Message from Mother Mary Calling for Manna for Egypt ~ via Judith K Moore

Mother Mary calls for all Sons and Daughters of Light to Focus our Light, Compassion, and Love onto Egypt

J: As I finished the Journal on Mother Mary and the Manna, I began to feel Mother Mary's presence very strong, and she speaks now:
Children of the Living Covenant, you are the Immaculate Family of Light who have come upon the earth with your souls readied to receive the Living Force of Creation, the Power of the God Source through your hearts. You are the Souls of Light who have been prepared many lifetimes to be the generation that pours forth the Immaculate Light into the world.
Now is the darkest hour as those powers of negativity that would seek to destroy the birth of the Innocent Light upon the earth are forceful. I have come to you today to speak of my journey, the miracle that comes on this earth now. You are at the point in the history of the world that is the birth point of the Christ Light. You are the Sons and Daughters of Light who have birthed the Immaculate Light through your heart and through your soul.
2013 years from the birth of the Christ through my womb, now you are here in the window, the window of Creation and the place of great love. Imagine, I determined the calculations of the place in Bethlehem where I would deliver into the world this miraculous Child of Light, my son, the Blessed One, and it was not by coincidence that that place was chosen and is today a place of reverence for the focusing of the birth, the birth that now comes upon the planet, the birth of the Christ.
Yeshua ben Josef and the other children who were born at that time were targeted as the children of innocence have been targeted throughout time with the destruction. And we knew that many souls would leave the planet as are leaving the planet now. Herod came with a terrible force, with a military force, as the military force comes onto Egypt now to destroy all those children who were born to bear the light into the world, as now the innocent ones in this region have been persecuted and destroyed by that force that does not know love.
And as I journeyed from the birthplace to the Gate of Mother's Milk, the miracle of the vision of the manna, and the flowing, the opening of the womb and the birth, and the manna flowing into the world is now, now, now my children. Now the focus that you must have because I journeyed from the Cave of the Miracle of Mother's Milk to Egypt. And today, I call to you. Make this journey with me, make it a journey of Immaculate Light. Open your heart and your soul, and allow the manna of Mother's Milk to flow through you into Egypt.
As I journeyed from the birthplace to the place of the miracle of Mother's Milk and into Egypt, now, now, you must make that journey from the birth of your Christ spirit to the manna that feeds the world through you. And now, now, flow with your light into Egypt, bring compassion to Egypt, feed Egypt with the sacred manna of Mother's Milk. I call to you now.
I do not call with urgency because I know that as the Christ survives and rises and goes beyond apocalyptic forces, the Christ shall do so now, the Christ peace, the power of the Eternal Immaculate Light of Christ, the Light of Illumination flowing upon the earth. It is your heart and your soul that must birth this light now as the urgency in Egypt is severe. This is the time of the Prophecy, and Egypt carries the power of Prophecy for the world.
Bring your light there Children of the Living Covenant, bring your light there. I am with you, I am with you in these days of transition. I am with you through these apocalyptic forces. I call to you now in this day of Light, bring forth the love, bring forth the peace through your hearts and your souls. Peace shall be.

Blessed be,

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth

I AM Mother Mary
Yod Hey Vod Hey Yahweh