Ascended Master El Morya’s Weekly Message for September 24 – October 01, 2013 ~ Behold Your Internal Source of Power ~ via Julie Miller

The personal power that each of you possess carries your potential to either get things done or to make things happen. It makes no difference where you share your internal source of power, be it work, home, school or just being out-and-about, your personal power touches all things and it originates from the level of understanding you have of the knowledge you have gathered, from your personality, experience, what you have mastered so far on your journey and so on.

In order for you to creating long lasting prosperity dear ones you must be willing to embrace completely what is needed to develop and hone your own personal power. It is essential before you begin to bring your personal power into action you must understand what your personal power is. Understand dear ones, the power that is within you, the very power that helps you take those first steps forward on a new path, developing a new skill or even from allowing yourself to mingle and make new friends comes from a universal force that is alive within each of you and this force dear ones is yours.

Your personal power enables your creative side to come forth. Each of you demonstrates personal power each day, and many of you are not even aware of this phenomenon happening. As you go about your day, you have an inner realization – a deep and profound knowing that YES you are safe; all is good just as it is and that you have faith in the steps you are taking even if those steps are filled with new-ness. Your personal power demonstrates the confidence you have for life and of your purpose here in your current life stream.

Your personal power, the universal force that is within you reflects that you know exactly what you want from a deep understanding of your Self and you have the ability of proactively taking the steps to meet and fulfill what it is you want and need in order to bring more satisfaction, happiness and peace into your life.

A dear soul that demonstrates personal power is someone that understands responsibility and doesn’t shy away from being accountable for their own actions, words, thoughts, feelings and will. They are focused on the Here and Now, they do not remain in the past and they do not fret over what the future could or could not be. They are willing to allow their path be guided by the powerful force that lies within them because they are able trust their ability to make sound choices and in the direction God has chosen for them to walk.

Many times, those dear souls that consistently move within their personal power have a way of affecting others by empowering them by example. Many times these dear souls are unaware of the power they hold or how effective they are. They are comfortable following their heart in the direction that fits them and they don’t shy away from the unknown, they embrace it. Those who demonstrate personal power in all areas of their life do have an understanding of fear but they use this negative energy that can easily sway against what could be a very good decision into a positive action. Of course these folks can become rattled, but their assurance in their own abilities doesn’t keep them down for long. A person rich with personal power demonstrates maturity on all levels, yet they are still able to have fun and enjoy life.

We have witnessed many dear souls whom walk among you give away their personal power. Many times, even you have done this. You know you have given your personal power to another when you have followed the guidance or suggestion of another when you didn’t want to, maybe you followed them because you wanted to fit in or feel you belong so you felt pressured. At this point dear ones, you have given away your own sacred and personal power. If you are unable to trust yourself to making good decisions or allow you people to control your choices you will be unable to illuminate your beautiful power.

Many dear souls fall victim to wanting to please others so badly that all their decisions are made entirely on this fear and by doing so they are giving away their power to who they are trying not to hurt or offend. How often have you allowed another demean you, condescend you, or how often have you felt used, manipulated or second-rate? If you have ever felt this way dear ones then during those times you gave away your precious personal power. Other ways of determining if you have ever given away your personal power is how easily hurt you are, that you take everything to heart, you have a lot of resentment towards events that occurred in the past – you have not learned to let go and what you are attached to also holds your personal power.

This is important for the progress of your journey to reflect upon. The more you are able to learn of yourself, the more you are able to understand what is needed to let go and the power that is within you will grow and begin to reflect the beautiful life force that is within you in all you do. You do have the capability to bringing all the changes you wish to see in your life, all it takes is effort, a step forward in the Right direction and to believe in yourself.

To take back your power and to increase its intensity you are required to do some skill building within yourself. It is essential dear ones to set boundaries and learn when it’s okay to bend these boundaries and when to be firm. Get in touch with your feelings, understand why you feel as you do and learn how to express yourself in ways that don’t promote negativity to or from others. Focus on remaining in the Here and Now and set achievable goals that will increase your confidence and belief in your abilities. Don’t undermine yourself by remaining inactive and uninteresting in what life has to show and offer you, be proactive and take the initiative to step forward into new and exciting areas. You are here to learn and to grow, but it is up to you dear ones when to end being afraid and when to take your life seriously by instilling positive thought forms and positive self-talk that will empower you to continue, to persevere and develop a little patience for yourself. Rebuilding your personal power is not no over-night adventure. It requires discipline and commitment from you.

When you are ready to embrace your personal power it is important for you to think of the ways you have given your power away. You can create a journal for this that can help you gauge and plan action steps. Create questions as to why you allowed your personal power to be taken and how you could have handled those situations differently. Hindsight offers you to see and learn from the actions you took, how you reacted or responded. During the time you spend reflecting you become aware of the dynamics of the situation, you are able to see different angles and you are able to conclude that the outcome of any situation could indeed have been different.

At any time during the day while you are busy at work, out walking, riding the bus, etc., learn to observe and pay attention to your own thought forms and self-talk. We know some of you never do this, but we are also aware that many are beginning to become more aware of themselves. When you are tuning in to yourself, what do you hear? Do you discover you wish to be rescued; are you finding yourself being critical or disempowering yourself? Are you consistently or inconsistently finding ways to inspire and empower your growth and development? These questions I offer you are for you to ponder on, to think and to reflect. Through your answers, you will come to understand better the inner workings of your Self and understand the importance and power of the universal life force that is within you – your power, the very essence that urges you forward when you are trying to get things done or meet certain goals.

Each of you deserves to not only experience your personal power but to work from it and through it. Developing your personal power and not giving it away is your responsibility. When you avoid embracing your personal power, you are also avoiding the ability to express your Self at your divine best. Fears do come and go dear ones. Some fears will try and stay and rob you of your personal power. It is up to you as you are the one who is in control of your thoughts, your actions, words, feelings and will to determine how long those fears and anxieties are permitted to stay. Work through what you fear, learn to rise above them and free your power that will take your journey into new heights and marvelous adventures.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller