When One Becomes Two ~ The Sphinx Speaks via Petra Margolis

It is easy to promote oneness or being one but when one of your “one“ own is attacked it is easy to say it is their life not mine.

When you promote oneness, or being one with all that is, what does it mean to you?

If you consider yourself to be one with every being what does this mean to you?

The words “we are all one” are being used many times as a diffuser for certain situations in some way, or if you really don’t have anything to rebut a certain situation.

If you see yourself in another, if you consider yourself to be an extension of the “one”.

Then what would be more logical than to consider that what happens to another is in reality also happening to you.

This is accepted many times when it applies to spiritual evolution, but what about physical evolution?

When another is treated in a way that is what you many times consider a way you would not like to be treated, what is your reaction?

Many do not react at all as each of them has their own thoughts and many not really thoughts of oneness.

Many might in reality think, they get what they deserve, it is their life, nothing to do with me, or they might feel sad about it, feel sorry for the person, yet in reality they will not say anything as they feel it might distract them, bring in negative energies etc..

In reality, if you belief you are all one being, you should take the consequences of that belief with what you might see as the benefits of that belief of being one with all that is.

If someone is treated in a way that is very misfortunate, it is also you who is being treated in a misfortunate way, after all you belief you are all one.

You can brush it off if you like, as you do not want to take in or be influenced by negative energies, but if that is true, you should not take the beneficial energies either.

Many can only keep themselves walking upright in a superficial way by constantly confirming their own goodness, compassion and love for others, yet when there is something interfering with the oneness they feel though that the oneness is not as important as they were constantly confirming within themselves.

It is every person for themselves at that point.

Yes, others might not need your help, but showing compassion and love in only certain situations that make you feel good inside yourselves is not really compassion and love.

It is a superficial way to keep yourself upright when without those constant confirmations you would fall flat in many ways.

You consider love to be the answer, but in many ways only when it suits your own wellbeing.

Is that the real love, or like we said before, a superficial love that is only used for the wellbeing of your own state of mind, state of feeling?

Funny how the biggest promoters of oneness and love stay quiet in a moment when one of their “one” own is being treated in a way that is very misfortunate.

No need to come and support now though, but we would like you to think about what oneness, compassion and love you are bowing to.

From one source to another
September 23, 2013
Petra Margolis