'Human Beings have Done the Best they Can, but it is time to 'Move Forward'

'Is 'god' or source an exclusive club ?
A club for 'better' people?
Meaning people who are better?
But then , there would be some things better than them,  so that wouldn't work either, would it?
Noone would ultimately qualify,  would they?
So that is not , as it turns out,... the motis operandus of espiritus.... apparently.
Okay, so it is time to move beyond, to explore beyond some of the teachings of thousands of 
As well as that there are 'appointed'  intermediaries between you and source,
another distortion to be left behind.  As source did not appoint anyone,  from anywhere.
This is their own ideas,  and purposes.
As well as the franchiseship of religion, appointing itself authority of the 'god' conciousness.
It is clear that few on earth have been propelled through these ideas in to the arms and realization
of  'one as i am one' ,
which is devoid of self imagined intermediaries, devoid of self appointed intermediaries.
An intermediary is someone, something, or some energy in the way between you and source,
although in reality that even is imagined, as that experience is only programmed in to the mind
and heart,  having no real or substantial reality of it's own, on it's own.
It must be propped up by force or more subtle means of  controls and other suggestions.
It is within you to ask inner questions, to wonder, to ponder, to contemplate.
Spirit is neither overcomplicated nor foreboading,  it is just a matter of becoming more familiar
with the terrain.
Technically, everything is spirit, but that is an experience that must come from within naturally in
it's time.
Study.... not books..... means study, explore the 'inward' terrain.
Start with your inward terrain, and expand from there.
Spirit is everywhere and through everything.
It has it's own sanity.
It has it's own audacity.
A follower who does not learn to also walk independently has seldom taken, claimed the self
responsibility of examining one's nature of being a fully functioning spiritual being.
You will get A's, B's, C's, and D's on spiritual paths and systems.
However, source itself does not give grades.
It looks at things differently.
It does not fall prey to the delusion which sees only part,  and reasons falsely that something is
Which version will you choose?
It truly is between you and your spirit.
Source has created it that way.
Forms of authority are superimposed.
No matter how much love or anything that is within the hearts of the billions of leaders and
followers that  tell you otherwise.
This is a new age.
What do you suppose will be new?
We would suggest that that might be a new paradigm of what a human being is in regard to itself
and it's source.
A new paradigm of what the human being experiences itself and source to be , within themself.
In this source, no qualifications exist.
Do not forget that this source is also within your very nature.
It may benefit you to begin to understand that source does not freeze out , or like less, the less
nice or less good person.
This is a humanity created concept.
A distraction.
A diversion.
Source does not analyze in those terms.
Hear again.
Source does not analyze according to the concepts of good and bad.
This is not the way of source.
Even though billions have been taught and teach that.
Remember... it is to be a 'new' age.
Not a 'same' age.
Let go.