Thought Forms in Objects ~ A Message From The Eternal Child ~ via Isis-Neith

I am The Eternal Child. Here is what I have to tell you.
I find objects fascinating. I like human objects. They are interesting to me. I like to look at them. I wonder how they ended up in that form. I wonder if they are in any way conscious of what they experience. I wonder if they have some life that I am unaware of. I wonder if I give them life.
There are demons in the closet of the past that children once hid from. They were in their beds and saw the image of the demon in the closet and became afraid. They believe later on that their imagination created nothing and that they were seeing a figment of their own fear. They believe that the imagination did not cause any real thing. But maybe they put a demon in the closet. Maybe they gave something a life. Maybe they caused something to stir, something not tangible to us. Maybe we have forgotten our power, our own power. Maybe we will remember and we will wake up and see everything we have made on an energy level around us.
The demon in the closet is the demon made when we dwell on fear and put it in a specific location or object and there are objects that hold negative or positive and much of it.
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love. Love, love, love, love, love. Love. Love. Love. Love. I Love Love. Does anyone realize what I’m doing, because where I am, I am watching a new thought form be born and it is Love. Its name is Love. It thinks of Love. It moves in Love. It feels Love. It remembers Love. It has only Love. It knows only Love. That is what I create, or what I can create. I can create other things that are not only conscious of Love and yet are Love, because they were still created out of Love. Love. Love. Love.
Love is not a thought. It is not a concept. Love is feeling. Love is a pure feeling. So I speak of the true Love, not the pretend Love that isn’t really created from Love. It is created out of Fear and yet it pretends to look like Love and to feel like Love. Be aware of your motives all the time. Sometimes you are deceiving yourself and you believe you are coming out of Love but really your motive is a Fearful one.
I am Love, the true Love. I am Love, and Love I am. Love is a pure feeling that brings about a sense of deep relief. It is the feeling that relieves the others.