Archangeloi of the Elohim ~ The Path to Enlightenment & the Transformation of the Human Vehicle in Truth ~ via Karen Doonan

Blessings beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support as the energies across and within planet earth now increase beyond anything that has ever been experienced in this your human form upon the planet. These energies are working to break down the frequencies that have been anchored by the human race into the cellular structure of the human vehicle for aeons. This is working to help align the human vehicle WITH the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH. For some of you this will be a time of much rest, of much anchoring of LIGHT codings and of LETTING GO. For others this will be a time of chaos as the ability for the human logical mind to overcome the force of the LIGHT frequencies at this level is slim. By this we mean that trying to logically work through “tiredness” will not work, the human vehicle will simply not respond to logic. We ask for you to rest and to honour the human vehicle at all times. It serves no one for you to “plod on” believing that you can carry on doing the things that you did previously.
The human logical mind will not register the LIGHT CODINGS of the past 24/48 hours in that it will not readily accept the vast changes that have taken place within the human vehicle. This may lead to much confusion for many, as the waking reality may still “appear” to be as it was previously but will FEEL completely different. This confuses the logical mind and may lead to the logical mind trying to convince you that nothing has happened and that you are merely deluded. We ask for you to become aware of this tendency and work to find balance at all times. This is a PROCESS that has begun, albeit the process is now accelerated beyond anything ever experienced. Mother Earth has once more shifted in her energetic signature and this has allowed for further unveiling of TRUTH to new levels.
YOU are asked to FLOW at all times but this does not equate to blindly allowing all to play out in your waking life. For that which plays out may well be the residue of the old earth. By FEELing that which is real and that which is illusion you work to find balance. Do not allow others to persuade you of anything, this is a teaching from the old earth that was used to control and suppress. Human experience is PERSONAL at all times, that is one reality is NOT the same for another. Each human vehicle across and within planet earth is at a different place in the Ascension process, as this is always guided from SOUL level this can be no other way. We ask for you to honour this when interacting with those around you, it is not TRUTH to assume that ALL have taken a huge leap in evolution, that is not possible.
Neither is it TRUTH to state that there are those who have remained at the levels prior to the last linear 24/48 hours as ALL is NOW, the dissolving of human time will now ripple across and within the planet, this may also see much shift and change in how those around you react to your energy signature and the processes that are in place at a world level in order to balance the human race as they begin to create from the frequency of the LOVE that IS in TRUTH.
We guide against assuming of outcomes, much like previous dates that have been given in a world context we ask for you to FEEL TRUTH, time is a man-made construct, inserted into the human race in order to contain and suppress the human race. Many are now in expectation and we draw your attention to the propensity of expectation to lower energetic signature.
Movement into the NOW is a blissful experience and we guide for ALL to anchor this in TRUTH. NOW is the time for ALL and we send you the LOVE that IS to flow freely around you and through you as you now begin to embrace NOW on all levels of your BEing. Balance is the key at this time beloved ones, it is not possible to continue to create and structure your human life experience as you have been taught by the old earth. It is now dissolving fully and is no longer available as a foundation upon which to build. New ways of living and BEing will now be created around you, through you and within you and we ask for you at all times to TRUST and have FAITH in SELF, for it is SELF that is now creating your reality around you, through you and within you in TRUTH.
We are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we walk with you always, BE at peace beloved ones and BE for ALL is now in TRUTH.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
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