The Drums of War ~ Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof

The Drums of War part 2

This Awareness would choose to deliver an opening message that will be available to
the many who may later listen to this teleconference, the recording of this conference.
That this Awareness did deliver recently a message that was called "The Drums of War"
and that this Awareness did speak of the intention and design of certain ones in power,
in particular in the United States of America where the current president, Barack
Obama, is pushing for that which he and his colleagues are calling a "limited strike".
That there is full comprehension and awareness that a limited strike will achieve the
true goals of this plan by the cabal to initiate and escalate conflict in the Middle East
region with the hope, design and wish that this will indeed escalate into a conflict that
brings in Russia and China and escalates the conflict well beyond the borders of Syria to
other regions in the Middle East and other regions throughout the world.
However since this Awareness delivered Its message but a few days ago there has been
movement in terms of Syria agreeing to a plan whereby it would give up its chemical
arms to UN inspectors and that this has somewhat taken the floor out from under the
president and from under the cabal. That this is a direct result of many who are not in
agreement with the design and plans of the president and those who control him. That
they have spoken up and a message loud and clear is being sent to those in charge who
have indeed the plan to create a worldwide military event, a worldwide war.
Remember that the plans of the cabal are for the purpose of creating for themselves in
a situation whereby they will still be in charge and control afterwards, even though if
there plans to go through a huge proportion of the Earth's populace will have been
decimated. They are of course not concerned with humanity, for they have always been
separate from the human condition, from humanity itself.
They are those who initially many, many millennia ago engineered certain sapient creatures or beings to create
modern Homo Sapiens Sapiens and in this they have always viewed humankind as their
possession, not unlike the attitudes of those who own cattle, who raise cattle with the
intent of profiting from their herds, from slaughtering them when the time is right for
food and profit.
Such is the attitude of those in charge. That they too see humanity as a resource for
them, a resource that has fed them, a resource that they have used over the millennia.
And yet now it has reached a point where mass change is beginning to occur and is
beginning to show itself. As this Awareness has explained in the past, they do not have
the ability at this time to see beyond a certain point. Therefore, even though they
emanate from fourth dimensionality where they can view many timelines and see the
results down the road from certain actions, at this stage they cannot see clearly the
results of their actions. Therefore they go into this matter somewhat blindly and can
only hope that their machinations, their plans, their designs will produce fruit at the
end of it, that they will still be in power and still have control, although they are no
longer certain if this will be so.
It is the nature of those ones who are the hidden ones, those extraterrestrial ones to
destroy rather than create. This is the only form of a type of creativity that they have:
the creativity of destruction and this is why they are intent on destroying so many, of
destroying so much. This also does show why it is that the puppets that they have under
their control are having their strings pulled in order to promote the secret plans of the
cabal for the intent of setting up situations whereby, with the collapse of the world, that
they might still be in charge. That these ones do know that the majority of timelines do
show that this is apocryphal time, a time of mass change, change in human
consciousness, change in the human condition, where they would be forced out of power.
But they choose rather to look at this matter differently and assume yet that they can
change things, control things, create a scenario through their plans of destruction that will
benefit them. But this is simply not the case and therefore this Awareness does say that
even though It speaks of these matters, even though it exposes certain things of the cabal
and of their servants, such as Barack Obama, that at the same time that this Awareness
must also say that the plans are not coming out quite as they wished.
It was indeed their intent to have other nations, such as the United Kingdom, France,
Canada, Australia and others of the Elite power group that would back them in their plans,
but these ones have been curtailed. The Prime Minister,
David Cameron was visibly upset when Parliament voted against his plan to launch attacks on Syria.
That he was red-faced with anger and yet due to the way of Parliament that he could not proceed forward, as
Barack Obama is planning to even if he does not get the support of Congress. But what
has happened in the United States is that he is now without the legitimacy, and for him to
advance with his plans would indeed totally expose this one and his corrupt cabinet to
direct observation of a truth that many still do not wish to accept: that this man is not at
this stage at this time working for the people of the United States of America but rather in
What this Awareness would add however is that there has been an intervention. That
there has been an escalation, not towards war but rather towards peace. That the many
who are objecting are speaking up, are not allowing their president to go forward so
easily, not allowing those in control to simply pull the strings and have occur what they
That this Awareness wishes to announce that a new timeline has begun and that those
many who have stood in opposition, whether by going out with the placards and being
part of protest marches, or whether simply by thinking "no", holding that "it is not my
intention to see this nation go to war" and thus are projecting this into the consciousness
of the American people and the global union. That there is a force that is in intervention
to that which are the plans of the cabal. Furthermore this Awareness says that for those
many who have not yet seen the nation go to war, that this is a proof, if you will, of your
own success in choosing a timeline of experience where going to war is not what will
There are still many diversions ahead, many paths that could be followed. But what is the
strongest here that this Awareness is speaking of is the introduction of this timeline where
this event will not happen, and those who are now experiencing this as their reality are
asked to truly understand this is how it works. That when one chooses an alternate
reality their reality bends and flows into that they are taking part in, which they have
entered into. Thus this Awareness would say that even though the drums of war are still
beating, especially in the United States of America and amongst certain of their allies, the
power of the drumbeat has been seriously muted and that this is opportunity to continue
to energize timelines where this event does not occur. Thus the individual as well as the
collective of the nation and worldwide do not have to experience a third world war.
That this Awareness congratulates one and all for successfully entering into this timeline
where a different future is seen and energized.