Equal Value ~ The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn


I dedicate the message of today to my beloved mother, who would have become 91 years today. Beloved and never forgotten. I still love you Mom, you were the best I could have had here!

(Translated from original language german)

My child, let us today speak about races, about colors of the skin.
Why do you have such problems with seeing people of different colors or with a different origin as yours as equal to you?
Just because you have maybe a lighter color of the skin, you are not of more value as people with brown or like you say yellow skin.
I have created you all equal. For me you have the same high value as all people on your wonderful planet.
You are my child likewise as they are.
I value none lesser and you shouldn’t do that too. Don’t disesteem them, otherwise you disesteem yourself with this. ~
Your Divine Mother

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