Maturity ~ Archangel Raphael via Gabriel Raio Lunar

My blessed angels, my noble warriors, you are coming to maturity in this sphere.
You have, over the ages, passed through all possible proofs and are finally reaching a wonderful maturity, a capacity for understanding andacceptance that has made the world around you overflow in light and this can be seen and felt almost palpably.

Are you aware of that? Have you ever stopped to see the way you deal with situations today? The way you stop to solve everyday issues? How are you more relaxed and confident?
Yes, dear ones, accept it and not be afraid of it. I know many might say: ”Raphael, but I‘m not feeling like this, I keep stressing me out with anything“ - my dear angel, don’t you realize that in the past even this questioning couln’t do, besides rampaging and rampaging?(Smile), this is called maturity, dear angels, regardless of the situation.

Being mature is to be well aware of a particular situation and deal with it in safety and faith, to not be shaken by the storms around you, because you know you are safe where you are and with who you are, WITH YOURSELF,with your HIGHER SELF.

There’s maneuvers from all sides to take you from this state of maturity, but this is impossible because it’s something that can only achieve through the ages, is something that is ingrained in your being and it will be taken to where you are from here, it’s IMPOSSIBLE take it from you.
This maturity is what have left you in this state of“I know everything is fine, even though my mind tries to say otherwise, but I know it is fine, or it will get well soon“, this is maturity, not be taken by the astute and determined thoughts to take you to the state of insecurity and fear again.

Even that someone tell that is not fine like I speak now, I invite you to breathe deeply, like this, my angel, breathe, allow me get closer to you now … Yes, you indeed that are with your eyes bathed in tears, yourself who is readingthese, my words and say ”How he knows I am feeling like that?”, Oh my noble angel, I know, I’m by your side,always’ve been and always desire being, this is the best of the gifts, stay beside you. So allow me such an moment with you, allow me in such approximation, let me stay beside you.

Tell yourselves how much you love yourselves this moment, tel this time to your mind that is trying to get you out of the state of maturity, that you love it and that you are deeply grateful for all that it is, such a great proof tobring you learning. Embrace it and say how much you love it …
Breathe, I’m by your side right now and I know you can feel me, I know you can feel my love for you, I know you can feel how much I want you fine, I know that you know, I know how you feel. Put your right hand on your heart … Feel gently its beats … Feel my presence …

Take a break to continue reading, breathe and relax your body …
… realize, my noble angels, how much you are loved, realize how much you have matured?
Realize how much you are secure and confident? In the past, you won’t get this state, but you are now mature enough to know thesurrender to your Divine Self is the best option and this is the teaching that you will pass on.

I finish this post by thanking everyone who reads my words and also those who can not read yet, but regardless,I’m next to each of them, always, always by your side.

I love you unconditionally, I bless you and enlighten you with my light, that fused with your light, we are truly one.
I am Raphael, your brother that love every part that compounds your being.

Gabriel: Thank you, my noble brother, God enlighten you increasingly. (tears).

Translation: Carolina Barisch.