Looking for the Special Key Hidden within your Hearts ~ Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma



[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

Here I am back again, my beloved humans. This is I, Archangel MichaEl, speaking again and I have a most wonderful message for you. This message is to show you that soon you will have made it. This message is to demonstrate to you that your target is now so near to your eyes that it is only the finishing line left for you to pass over.

Much of the alike-kind or similar matters have been already submitted to you in the same way before since we do know only one sole matter. We do know that all will work out fine. There is no thought whatever nor any imagination that it won’t work out in the desired way. This does not exist in our way of lingual communication!

Our thoughts are solely directed to what is and what will be and never to the contrary what may not be nor come!

At any time we have thoughts so clear to the positive since we are conscious of creating thus some very positive energy for all matters although there might exist some superior constellation which had not been considered by us or which had such a strong influence on the prevailing situation that manifestation could not be effected.

This is the message for you, this is the prescription and the key for success!
It was our wish that it will be you to find yourselves this very key. Since the key always has been ready and set to be found by yourselves. It has been hidden in your heart!
It is there where nobody would search for it. My channel here is chuckling since he knows all about the story of the hidden key. And I am going to tell you too this very story so that you may understand what I am meaning.

Long long ago or once upon a time - there was a meeting where all angels came together to consult and discuss where they could hide this wonderful “Key of Love”.

And brainstormingly they discussed and brought forward so many ideas and proposals for some hiding place and each of these was discarded because being too simply or not suited sufficiently.

And there was some particular angel with some brilliant idea for the very best place where to hide this special “Key of Love”.

We shall hide this Key where nobody will search for it since it is too obvious and nobody would get the idea to go there and look for it.
So they all decided to hide the “Key of Love” in the “Human Heart” itself and thus evoke such safeguard that this key could be found only when human beings would be prepared to become aware of their greatness and their divine nature.

This had been decided unanimously and from that time every human being has been given his/her Key of Love right into his/her heart. This very “Key of Love” has been hidden so well that only a few human beings have discovered where it is and still nowadays people are wondering where it might be hidden.

I hope you will recognize from this story what I am hinting at? It is all for you which are meant here and the same goes for the Key of Love.

This story is to show you that the Key to Yourself - the very same Key to your Divinity - is in your heart! It is only there where you may find it and make use of it so that you also may open up the heavenly portals.

You will ask yourself how do I get to this key now that I know where it has been hidden? Now, I won’t answer this question anyway.

I’d like to give you all the time needed after I disclosed where it has been hidden. This will give you the very chance to find your very own personal way to the hidden key.

I know this will be all but easy for those humans habitually always living more on the outside than their inner ones.
Step forward into your inner heart and make some sort of alliance with it and you will be shown the right way to your very own key. Call upon me if you are in need of help! I and also my sisters and brothers will love to assist you in this matter.
Avail yourselves of this chance and start on your way to retrieve the key which will open up all portals!
You will be surprised that it will turn out not being so difficult as I described it above. I do love to insert a bit of tension into everything since we, the ArchAngels, like very much tension and joy being urgently needed for such discoveries.
When you have reached your target you will recognize what it means to call the Key to Heaven your very own. I do know I am using some metaphor still this is to show you that you own all powers needed to be successful.
May I give you some little tiny bit on your way before I bid you farewell for quite some time?
Since you, my beloved humans, are on your road to go through the portals of ascension - it is this very key which will open up for you also all the portals of ascension.
This is a so called “Passepartout-Key” meaning that this key may also open all portals of the higher dimensions in case you are prepared for these realms.
I am waiting for you, for you and your very key. I shall open the portal for you and I shall welcome you since this is something we are looking forward to so much.
All of us and this includes also my brothers and sisters - we all together - we shall hail you our welcome then!
Be in joy, my beloved humans! Since the Heavenly Portals are awaiting you!
ArchAngel MichaEl

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