Power of Apocalypse as a Force of Ascension ~ via Judith K. Moore

Transcribed by Sandra, unedited Deeper understanding of the force of the Apocalypse and the transformation of consciousness.

Fall Equinox 2013, 9-22-13

The Apocalypse is the chaos of order and the order of chaos. It is the force through which the subtle energies that have manipulated the psyche of rational thought must be revealed for what they are and the effect of destructive behavior and thought forms must be, must be immediate. The effect must be immediate. The purpose of the Apocalypse is the devastation of thought forms that have restricted the perception of humanity and limited the power of truth.
The Apocalypse tears away the veil of secrecy and brings down the Temples of the False Prophets. The Apocalypse causes the earth to shake, and by the nature of the Apocalypse the suffering that was long hidden from sight, the cries that were unheard must be screams of agony that are so loud and so painful that they echo, echo through the halls of Justice.
From the highest realm of consciousness, from the power of the Elohim of Peace, we can view the earth and see each individual place through which the words of agony are spoken, and there are those who will receive them with forgiveness.
Each time you feel the pain of the world, you are feeling the power of the Apocalypse. Humanity can no longer be ignorant. There is no grace in ignorance and no excuse now for ignorance. The Apocalypse shatters the walls, and it's only compared to the power of the Ark of the Covenant bringing down the walls of Jericho. This is within the psyche of humanity. It may not be the devastation of civilizations; although in places, in places great cities have crumbled. Fires have raged and floods have ravaged the planet, but the power of the Apocalypse is not a physical force and it need not be a physical force; it has to be a force within the psyche so that the Anti Christ, the face of the Anti Christ be revealed. Why is the word "Anti Christ" important in this speaking? Truly in creation there is nothing that is Anti in the Christ, for the Christ is the pure power of Peace. The power which denies the right to live and the sovereignty of the soul is but an illusion that is passing beyond the gates of time and shall vanish from this earth. But the power of the Christ is within your heart and your soul; the power of the Christ lives eternally because it is not of one's person's life, be that a person of high esteem or a person who has felt at the end of the days that they live for nothing. The power of the Christ lives within the soul of each being, through their passageways of mortality and immortality.
The nature of the Apocalypse is that each day of these times be reckoned with. Humanities attention must be drawn to action that is out of balance with Universal Law, which is LOVE. This assures the words of the Prophets of Peace do not disappear in the wind, be blown like dry leaves. Let the words of the Prophets of Peace fall upon the loam of consciousness and burst forth the power of the Tree of Life.
This speaking has layers and layers and layers of truth. You can explore it deeply, or you can take what is given and what you can feel in this moment in your heart and integrate it. Seek that which is effective for you personally. These words are the Living Word, the essence of this goes forth into the consciousness of humanity.
These words are spoken as affirmations for the souls that have sought the light through out the ages. It acknowledges the power of consciousness that exist in the lineages of humanity that have sought the ideals of righteousness. It is a mirror of truth for those who have lived as champions of peace, those brave souls who cried out in the darkness calling for the liberation of the human soul. It speaks to the truth that the fertility of their hearts, the living of their lives, the purpose of their existence now is the fertile loam for the seeds to burst forth for the liberation of the human soul. From this fertile loam of consciousness shall grow the living gardens, the gardens of Peace for the New Earth.
Know that you stand at the crossroads, humanity stands at the crossroads now, and they cannot go back. They can only move forward one step at a time. Each step is a moment that is eternal, each step determined by the destiny of their souls. Thus by each individual's action in the world the prophecy and the power of the Prophecy of Peace shall prosper. The seeds shall burst forth as they are now, given waters of life in this day of light as the outpourings of the Heavens shower the Earth with love. The love that the Earth receives this day is a love beyond comprehension. It is eternal and it falls upon the loam of your Ancestors hopes and dreams. Because these were the seeds that were sown with their faith and their courage. Absorb this, the power of Love. The Apocalypse has loosened the soil, that the garden may flourish.
In the coming months there will be many serious threats to the fragile balance on the planet. Be that the balance of ecology, finances, or politics. The worst possible scenarios will be presented as realities. This is the power of the illusion generated by the Anti Christ energies to attempt to maintain a status quo.It is essential that you do not give your power to this illusion. It is vital that you channel the light into those fields with intention that the energy will be resolved by the power of creation and that balance will be restored. See what is untrue, know the plans that are generated by power and systems of greed, but do not give it the authority that by any means these forces are capable of ruling the world, they are not. Earth is liberated and the power of love, compassion and freedom gains quantum strength from the source of the Infinite NOW.