Sirian Archangel Hermes ~ The Energies of the Autumn and Spring Equinox

Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now with the energies of the Autumn and Spring equinox guiding our consciousness to interact and reveal this message you see now.
I come to share with you all a message regarding the concept of Androgyny. The term is defined as the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics, or biological intersex physicality.
This term is not one that has become widely accepted in your modern culture, however as linear time moves forward, this is changing. Why? Simply because all of you are also changing. As you expand your own consciousness, you begin to see that the concept of the male and the female takes less priority. You begin to see beyond sexuality, you see how the images of male and female are more similar than different. This type of thinking brings clarity and reveals many secrets that were once hidden before opening the mind to this concept.
The most advanced beings in the multiverse exist within this state of androgynous consciousness. They see only themselves in one another, this enables them to work seamlessly with each other as well, undistracted by the thought forms that can arise from the concepts of sexual differences. Attainment of the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy, without regard to external observations. This is reflected in the world card of the major arcana of the tarot. The being to whom the world is given, is androgynous.
In the dawn of creation, the father had a fore thought. This fore thought manifest into the first thought, which was the image of a female, the womb, the space. The father saw himself in this female, thus, she was androgynous.
When the human race began to move away from the path of androgyny, the concept of duality manifest further. Men and women became different in more than just gender, thoughts began to manifest of what types of role each should undertake. Men became more laborers, women became more housewives, men were given rights that women were not. This resulted in the lessons which are now bringing this duality, back into unity. The power of the divine feminine grows more each day, once again being nurtured by the masculine, instead of tortured by it. This is the after thought of the father, the female, the womb, the space, returning to her former glory and guiding conscious beings to correct what had gone wrong. As this continues to manifest, the miracles of the female shall also manifest. This is why it is said that he who blasphemes against the holy spirit shall never be forgiven, for she is womb in which all things manifest are created.
See beyond the veils of sexuality! You as humans are all the same, coming from the same womb. Even now, as you dwell within her womb, waiting, experiencing this earthly life, though you may not be aware. Make the male and the female one, for when the two become one, they in fact become three, the masculine, the feminine and the spirit. This is represented in the caduceus wand, the masculine and feminine serpents, spiraling together in harmony, with the father as their foundation, the winged staff and golden sun.
Find this balance within yourselves. Let go of all thoughts and concepts that have pre-existed to lead you astray from this powerful affirmation, that you are male, and you are also female. Embrace the aspects of both, do not let your gender define you, rather, let you define your gender. See not couples as a wife and groom, a boyfriend and a girlfriend, for this is a perception of duality, of separation. See them as consorts, as one, not as two. When you come into this balance, you ascend in consciousness, and you begin to make choices and live your life with this balance as your foundation. The choices made from that point will only lead you to a greater appreciation and respect for all things, which will in turn lead to a greater lifes experience for you.
In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!