Send that Negativity Packing ~ via Bella Capozzi

✺ Hi everyone, and happy Friday! It’s so nice to be back online and writing again, even in the midst of all the wild and wonderful activity going on in my world right now!  It’s been especially important lately for me to be paying close attention to the subtle signs and promptings, my dream-imagery, and the quiet voices of the Angels.  Which brings me to the topic of today’s reading…
✺ Today I chose to draw a card from one of my favorite decks; Messages From Your Angels.  Appropriately, and quite synchronistically I might add, I pulled “Adriana.”  Her message is more of a reminder than anything else;  a reminder for us to not simply rely on the obvious and somewhat faulty tools presented to us by our outer physical world.  We are instead asked to tune into that precious voice deep within ourselves – the one which has it’s origins in our hearts rather than our heads, and which only has our best interests in mind.
✺ As difficult as it is to understand at times, the Universe has a Divine purpose in everything that we are presented with.   Yes, even the annoying stuff!  We are being asked to play detective.  If you dissect the situation and piece by piece look for the higher meanings and lessons in each individual situation, you may be surprised to find that all the drama yielded an invaluable opportunity for growth.  As the old saying goes…”What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!”
✺ Adriana tells us that the Angels have most assuredly heard our prayers.  They always do.  Our pleas for assistance have not gone unnoticed, but we must clearly give the Universe permission to intervene in our lives.  Isn’t so easy to forget this tiny, but oh-so-important point?  The Law of Free Will and Non-intervention is still very much in play, so therefore our Angels must be given the cosmic green light by us, before they are able to step in and make changes.  And they remind us that the changes may not always be that easy to spot, nor will they always come to us in the exact way we expect.
✺ As you go about your day, try to be conscious of the invisible net of protection that is always around you.  As negative or fearful thoughts come in,  address them lovingly and then process them out of your energy field immediately.  As a good friend reminded me this week, simply say  “Cancel” or “Delete”, and the offending thoughtform will be promptly sent packing!  And most important of all, never forget that you are dearly and unconditionally  loved.
Blessing! ~ Bella

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