Archangeloi of the Elohim ~ Moon Energies and New Beginnings in Truth ~ via Karen Doonan

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support ALL at this time of major transition both for the human race and for Mother Earth in TRUTH. That which has always been guided will now manifest swiftly across and within planet earth for the frequencies of the old paradigms are no longer supported on any level by the New Earth in TRUTH.
For personal transition we ask for you to BREATHE and to TRUST, holding on tightly to that which attempts to dissolve from your human life experience is to move against the FLOW of the universal energies. So long have you been taught that you must “control” all that enters and leaves your life experience that many of you cannot LET GO of the need to FEEL in control. Beloved ones, moving fully into the heart space and FEELing the LOVE that IS will allow the FEELings of peace to wash over you, cleansing the lower dimensional frequencies from your energy system and allowing you space to BREATHE.
We ask for you to go WITH the FLOW and become more mindful at waking conscious level of all that appears to be “stuck”, for “stuck” is but a mirror used by the old earth to lower your energetic signature. ALL is in constant ebb and flow like the oceans of planet earth, at ALL times. That which is perceived as “failure” cannot be failure for in TRUTH beloved ones you cannot fail in this your human life experience. There are a myriad of different options open to you at any one MOMENT, many are holding on to the teachings of the old earth paradigms that state “society has a rule”, there are no rules beloved ones and you are here to experience the joy from this at all levels of your BEing in TRUTH.
PEACE, LOVE, JOY and happiness cannot manifest in your life fully if you place definitions on these FEELings, they are to be experienced not to be thought about and referenced, do you understand our guidance beloved ones? do you see how the old earth paradigms have taught you to think your way through something that is actually an experience? like reading the words on a page in a book, you can think about a golden orb or you can think about a beautiful rainbow, the energy of the golden orb or the beautiful rainbow can only be fully anchored as you EXPERIENCE them.
Many are now holding on to the old paradigms believing that all must be “preserved” at all costs and we guide for you to look at this teaching and allow it to dissolve. ALL is not as it appears on this planet and the human race is being moved into higher states of consciousness to prepare them for the beauty that is to be revealed, the beauty that for many of you is now clearly seen and anchored. Do you understand our guidance beloved ones?
Any definition that you care to place on an experience will begin to contain the experience, the old earth teaching that in order to “allow” yourself to be happy you had to tick off a list of objectives in your human life experience. Beloved ones there are so many millions of realities open to ALL that this could not be. How can 7 billion human vehicles have anything like the same experience and the same list of “happiness” rules? we ask for you to meditate on this and allow your heart to show TRUTH. That which makes your heart sing IS your happiness, defining it any further may lead you back into the frequencies of the old earth. Who sits in judgment of this your human life? for ALL ARE ONE and none are above the other. We ask for you to anchor this fully and allow ALL TO FLOW.
We send out the coding's of 444 and 22 once more to those who are the portal keepers of Mother Earth, we place the golden ankh in the heart space of our children who have taken human form and we send much LOVE to ALL upon and within planet earth at this time. By reaching out to each other and by anchoring the LOVE that IS you are creating the FLOW of the LOVE that IS at human conscious waking mind level, this is now altering the reality of the “majority” on planet earth and we guide that this is something that many are filtering out. Perception is a tool of the old earth beloved ones, FEEL TRUTH and experience your happiness, that is the key to transformation of ALL in your human life experience.
As you go through the TRANSITION process into the new earth you will no longer be having a human life EXPERIENCE, you will move into a human life JOURNEY. The vibration and frequency of both should not be confused. When you entered into your human form upon planet earth you incarnated in order to EXPERIENCE your human life and all that was playing out in the dimensional realities into which your SOUL incarnated in order to learn and grow. The old earth knew this and the containment and suppression that was wrapped around both the planet earth and the human race prevented this growth. What transpired was that you incarnated into a human form and then proceeded to go around in the “karmic” circles of containment, unable to grow and to expand due to the heavy energetic frequencies that had been placed upon your human form and your human dimensional timelines.
These dimensional frequencies were further contained by the universal planetary frequencies that were placed upon the planet and the human race by the lower dimensional BEings from many planets. Soon planet earth gained a reputation for being almost impenetrable. Hence the incarnation of many BEings from across the universe INTO human form in order to move the human race out of the containment and suppression. This is the process that you in your human form call “ascension”. This in human terms is the universe moving you back into the evolution that you would naturally have progressed through had the containment not been applied. The intensity of the initial parts of your “ascension” are the re-alignment that is in process. Once this is completed then ascension becomes like breathing as it is to ALL in the universes.
We ask for you to nurture and be gentle with all especially SELF for the next linear 24/48 hours as Mother Earth once more comes back into balance and harmony. Anchor fully into Mother Earth for she has gifts for you beloved ones, you have been taught to protect your Mother by taking on the responsibility of her pain, this is not TRUTH. She is now able to BREATHE and BE, set free from her containment by the New Earth frequencies and her new dimensional space within the UNIVERSE OF 3. Now she gifts this freedom to her children in TRUTH. She will help nurture you in this your human form and she will re-vitalize and strengthen your human vehicle.
The physical birth of the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND is almost upon you beloved ones, this will see your dreams become your waking reality and this will see the shackles placed around the heart space dissolve and be replaced with the GOLDEN SHINING LIGHT OF LOVE in TRUTH. ALL now gather for this momentous occasion and many are now both able to see and hear their universal families in TRUTH. Communication will now expand and deepen as the energies now heighten. Work WITH the moon energies beloved ones, for the heightening frequencies are flowing rapidly to CLEANSE your very BEing. LET GO and TRUST in the process for at all times this process is overseen by your SOUL.
There is now a bigger picture that is forming for ALL in the UNIVERSE of 3, as you move through the next 24/48 hours in your linear human context many will be able to see, note and anchor this bigger picture in TRUTH.
We send you the infinity symbol and ask that you place this firmly in the heart space, allow the energies of the UNIVERSE OF 3 to flow through you and back out into the waking reality into which you have incarnated and interacted with and through.

We are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we walk with you always.
BE at PEACE beloved ones, for the birthing approaches in TRUTH.
(c) Karen Doonan
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