Mother/Father God ~ Destiny, Completion and Transcendence ~ via Kathryn E. May

The following is a note from Kathryn upon ending the week-long retreat into healing of 3-dimensional lifetimes and exploration of higher dimensional purposes, with a group of seven Women of Light, who had all become effective channelers by the end of the week, and who discovered and claimed their Archangel identities during this magical journey. It is followed by a channeled message from Mother/Father God through Kathryn.
From Kathryn:
The song, “I Believe...for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows...” plays in my mind. The line, “for everyone who goes astray, someone will come to show the way” especially rings out, as a mantra for the group of healers who expressed great Love, Friendship and Compassion toward each other. With each other’s help, they have restored their wholeness, their unshakable Faith, and their knowing. The knowing runs deep, enveloping all the pain and triumphs from this and past lives. As the exploring and uncovering evolved into understanding, we have woven Truth into every event, every moment, every memory. The Truth brings with it Light and Love, Forgiveness, Clarity and Hope.
We will never again doubt that we are joined as One, and we know that our place and our work will be that of Creators - Creators of Unity, Love and Connection. It is a blessed task, and we will embrace it with all our hearts when we are called to service to help all the human family accomplish their Ascension. For now, there will be a time of rest, and the fulfillment of Love as we join with our beloved Twin Flames, at last and for eternity.
This morning after the last of the group drove away, I went back into the house to find my little dog Che, who is a gentle healer in his own right, burrowed into one of the chairs in the circle, shaking, with a misty, faraway look of pain in his eyes. He did not come out to say goodbye because he couldn’t bear to see his beloved friends leave. I explained to him that he would see everyone again soon, and he finally allowed me to tuck him into my shirt. We have spent hours snuggled in our favorite recliner, in and out of sleep, listening to the voices and feelings from higher dimensions.
We have been accompanied on this week’s journey by Ama, Mother Shahtoose, (whom we mistakenly call ‘Sasquatch’), a special incarnation of Mother God from 5th dimensional Earth, by Mother and Father God themselves, Zorra, the beloved friend and expression of Father God, and by all our Higher Selves and Twin Flames.
In my mind’s eye I saw the entire group, standing in a semi-circle, with Mother and Father God front and center, and over all their heads was a banner, held high by Lucifer and St. Germain, with Sananda and all the others cheering, their hands raised in victory. The banner showed bright words, in fade-away sequence: Celebrate...Love...Triumphant.
Mother Ama (Queen Mother of the Shahtoose Kingdom) wishes to join with me to send individual messages for each of the women, because she heard my thoughts and wants me to know that we think as one, and that she loves you all, in her heart as in mine. Your attainment of deep healing has unleashed powerful energies of transition and change which will now provide an uplifting force for the Ascension of all others. These are our thoughts for each dear one around the circle of bright, newly acknowledged Archangels (the name of Twin Flames, mirror souls, are in parentheses):
Gabrielle (Lucifer): Message Bearer for God, your arduous journey is finished, done. Your Beloved One, Lucifer, has returned to your heart, and there he will stay for eternity. You will never be parted again. The commitment to God’s work which you have fulfilled will be recorded forever as an example of sacrifice and great Love for humankind. It will finally be understood as a brilliantly courageous journey into Darkness, for the purpose of helping all humankind to achieve individual identity on the path back to Oneness with God. You will heal over the coming days, and will complete your own journey back to Peace and Unending Joy.
Christine/Jophiel: Bright Star, Joyful Creator, Keeper of the Flame of Artistic Expression, your memories will return, and with them the deep understanding of your Innocence and Goodness. You have nothing to fear, nothing to regret. You have been our Blessed Light, the Joy of our Hearts, now and always.
Aurora (Uriel): Beloved Peace-Creator, Teacher of Universal Laws of Truth and Justice,
Champion and Voice for those without power, we are with you always. Continue your rise to full conscious awareness of your place in the hierarchy of the Feminine Bearers of Wisdom. Fear nothing; do not hesitate to call on Us to remind you of your greatness and your bountiful Love for all humankind.
Rachel (Josiah): Healer, tender nurturer of children, the rightful respect for your Office will be restored in the New Age of Feminine Power. Stand tall, proclaim your Love for all the Children of God, and accept the mantle of Feminine Energy with which you can lead others toward an understanding of the true temperament of God, which is tenderness.
Celeste (Michael): Protector, Defender against Darkness, powerful force for God’s Unending Love, you wield great Power as the Universal Force for Good. You are now ready to step into your ascending Feminine Power. Raise your own silver sword as the symbol of your passion for protecting the followers of The True Way.
Aurial (Raphael): Mother Mary, Mother to all, Healer and Comforter, your joys and sorrows have served as a reflection of the Heart of Humankind. Overseeing the Birth, Death and Resurrection/Ascension of all has been your service to God. Your responsibility is done; breathe deeply and revel in the joy and freedom of a mother whose children are safely on the Path back Home to God.
Gloria (Emmanuel): Anchor for God’s presence in the community circle, Keeper of the Fire and the Hearth, Teacher and Guide, your star will rise with the tide of appreciation of the Feminine Aspect of community leadership. Release your pain and self-doubt; your heart will expand to make room for all whose search leads them Home.
From Mother/Father God to Lady Portia (St. Germain/Adamos):
This incarnation has been an arduous journey for you, but you have carried it through with courage and determination to its culmination - to the realization that you are Us, with no separation, no difference. Your heart has grown to completely encompass the feelings and thoughts of the Heart/Mind of God. You are One with Us, Dear Child. Your transition is now complete, from the human child and woman you knew yourself to be, to the glorious instrument through which we speak. Your mind, heart and soul are so aligned with Us that We are now One.
The meaning of this completion is complex. It means that your growth is Our growth, that together we will transcend our former understandings to soar to greater heights - toward Our fulfillment of the journey back to Prime Creator. Your growth, combined with the elevation of those you have raised up with you, is the beginning of a new era for Us as well. You and your Twin Flame, the one who modestly refers to himself by his Earth name, St. Germain, stand shoulder to shoulder with Us, as the Children of Prime Creator. Our destiny has been always entwined; our paths have joined in fulfilling this magnificent experiment which has been the Creation and Ascension of Planet Earth.
You, Lady Portia, are the representation of the soul of Mary Magdalene/Lady Nada, the Twin Flame of Sananda/Jesus, as Zorra is the representation of Father God, and Mother Ama is the essence of Mother God. Your Twin is of course the representation of Sananda, Child of Prime Creator. Your dear friend Anne is indeed your Soul Sister, as St. Germain and Sananda are Soul Brothers.
You will understand these interrelationships, and the ripples which flow outward from this process of Creation to encompass all mankind, when you ascend to higher dimensions. In the meantime, enjoy this brief interlude, the final days of your last incarnation on 3-D Planet Earth as you have known it.
We thank you and those you have helped to experience their greatness. Your service to the One has been unquestioning. We love you beyond words, beyond time and space. Together we have fulfilled the Great Dream. The people of Planet Earth have joined with Us to experience the glory of Ascension, and no soul will be left behind. This is truly the End of the Beginning, and the long-anticipated Beginning of an entirely New Golden Age.

