Archangel Raphael ~ Bridges of God ~ via Gabriel

My noble and blessed angels, that is one step of the journey that many of you have waited for so long: the point of regress. This trip has placed you informed of everything that happens in the lower dimensions where only experiencing is which you might know what was happening to many souls who went down there and lingered far to climb back.

Oh, yes, my angels, you were brave to come down to learn and experience all that the lower realms can provide in learning. You were and you did! You are a wonderful example. There is nothing we can not do now, there is nothing that can not manifest when in a state of profound love, as you are now. I know you are surprised at the size of the love you are finding withinyourselves, or rather rediscovering, because it was always there, it always wanted to express itself in all that is.

You matured, dear ones, a lot! You want a proof? Every day you see some people complain of their pains and difficulties. Every day you see them sad and hopeless, and at this point what do you do ...? Yes, you  comfort them, you show them what they do best, you show them that this or that is not the end. You, as living examples of survival here are the mirror to them and so they see that you achieved. And why could not they do that?

There are many questions about you, dear ones, many ... "Why did he / she is like this, so strong, don't stay shaken by anything,  is always safe and always has something good to talk and cheer, why?"
You see, dear ones, that you are awakening in these people the will to rise up, the desire to turn themselves what they always were? "LORDS OF THEIR LIVES."

So, my noble souls, my blessed angel, take care of the mirror every day you are. Clean it daily with good examples and be always patient with those who are around you.

You, my sweet angels, are the bridges between many people, never forget that! You, my angels, are these many bridges that God, knowing that it wouldn't be easy, put you where you are and doing what you are doing. To be a bridge, dear ones, implies endure the storms, the stomps, strong, the strong winds, those who are ungrateful, the exaggerated weights  ... but you will always be there, always being a bridge, a beautiful bridge,  faithful to what you are and you came to do: to UNITE.

In situations where no words "takes effects", hush and send your love, I assure you that this powerful intention to "my brother: be happy, I want to see you happy, get out of this inferiority state  and discommodity, get out of this idea that the world is wrong and you are right, God loves you and wants to see you well, because you have the power to transform all this. "

Only this intent, sent as a jet of love, is enough.

I am asking  Gabriel to deliver you a song that I am showing him in this moment...

And in the sound that will penetrate your souls, I embrace myself with you all, leaving my affection and sending my love to you ...

My children, my dear brothers, I bless you, I believe in each of you, I know the difficulties that life in the lower dimensions implies, as well as I know your potential.

Courage, my young angels, animus! Remain a little and the long trip is already over. The return home is imminent, trust you, trust in what God's love can provide. He knows your pains, he knows that you can love them enough that they simply return to higher vibrations. Because, my angels, oh yeah ... because your pains are consciences lacking in love and only you can give love to them. Only you. Do that and also allow them to return home.

I love you unconditionally, beyond any idea of love that you may have at this time, I love you beyond that.

I am your brother, I am Raphael.

Gabriel: Thank you, my sweet brother ... (tears. ..)

Translation: Carolina Barisch

Note: The translation work is done by Brazilian volunteers. We apologize for any mistakes or regional differences of language.