Sagacity’s Foresight ~ via Greg Daugherty

Sagacity’s Foresight

When you use emotional fulfillment
As your focus of efficacious management,
The dynamic of your vitality
Creates a womb to nurture seed ideas
Along a path of harmonious rapport
Created with trust in intuitional wisdom,
And the containment by the stability of the emotional domain
Manifesting the limits to the seed’s paradigm,
Casts the expectation into the favored future’s memory
Affecting all realms of psychic affinity.
Integrate intuition into your daily life
As a response to your inner wisdom
By aligning your true intent
With the memory of fulfilled potential,
And the satisfaction and trust from this,
Used with meditated concern,
Is able to maneuver through challenges
And philosophical adjustments
To bridge idea and actuality,
And create with the energy of intuition.
It is in the emotional expression
Allowing idea to take form
Through the vitality of purpose
That the consideration of the fulfilled potential
Experiencing the optimism’s vitality
Can become, through imagination, intention’s resolution
And the self-assured verve
To adjust the vibrational attitude
Into the timelessness of an illuminated consciousness
Able to move into all innovative and visionary possibilities.
The realization of imagination
As a foresight of inner wisdom
At the dawning of desire
Is a function of the ample ripeness
Appreciated into emotional completion,
With the purpose in pursuit of experience
Asserting its will as a result
Of encountering attunement’s new paradigm
Into the fully experienced engagement
With the frequencies of the consequences.
Eventually the acceptance of the present as a reward
Catches a flow of sagacity’s foresight
Into the natural force of illumination embraced,
With the oneness of the self-aware reality
Celebrating the expanding conscience-ness
Connecting compassion with matter
Into a haven of attunement prowess
Moved to encourage further exploration
Of the future’s memory nurturing creativity
And courageous perception.
The unfolding of delight from rejoicing
Projects the fervent imagination’s potency
As a chain of activation through alignment,
Unleashing imagination’s recognition of beauty
As a fountain of love in appreciation
Of the connection of loving intent with fruition,
Coming into control of existence through the willpower
Of the flexible consequence consideration focus
Enjoying the practice of the catalyst
Stimulating the flow of imagination.
Happiness, joy and reveling in high spirits
Used in the fully realized desire
Offer their rapture
To facilitate a greater depth of trust
And appreciation of the moment
From which the formulated belief
Can unfold into the achievement
Of the quintessential understanding
Feeling the whole of the future’s memory
And experienced expansion from it.
With the emotional realm’s construction
From strength directing destiny
In the use of an authenticity of intent,
The pregnant Source giving birth
Communicates the aspirations and desires
Of the vibrational domain’s committed intent
As memory’s will focusing forces of the soul
Before the breath of comparable consciousness is taken
To animate with vivifying potency
The expansion at the numinous rate of imagination’s velocity.
Allowing the transport to the joyous perspective
In the timely movement to achieve wisdom,
The potency’s prelude to manifestation
Approaching life through feeling before thought
Moves along the birth canal of all-encompassing love
Linking consciousness with wisdom’s source
To eventually arrive at the plan for personal development,
Where moving ideas into the asserted vision
Utilizes their virtuality and motherly vivacity
To live in the future.
The feeling of values fulfilled into synergetic balance
Grasping the ambition’s expectation
Is in the unfolding from the beginning,
With the life force being found in the creative potential
Setting the vibration of the emotional completion
And following through with the vibrational control
To meet the resolution of the fulfillment
In the moving definition of consequence
To experience the deliciousness
Of the unfolding’s synchronicity.
(9 of Cups, King of Wands, Ace of Wands, the Empress, 10 of Cups, the Hierophant, the Chariot, 5 of Swords, Queen of Wands, 8 of Wands – 7/18-21/13)