Dwal Khul ~ Attachment Blocks the Inner You

Good evening... or good morning.
I am Dwal Khul.
Here my thoughts if you wish .
Continuing believing what one has told themself leads to rot and stink.
It violates the laws of spirit. of nature and of the physical body.
You've heard the expression....  'That is getting really old! '.
You see .. humans are interpreting the world... through senses, intuition, experience,   patterns, and more.
You have told yourself  'this is real'   , 'that is real' .
Human beings thus become attached to that. or those interpretaions of the input  and analyzation of the world.
Identified with.
And since most human incarnates share a common reality band , even advanced thinkers and feelers,  it all relatively works out... relationships form... life fulfills itself.
So then what is the problem.... a few traumas from childhood... reproduced ten thousanfd times?
What is the complaint?
Why is most of humanity either closed or unfulfilled.... uncompleted?
Or if someone does feel completed...  what is it that that one is looking further toward to explore?
It's very simple.
The increasing frequencies of the yuga call, push... beg within for changing definitions of self.
We will not be specific, although it is beautiful.
We prefer you to find your own definitions from your own explorations in to the ground and nature of Your being.
Remember to keep the focus on your relationship with yourself . for this exploration.
.Good luck on your journey of awakening.
All of our blessings... Dwal Khul with the ascended masters