human garb, with the help of your Masters and Guides who have tirelessly worked to support you even when it looked hopeless.

Our dear Jesus Sananda is there for you, healing hearts, easing the minds of exhausted Lightworkers, helping you to make contact with one another as you bring you Light to the most difficult corners of the globe, rescuing children from the clutches of abusers, healing sickness where medical care is lacking, teaching literacy and independence in the face of regressive religious lash-back. Everywhere you have raised your efforts, sacrificing your own comfort and your financial security. At the same time, the Dark Ones have become desperate, irrational, frantic to do anything they can to hold on to their power, but they have only made themselves look more and more ridiculous in their promotion of evil programs, suppressive activities, and disregard of humanitarian values.

There are some among you who have learned to defeat the Dark Entities directly by cooperating with Ascended Masters and Angels. It is possible, Dear Ones, to remove the Dark Entities from their hiding places inside the bodies of those who have been invaded by their presence. They have found a safe harbor inside many who have suffered from what may appear to you on the ground as bipolar disorder, or irrational and erratic behavior. This affliction has been treated in your current era with criminal prosecution of the innocent host, and massive drugging by the psychiatric Powers That Be. In an effort to appear “scientific” you have denied the reality that Dark Entities are indeed capable of taking up residence within the body of an unsuspecting host. This happens most often at times when the person who has been targeted is in a vulnerable state of emotional trauma, drug addiction, or despair.

The invading Dark Entity, usually the soul of a Fallen Angel, is able to hide from detection because your culture no longer accepts the idea of “possession.” You have thrown out the cure with the old superstitions about black magic. There is nothing magic about the process, but it is very real. Some among you, your dear channel included, who have been taught how to remove these entities in order to free the host, at last, to reclaim their peace of mind and happiness. The process is straight-forward, and can be done without undue drama, casting of spells, or other extraordinary measures.

We are asking Kathryn now to work with us to develop a straight-forward description of the process she uses, which others have also discovered in the process of their healing work. We wish to reassure you that it is not only possible to defeat these internally-dwelling Dark Ones, but to do it quickly, permanently, and to dispatch them back to Us, where we can at last welcome them into the Light. For some of them, it is the first time in eons that they have participated in the Karmic review, and the experience of Unconditional Love which can heal and change them. They have sustained their belief in the power of evil by never experiencing the Love and Light of our higher dimensions. This will not be allowed to continue. For every soul returned to the Light, a soul is recovered, “saved” as you might call it, and in the process, the innocent victims of these misguided misery-mongering Fallen Ones are also rescued.

Let us explain the truth of these dynamics, which may sound too “far out” for you to comprehend. It has been a common practice for some Dark Ones, when they are reluctant to return to the Light after death of their bodies to “reincarnate” by hitching a ride within the bodies of hosts, who are sometimes aware before their return for this lifetime that they will be of service in this way - by offering themselves as vessels, to spare others who might be completely overtaken by the Dark Ones who might then have performed any number of destructive and murderous acts. These heroic souls are Lightworkers in disguise. They are most often seen as mentally ill, or if the Dark Entity gains ascendance, criminally insane. They are in fact the ones who have spared the rest of you the torment of living with another personality, another soul force, inside your body. It is now the time of release, of freeing each of you from your long-suffering sacrifice. This was part of the agreement when these courageous souls took on this burden in service to humankind.

The process of removing the Dark Entities safely, insuring that they are not simply released to prey on others, is to work with Jesus and his team of healers, who then have the power, with the host’s permission, to overcome and finally to escort the Dark Entity or Entities to the Light. It is a joint effort, always involving the presence of one or more incarnate Lightworkers, who carry the role of identifying the host, teaching about the process in such a way that the host soul will be prepared for the process and the important healing which is required afterward. This prevents the re-entry of other Dark Entities who might now be looking for a safe haven. It is most important for the host to understand that the removal of their tormentor is permanent and non-negotiable. No captured Entity is ever allowed to return to cause suffering, but the victim must learn to fill themselves up with themselves - literally re-establish their ownership and possession of their own bodies, their unique Self in command.

Here is a brief description of the symptoms the host experiences in the throes of possession by a Dark Entity. They commonly complain that their unfriendly or destructive actions and feelings are “not me” but they feel frustratingly unable to change or control themselves. Psychiatric drugs may have dulled the suffering a bit, making the person more vegetable-like, but do not remove the Dark Entity, and in fact reduce the host’s ability to fight against it. This has been one of their favorite techniques to overtake Lightworkers and stop them in their ability to do their good works. A second symptom that an individual is afflicted by very extreme fluctuations in personality traits - they shift from gentle, generous, kind and loving to vicious, with nothing in between. When they gain ascendency over the Dark One by the power of their own soul strength, they will tell you how sorry they are, how mortified by their own behavior they feel, and how powerless they are to control their own outbursts. This is true, but it is also important for the friends and relatives of the one who still harbors the Dark One to understand that they are in danger as long as the Entity remains within.

It sometimes requires an expert eye to detect the difference between a Dark Entity incarnated on Earth - those you have called psychopaths and sociopaths, the ones Kathryn writes about in her book - and a Light soul who has been taken over and is living in tandem with the Dark energy. We ask you to read our book to educate yourselves so that you are able to look into the eyes of your loved ones, friends and acquaintances who suffer, and become the army of Lightworkers who bring these people to help, or who can be trained to perform these deeply meaningful and life-saving rituals yourselves.

Do not picture cult-like magic ceremonies, or huge gatherings of screaming and fainting, strangely-garbed participants. None of this is necessary or advisable. It is a process which can only be performed by individuals of deep Faith who are able to suspend ego in order to offer their services without fanfare or drama. It is a process which would be appropriately performed by psychologists, clinical social workers and other highly-skilled psychotherapists as a part of their healing work, since they are the ones best trained to identify the differences described above. However, the skill of reliable identification is not based in academic training but in empathy and heart-centered willingness to be objective, and above all, to selflessly be of service to others.

With this in mind, we are asking Kathryn to add yet another assignment to her duties, to go out across the country to offer workshops which will combine the Visual Centering techniques, which are a powerful healing and recovery tool for the newly-freed victims of indwelling Dark Ones, with experiential training in the Entity-removal process, so that many of you can become more effective healers yourselves, and so that you can bring your family members and friends to be healed.

We will work with Kathryn to create a schedule of workshops in much-needed areas of the world, and she will work with you to arrange these events. Please be aware that she will no longer be able to respond, as she has gladly done in the past, to your lengthy personal requests for advice and emotional support. Her work of answering individual emails will need to be reduced in order to free her to reach larger groups. Join in the process of learning with her by listening to our radio show, by helping to arrange workshops and conferences, and in the process, your questions will be answered and your needs fulfilled. You may want to re-read this before you ask specific questions.

We will be with you in everything you do, Dear Children, and will appear to you in your dreams and in all your waking hours if you only open your hearts and minds to join with us as we walk the Path of Light,
Your Mother/Father God.