The Importance of the Journey ~ Veronica via April Crawford 

"Those incarnate seek mostly to achieve the purpose and goals set up by their souls. It is important to accomplish, however, one must not overlook the journey when assessing the success of a life.
Being physical, one walks through many obstacles. There are failures, disappointments, and setbacks. In the afterlife, one assesses all those enactments to come to a conclusion of where to continue in their process.
While that tally of successes may seem important in this moment, we again suggest also a look at the journey. Often it makes one more successful than the achievement of the goal.
The journey somehow is always the most interesting viewpoint in a life.
So we suggest that each day you honor your actions whether they were successful or not. By making decisions with clarity and honesty, one develops the character of essence that the soul also strives for.
At the end of the day, how your walked the path supersedes the actual arrival.
Be a person of integrity.
Be strong on the path and act from your soul, instead of reacting to circumstances.
There is a fine line between them. Be in line with your soul, for in that moment there is evolution.
It's not just about the physical, linear success/failure. It's about your essence and soul.
In the afterlife, contemplation, you will ask "How and by what actions did I succeed or fail?".
That answer will define the true success of the life."