Clarity is not a Gift, but a Choice ~ Message from Archangel Jophiel via Julie Miller

Uncertainty and lack of focus are part of the key components for not reaching success within any venture. It is essential to know what it is you want without any doubts, then to pursue this goal with all your heart and soul in every step. There are many Precious Hearts that find themselves stuck within the realms of uncertainty and doubt; they have trouble making decisions due to the fear of change because change means to venture into the unknown. For success to occur, mental adjustments are required, a change from thinking pessimistic to thinking positively is needed and each of you can do this because many times already you have. 

Before you tackle the steps that will lead to a victorious success, it is essential to understand clarity a little better. Clarity is based on what you know and understand without any doubts. And each of you are accountable for your own degree of clarity. So many dear souls simply assume that clarity will arrive just by waiting for it, and there are other Precious Hearts that envy those that have a higher level of clarity than themselves. 

Understand Precious Hearts, clarity is not a gift given in different degrees by God, that way of thinking is very self-defeating and promotes less than favourable action towards any goal you are wishing or wanting to achieve. Clarity quite simply is something you produce for yourself; it is a decision. When you stop allowing other distractions to enter your thought form, you cut off their potential to add more confusion and possibly redirect you away from your goal. When you finally make a decision, you are precise and committed. Even if you decide to do nothing about any particular situation, that is also you making a decision. 

Choices, decisions, they are a part of your everyday life and each one is created by you. Only you are responsible for your choices. Learn from them, if some of your choices lead you astray or on a path that is not what you originally envisioned, turn these situations and moments into positive stepping stones to success. Everything that is presented to you is filled with endless learning possibilities. Sometimes what is presented through an outcome that didn’t fully turn out are the directions to try again with a different result. 

It is important to remain open-minded to the many diverse possibilities that cross your path, but it is also important to remember that you are the one who is to be in control of your emotional and mental faculties. Even with the help and support of others, you are still the one who decides each step you take and what you are willing to let in to distract you or to remain rigid and unmoving. Understand dear ones, creating clarity takes practice because first you must let go of the fear that created the confusion that can easily take over your rational thinking. This is something that only you can do, God can support you, we can guide you, but it is you that must bring this change and make it work.  Accept Precious Hearts as we indicated earlier, that your degree of clarity is yours, you created it and you are responsible for this degree and you also have the potential of making changes that also affect the rise of your clarity instead of being stuck in an seemingly endless cycle of guessing on an outcome or why you don’t have the clarity like another dear soul will only create more confusion. To create a higher degree of clarity, understand it doesn’t happen unless you make it happen. 

What we often see are Precious Hearts creating the opposite of clarity. It is true many of your thoughts and actions will increase your clarity and there are many yet that will have the opposite effect. The opposite of clarity is confusion dear ones. To bring in more clarity, it is essential to remove yourself from what is causing the adverse effect on your own degree of clarity. A reduction in clarity is often brought out by being in the company of unfocused dear souls; possibly living or working closely with people that conflicting goals to your own. Maybe you distract yourself with excessive time with your television or perusing the latest news and gossip that is freely distributed throughout the World Wide Web, there are endless reasons and only you know which ones apply to you. 

Comprehend dear ones that to boost your clarity you are encouraged to be in the company of clear and focused people; stimulate your mind with motivational literature and inspiring television programs, food has an important role as well to the function of your thinking. The healthier you eat, the more sharp and aware you will be. If you notice you are always in the company of other dear souls that confused and without focus, create space for yourself that will encourage the clarity you are seeking. 

It is important also to recognize your clarity isn’t always the same. Think back to a previous time when you have been very clear and the steps towards something were unwaveringly accurate and successful. Then look at an experience where you were the opposite and try and determine the key factors that helped to cultivate the clarity or helped to cloud your clarity. Many lessons are learned by examining the past. Take a good and honest look at what reduced your clarity and see which steps you took to enhance your clarity. By reviewing past experiences where clarity was involved you are able to see differences, choices, and many times the finer things that was omitted or forgotten that was equally important as something bigger and obvious. 

We often observe many Precious Hearts creating a step-by-step action plan before they embark on any goal. This method helps to keep them on track and gives focus to what step is coming next. It reduces confusion and increases confidence which is also a keen factor to your clarity. What helps you remain on target will very well be different than what works for another dear soul. This doesn’t mean your way is right or wrong, it just means you know what works for you. 

Your journey is a learning one. There is not a moment in your waking day that you are not presented with something to learn. Even when something doesn’t go your way, you are presented with endless learning possibilities and the knowledge that you will be able to use in other situations. It is up to you dear ones on what you notice and what you don’t. Being aware isn’t just about noticing what is around you, being aware is deeper than this. Being aware is a knowing that moves beyond normal human perception, yet each of you can be aware deeply and profoundly. Don’t be so hard on yourself when things don’t go exactly the way you planned. When you have given your heart and soul into something, you allowed yourself to grow, to be nurtured by the wisdom rich experience. You didn’t come out empty handed; you are still the divine and beautiful person you set out as. We do not view you for what you haven’t yet achieved, we see you as divine beauty; a dear soul that keeps going, learning all they can of themselves, working towards success and becoming all they can be. That dear ones to us is amazingly beautiful. Exactly as you are, we love you. 

And so it is…

I AM Archangel Jophiel through Julie Miller