Ascended Master Lady Quan Yin ~ Come Home to Your Own Compassion ~ via Julie Miller

Oh Precious Hearts, before you can give compassion to another you must be able to give your Self compassion. Before you can truly offer compassion to another dear soul you must be able to comprehend what it feels like to feel compassion and truly recognize the suffering of others. When you choose to pass by someone that has less than you and is in need of compassion, you cannot feel any compassion from this experience because you are unable to understand it therefore you are unable offer compassion. In order to truly give compassion, you must feel deep within your heart a movement of true sincere care, a response so deep that you are able to connect to another’s pain and understand what it means to suffer. When you are able to reach this sacred depth of your heart your ultimate response Precious Hearts is genuine and sincere warmth, kindness and the insatiable need to help this person in some way regardless how big or small. When you are able to demonstrate true compassion, you are also demonstrating that you understand and kindness flows through each action, feeling, thought, word and will. When you feel compassion towards others you are able to be kind to others when mistakes occur without offering harsh judgments or criticism. You come to realize quickly that you are sharing this moment of suffering and the experience moves you where you feel its energy down into the very center of your core.

You are encouraged to demonstrate compassion onto yourself and you do so the same way you would another Precious Heart. When you are going through a hard time or difficult situation, recognize that there is some suffering going on, a part of current life stream that is not pleasing to you and it is upsetting. Don’t ignore your pain, welcome it, move with it and become one with it. Learn what the pain is telling you. Decipher the origin of your turmoil and discover ways to work through your upset through loving kindness given to yourself. Refrain from being hard on yourself with harsh thought forms and negative self-talk. When you are face-to-face with personal issues that have gotten out of control, don’t beat yourself up; learn what the experience is trying to tell you. When you are done learning, let it go and move on to happier horizons. When you bring in changes that allow you to be healthier in your heart, mind, body and soul you are giving yourself the love and compassion you whole-heartedly deserve.

Don’t always feel compelled to fight every battle that you try to find with yourself. By fighting and struggling with any areas you find fault and imperfect you are moving further away from peace and happiness and you are meant to live a happy and peaceful life Precious Hearts. When you take the time to practice kindness, love and compassion onto yourself you are able reach new clarifications, you are able to understand more of your true self, you are able to extend yourself to others in a newer light that is filled with love, and most of all you are illustrating you are at home with your Self and that Precious Hearts is important. Before you can find comfort even in your own home, you must be able to find comfort with yourself. Stop denying yourself positive growth towards a peaceful and happy lifestyle. Let go of old ways of being, stop trying to be like others, and become who you are meant to be and that dear Precious Hearts is quite simple – you are meant to be YOU. You truly cannot be anyone else. Let go of issues that are not meant for you that you somehow found yourself being part of and focus on what is here and now, on who is important in your life and allow your loving and compassionate nature shine in every single aspect of your life.

Life can be frustrating; this is a known and accepted fact especially when you have added expectations and attachments to certain events, people or possible outcomes. Remember Precious Hearts there are many dear ones among you that have made the same mistakes you have, suffering and pain is part of your existence and it is not a part of your life just to make you sad, depressed or miserable. Any amount of suffering you experience is filled with positive life lessons that help prepare you for future experiences. Through any suffering or pain that crosses your path, you learn what it means to be tolerant, you practice patience and you learn how to persevere – in other words you become stronger and you are able to appreciate happiness when it lands on your lap.

When situations seem to become too large, take a look at your emotions; focus on how you are feeling. It is vital for you to be aware of what is going on inside your mental and emotional faculties. When thoughts and feelings become heavy remember dear ones it is always up to you to determine just how long these kinds of feelings are permitted to stay. Acknowledge them, give thanks to them, learn from them and move on. Shower yourself with love and compassion as you move in and out of circumstances and situations that have upset you. The more you are able to control your emotional and mental behaviour the less likely you will respond with angry outbursts, possibly choosing words that cut others that cannot be retracted once they are unleashed. When you are able to truly recognize your own interdependence, you realize you truly do not have to take everything so personally. All experiences that you greet can be acknowledged without harsh criticism but with comprehension and compassion.

