The Sphinx Speaks ~ Three Wishes, Hope, Dreams and Creation ~ via Petra Margolis

Today we have a small story for you although it is one that many of you will find familiar.

The three wishes, you all have heard the children’s stories.

So once upon a time you receive three wishes and each wish is a ball of energy that you can use for your desire.

The first wish, you “hope” for a perfect cloud in the sky, the ball of energy takes some time, as hope doesn’t work that fast, but in the end after some waiting, there it is. The perfect cloud in the sky, with only one problem.

You were hoping for a white cloud, not the dark cloud you see in the sky.

You have two more wishes though, so you decided to use the second wish, and poof the cloud disappears and you start over with the second wish.

The second wish you “dream”, all day all night you dream and dream up this perfect white cloud in the sky.

Again dreams are not that fast, but after some time dreaming, there it is, in the sky, with just one little problem, again it is a dark cloud, not the perfect white cloud you were dreaming of.

No worries, you still have one wish left, and this time you are not going to leave it up to just hope and dreams, you are going to create. Poof the dark cloud is gone, and you are going to use the power of creation to create the perfect white cloud in the sky.

The last and final wish, you hoped for it, you dreamed of it, and now it is time to create it. And there it is the perfect white cloud hanging in that clear blue sky.

You look at it, you feel so good about it, you are happy, and suddenly you see more of these white clouds appear. There is a whole group of people all creating their perfect white cloud, and the clouds together form a bigger cloud, becoming bigger and bigger.

And all of you look at each other saying “ we did it”, we created it, isn’t it perfect, aren’t you happy, and everyone is happy, they feel happy, they have created the perfect white cloud.

You look around you and see even more people join, they are not all looking that happy, and some are even crying. And you ask them, aren’t you happy we created the perfect white cloud for all of us, look at it in the sky, isn’t it beautiful?

The answer that comes back surprises you, it is a beautiful cloud, it is the most perfect white cloud, but it is not what we need, we need a dark cloud.

Look around you look at the earth, the animals, the crops, they are dying, they need rain, and they need a dark cloud, a cloud full of rain.

The end.

We hope you enjoyed our story and we know you will dream about this as your creational abilities become stronger.

Sometimes your hope and dreams are not what is to be created.

From one source to another

Petra Margolis