Knock Knock, the Witch is Back ~ The Sphinx Speaks via Petra Margolis

As you become more realized as creators or realize more that in a way you are creators something is happening that is not realized by many.

Many see and think their higher being is guiding them, their higher being is in charge, yet when you are becoming more one as a human with your higher being the “being in charge” works both ways.

Your higher being takes clues from the human as to what to create in many ways and this results in your higher being paying very close attention as to what the human desires and thinks at all times.

The higher being does not judge the human and is there to assist the human in becoming a fully realized spiritual being upon earth as a human.

You already know that thoughts are powerful and can have great results.

You also know your spiritual being is not limited to a physical body and can travel anywhere.

Many have higher spiritual beings that have knowledge about many different ways of creation, action and spiritual realities and how to act and play within the spiritual reality.

Many of you have had lifetimes of much higher spiritual evolvement than what we see or can be seen upon earth at this moment.

You have been involved in many religions and this obviously does not exclude the so called darker religions.

As your higher being is paying close attention it is not just picking up on the big thoughts, but also the small thought of how you think about yourself and others.

It is hard to keep the mind quiet and some feelings come up whether you like them or not.

This is resulting in more and more spiritual travel sometimes of your higher being as it is the one taking care and protecting the human. The higher being like we said does not judge and would not consider some actions to be inappropriate even though you as humans might think of those actions that way.

This is resulting in more spiritual events that most of you do not notice but are happening.

As many of you know your spiritual being or higher being is assisting you, and you mostly accept this as a knowing and do not know exactly what your higher being does to support you.

Spiritual altercations are happening more and more and you do not see or do not know as you have not much knowledge yet of what happens in reality as far as your higher being guiding, supporting and protecting you.

Just a small thought, you think you can hide it, tuck it away, but nothing goes by unnoticed by your higher being and your higher being sometimes will notice these same thoughts not once, but twice and even more.

This is resulting in your higher being to take action in the spiritual realms.

Those actions are not always loving and kind as after all your spiritual, or higher being does not really judge the way you as humans judge actions with wrong or right, good or bad.

Some of you have learned that you can travel and even though many will say they are not involved in these types of behavior, they really are, and this is why we said, knock knock the witch is back.

Prepare yourself for altercations, not just physically, but also spiritually as more knowledge comes available through your spiritual journey.

The knowledge is not always about the love and light you like to hear about, it is knowledge about many other subjects as well including the dark.

Be aware, become aware and know that actions are happening, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Sometimes because the human has thought about it, sometimes because the higher being thinks about it, or both.

From one source to another
September 25, 2013
Petra Margolis