When you have decided to give yourself love and compassion, you are also coming to the realization that you really need to approach your negative emotions with a balanced awareness. You neither suppress them nor exaggerate them – they are there and you are able to relate to them without judgment. Meeting your negative emotions with a balanced approach allows you to see other situations with others in a larger perspective. You demonstrate an innate willingness to observe your own negative thoughts and emotions with candidness and intelligently in an embrace that demonstrates your own mindful awareness of your Self when your emotions and feelings are out of character. Comprehend Precious Hearts; mindfulness is a non-judgmental state of mind and being. Your mind during this peaceful state is able to observe, think and feel yet not criticize or feel compelled to cause harm. Of course you will feel pain and you will feel compassion for yourself and for others, but when you come through from a state of mindfulness you are not allowing any negative emotions or feelings to sweep you away.

Self-pity is a common state for many dear ones when they become absorbed with their own problems and forget there are others around them that also have problems and situations to work through. Many times Precious Hearts, you are unaware of the disconnection that is made when you ignore other people have feelings or are suffering also. Self-pity is actually the Ego largely at work, exaggerating certain feelings that bring about even more pain and suffering. When you give yourself compassion instead of self-pity you are able to relate your experiences of your Self and with others without feeling isolated or disconnected. Many that fall into the self-pity trap become victims of their own emotional upheaval and they find it incredibly difficult to step back from their current predicament in order to gain a fresher perspective. Any time you bring compassion into your situation, regardless how difficult your situation is, you are able to recognize a broader spectrum of possibilities and outcomes. Even though you may be dealing with some heave stuff right now Precious Hearts, so are others and some of what is being experienced by others may be worse by comparison or less. Maybe what you consider in your life as suffering isn’t so bad when you take the time to observe another person’s suffering – then true compassion will be able to take root and makes its home inside of you where you are able to offer empathy, love and compassion to yourself then to others.

When you are able to express to yourself compassion and then turn this positive state of being onto others you will be able to enhance your own self-esteem. It does feel good to be good to yourself and it feels even better to do good for others unconditionally. It is important to have a healthy self-esteem and good confidence in yourself without distorting any flaws or exaggerating any truths. The Precious Hearts that truly understand what it means to be compassionate to themselves understands when you give compassion to your Self, appraisals of your Self are not required. Giving yourself compassion is not a selfish act, it is an act of pure and true love that each of you deserve. In order for you to give yourself love and compassion there is never a need to compare yourself with another in order to heal and feel good. Compassion is something that fits all people of all sizes, culture, creed and social status. With being compassionate to yourself, you are telling others around you that you feel good about You; this is no popularity contest or competition. When you allow yourself to feel the effects of your own love and compassion, you will discover greater comprehension and clarity in areas that were once unclear and confusing. Compassion is always available to be given to yourself. There are no external events that help bring about its healing and nurturing effects.

Precious Hearts you are capable and able to give yourself the emotional and mental security you deserve that will assist you seeing the world around you with deeper clarity and understanding when you are able to feel your own love and compassion. It is okay to address your own suffering, to feel it and accept it; then love yourself for all the hard work you have done each day, all the persevering you have shown, all the patience and tolerance you have given to yourself and those around you, you will be able to truly feel happiness envelope you.  Being kinder and more compassionate to yourself first is a great first step to greater development of yourself on a personal level and a keener understanding of the world around you. Let your sufferings and painful situations show you that it is okay to feel good about yourself and that you will rise out of any situation that you have found yourself in. Give yourself the love and compassion your deserve and watch yourself soar with the feeling of freedom and security that you gave to yourself out of the love that you realized you do have for Yourself.

With all the goals and dreams you want to reach, take your steps – the good with the bad joined with love and compassion each step of your journey.

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Quan Yin through Julie Miller