Surviving Our Children ~ Jennifer Hoffman

As a mother and parent, there are few things I can think of that would be more heartbreaking than the loss of a child and yet so many parents today are experiencing that.
Bright, talented, loving, kind children are declaring their journey to be over and are deciding to join us from another plane.
Why does it have to be like this? Can’t they choose to stay instead of breaking the hearts of their parents and families?
While this is what we think, there are so many other reasons why this is happening, and happening now, and even when they pass on, our connection with them continues.
Those who parent Indigo and Crystal children have strong soul contracts in place that promise love, support and guidance.
But interwoven within these contracts is the child’s own karmic journey, whatever form that takes.
We are stewards of our children, but we have no control over their karmic journeys and the decisions they make for their own soul’s growth and healing. We can be the love and support they need but we cannot choose life for them and dictate the kind of life they will live.

The end of karma, which is happening now, is also the end of soul contracts and this is what guides every choice we make. Although they are profoundly important, they are one of the most hidden aspects of our soul journey, partly because if we were aware of all of the terms of our soul contracts, the connections we make through them, and the life experiences that we create because of them, we would probably not incarnate, engage in relationships, or want to experience our life path.
We would think they were too difficult, were full of too much heartbreak and heartache and yet, even this is in divine order.
Those who decide to pass on know that their life path is complete and although they may be young in physical years, in soul years they have completed many cycles and need to move onto other energetic places.
Many are powerful compassion teachers and their death creates heart opening experiences for their families, communities and often the world.
Some have experienced all they need to in a lifetime and their path is complete.
Others need to work with humanity from outside the material plane but they need to establish the heart connections here to allow that to happen. And some cross over to reconnect with us from this place and teach us about the ‘other side’.
If you are not familiar with Matthew Ward, who writes the Matthew Books with his mother, he is one example of this. There are many others.
We give our children life but we cannot make them choose it and life, in its broadest terms, is a continuously unfolding journey of the soul, not the body.
Those with whom we have the strongest connections are never separated from us, no matter what dimension they exist in. And as we continue with our promise to end karma with this Ascension cycle, to gain closure with our karmic cycles, and allow our soul contracts of healing, learning, growth and transformation to be complete, we will also have access to greater connections with all beings at all levels of incarnation, vibration and energetic presence.

As we become more multi-dimensional, we will be able to connect with everyone, everywhere, all of the time, with our without a physical presence. What is important for us is to acknowledge and cherish the love, joy, and connection that we have with everyone in each moment and to be present within these connections.
That connection is the one that sustains us if we have to survive our children and through the grief this situation brings, we can perhaps be comforted by remembering that love is eternal, is everywhere and a connection that can never be broken.

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