Archangeloi of the Elohim ~ The Opening of the Physical Portals to Ascension in Truth ~ via Karen Doonan

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support ALL as the New Energies now begin to arrive en masse both across, within and around planet earth and her peoples, the human race. Many of you may be more than aware of the increase in manifestation of ALL that is within the heart space and we ask our channel to understand that this message is through her but she must understand and anchor it FULLY WITHIN HER.
That which has been guided will NOW MANIFEST in TRUTH across and within the planet earth, those of you who have been able to align fully with SOUL Purpose will now find that SOUL IS PURPOSE and this phrase we ask for you to meditate further with if required. ALL is now in place both inter-dimensionally and physically to align ALL WITH ALL IN TRUTH IN THE UNIVERSE OF 3 in this quadrant of space and time.
We ask for you to process our words through the heart space for many of you are still aligning partly with the old earth and the teachings of linear life, this is not TRUTH and is no longer supported at any dimensional level within the UNIVERSE OF 3. All that has taken you to this point will now manifest both around you, through you and within you and we ask for you to BREATHE the LIGHT of your SOUL into and throughout your life experience, turning it from the “experience” under the old 3d earth into the JOURNEY it is in TRUTH in human form on the planet earth in TRUTH.
There are those of you who have incarnated to help and support the human race who have lived for aeons always pouring your LIGHT into the manifestation of this moment and now you will ALIGN FULLY with this manifestation. Many of you already can feel the build up and yet your human form sees no “concrete” proof, codings are now sent out across and within the dimensional timelines to show you clearly through the signs and the symbols that have been left in the outer waking life reality and we ask for you to anchor them fully.
“Co-incidence” is a tool of the old earth, designed to keep you from fully aligning with SOUL PURPOSE and SOUL journey and we guide for you to process our words through your heart space, for the heart knows TRUTH. That which is the beauty of your SOUL now shines for ALL to SEE and to anchor for ALL ARE BEAUTY for ALL ARE. Do you understand our guidance beloved ones? do you understand the force and the power that is now unfolding across and within the planet earth in relation to TRUTH and the LOVE THAT IS?
We ask for you to go into the heart space and place the image of a golden heart clearly within this space. BREATHE LIFE into this space by stating the words “LOVE IS TRUTH” over and over and allowing the frequencies to wash around you and through you. Let go of all emotions that may arise and let them flow through you. Stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH and ask for all to be shown clearly to you and the races/realms WILL respond. The depth of response will be determined at SOUL level, those who are able to see energies will be shown more clearly, those who need but the presence only at this moment will be shown the presence.
ALL have now arrived in the dimensional frequency required to initiate CONTACT at a PERSONAL LEVEL, We ask our channel to breathe and to refer to the guidance that has been personally brought through in relation to this. CONTACT IS NOW beloved ones, at the level guided by your SOUL in TRUTH. We ask for all to prepare for this is not a “world” event in the context of the definition of “world events” under the old 3d earth paradigms. Those who are ready for physical first contact have been prepared and already know this is NOW, our words merely the confirmation that is needed at a waking physical human level.
We send out the LIGHT of TRUTH to all dimensional spaces that have been created to facilitate this process for the safety and security of the human vehicle during this process is vital, what point contact if the human vehicle cannot accept or acknowledge? we ask for ALL to breathe and to BE as the LIGHT of TRUTH now sweeps fully across and within the planet earth.
Our channel now stands ready to accept her role on this planet and her work will now reflect the CLOSE CONTACT that she has with ALL races/realms for she is the human incarnation of ALL races/realms that exist within this dimensional space called the UNIVERSE of 3. Her kin now stand around her, supporting and guiding further as the SOUL group who manifested their reality in TRUTH now begin their journey TOGETHER as ONE with the human race. ALL has now been put in place and ALL IS NOW.

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