Past Struggles of Humanity were no Accident ~ The Dragon via Brian

Hi everyone,
This is the dragon. On this day, you probably find things in your life and in the world around you coming together. Though at the same time, it's going very slowly. Yet, many of you can probably feel that things are getting better.
We want to broach a subject. There are many tales in your religion and mythology that humanity fell. That the time of struggles you are leaving behind, which went on for eons, was a mistake. The reasons given are vast, from accidents to being wicked, to being victims of greater forces, to victims of aliens and godheads who although they can go anywhere in the galaxy of almost a trillion stars and multiple realities - apparently have nothing better to do than play with people on one little world like toys. This is not so, at least not without your choice. Let's shed some light on what makes a controlling reality like the one you appear to be choosing to leave.
As we've said before there are many realities of mankind. There are some where humanity is doing great from your perspective. There are some where humanity is not doing so well. These exist in parallel in the great fabric of the multi-universe. There is no correct breakdown of these realities, since it is a holistic thing. However, however you do segment them, you see some, you don't see most. The ones you do see you call the past, current times, or potential futures. The many you don't see have humanity doing amazing things to destroying themselves. Perhaps you feel a kinship to some of these. Perhaps you have experienced some. Both the good and the bad. Diversity is the spice of life, and souls tend to want experiences of all kind, sometimes for the sake of experience itself and no other reason.
Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty a little. We're going to use metaphors, since these constructs are really energy constructs, so we're going to convert the energies to 3d dialogue in a sense. We want to be clear that there is no one speaking in your language in the way we will describe. Many religions and mythologies leave out this simple fact when a metaphor is given, and it gets passed along as fact when it was just used to explain something in a way people understood.
So, you have a group of souls saying, "what will we do now?" and they say, "We have it too easy, we want to experience what it's like not to feel connected to God-all-that-is, what it's like to have struggle, and some beauty alongside it. Let's see if we get mired in the struggle or experience the beauty, or both". So you ask some builders to take a place called Earth and make a version of it that has specific struggles you are looking to have. You then have these builders create constructs to make you fulfill the experience you want without ascending or leaving the reality. Making it a temporary cage of sorts. This is very hard. Since you're in it, you can't imagine how hard it is to keep beings such as yourself on Earth for an entire experience. It takes an immense amount of energy and an immense amount of systems, all choreographed as energy. Your natural state is not to be like this, so it had to be made to seem to the part of you that came here that it was.
This was all by your choice.
The system is slow. The system adjusts to ways beings find to break the limits put in place. It finds ways to make it still a constrictive, controlling reality. If someone learns how to walk on water, the system figures out how to prevent that going forward. That's the job of the system. Think of it as a sentient gaming environment, a programmed environment with intelligence if you will, made up of your collective consciousnesses, but with boundaries you have set in place, limits. Yes, even souls with almost unlimited ability can make a system to control parts of themselves, if you will it that way. And this system doesn't make cheating easy. You were never at risk. This is a small part of yourself, and when you die, you return to yourself. When you sleep, you partially return. However, typically you have to play the game until death and can only bend the rules so much.
So some beings came for one experience, or a few, but most of you all have had eons of different lives of struggle - with some beauty mixed in - in many similar realities of Earth. Then one day, part of many of you say "It is time to wrap this thing up" and a call goes out to the universe, deep deep into the universe. "Humanity is ready to awaken in some reality, and asks for help". So in come the "heavy hitters" to answer the call.. These are beings with a lot of experiences with control systems like your own, and know how to break them.
Many of you are these heavy hitters. You wear disguises so even you don't know what you are sometimes. It's all part of how you function. Sometimes, the best way to be successful is set up the energies and then just have your incarnation play its role without being aware that it is being subversive in some way. That is soul wisdom.
The system sees this coming, and puts things in place to appease these heavy hitters in life. To distract them. It steps up its game. You make computer networks and internet to bring more freedom and communication to spread knowledge to suppress darkness, it finds ways to control it. But the system also has one attribute that means that it will change. It is programmed by the will of the souls that are in the system, and through a critical mass it will have to adopt its programming.
You may ask, "Why? What's the point?" It's a valid question. If you are just souls on the other side anyway, why just not come back after you die? It's the transformation. It's the transformation. It's the transformation. Think of it as a rainbow to your souls. It's beautiful. Your souls want to experience it.
And that's where you are, right now... Game on.