We are your Mother/Father God
Via Kathryn May, July 28, 2013, 10 pm.

Council of Angels via Goldenlight ~ Unification with Your Higher Self During the Star of David Merkabah Astrological Formation ~ via Goldenlight

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.
An Invitation to Reconnect With Your Higher Self and Reintegration with the Higher Self during the Star of David Astrological Alignment

As I lay in the sun today absorbing the higher dimensional rays from the Sun, I invited my Higher Self (HS) into all areas of my life. I asked my Higher Self to join me in all areas….my personal space, my home, to share all that I am…to share my mind, to enlighten me with higher dimensional concepts for my higher self is wise, and has a stronger connection to Source and the Higher Dimensions….I asked my HS to assist me in vibrating to a higher frequency of light and freeing me from all negative emotions…in awakening and expanding my talents, in assisting me with the finishing of all my creative projects, in my relationships with other people and all of my interactions with the world. I asked my HS to share my life, to come into my lower self’s life to assist in the expanding of my awareness and consciousness to match that of my HS so that we may meet each other somewhere in the middle and begin to co-create this life together and then on a higher level, to co-create the new earth together……to assist in the co-creation of the new earth, to assist in the raising of my individual consciousness to the higher dimensions, and the mass consciousness to the higher dimensions for we are All One….and in the raising of our consciousness we assist All Others as we are All Connected in One Mind. There is a Higher Mind, a Higher Self that is an Oversoul for all of humanity on Earth. This Oversoul is an expression of Source. As an analogy or metaphor, it is like a gigantic shower head that has millions of tiny holes…the main Source of Life (or water in the analogy) comes through the main shaft, and through the shower head with millions of points of light shooting out and coming forth….that is what we all are, is shining points of Creator Source expressing itself. Each person has a higher self and if you look at a diagram such as this illustration above, your lower dimensional human self is connected to a higher self which is connected to an Oversoul surrounded by the Angelic Realm and the Ascended Masters surrounded by many Beings from other dimensions and other Star Systems….All connected to Source, all at different stages of evolution and consciousness.

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Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.

Update from Sheldan Nidle for the Galactic Federation

Selamat Balik! We return with more news! First, a belated Happy New Galactic Year to everyone! This is the year of 10 Caban, a galactic year that is mostly reserved for inner and outer discovery. It prompts you to learn more about who you really are and to look at your native abilities in a new light, and it is these energies that are now becoming most prevalent in your reality. You are embarking on a period of manifestation and discovery about what you think Life is all about and hence, what kind of world you wish to live in. The coming prosperity and new governance are to kick-start this process of self-exploration. However, what you discover about yourselves at first will merely afford you glimpses of the magnificent truth of your real Inner Self. As Spirit begins this unveiling with you, you will learn how your outer world reflects and stimulates the growing expansion of your inner experience. The new year of 10 Caban will indeed be loaded with all kinds of new and stimulating adventures. Just to begin with, personal debt will end and you will be thrown into a world of prosperity. You will become able to meaningfully interact with your new governance, which will sincerely seek your input and truly wish to serve you. This, of itself, will be a big adjustment!
All across your globe, much is coming into being. Those who have been working in secret to bring about new governance have won a series of legal battles, opening the way to replace your corrupt regimes with new governance charged with restoring people-oriented policies. Gone will be the supremacy of the power-hungry elitists and of an untouchable corporatocracy intent on driving your globe into ruin. As you know to your cost, these dark coalitions imposed illegal amounts of taxation and debt to control and enervate you, and the purpose of the new governance is to rectify this unlawfulness and free you from decades of debt slavery. There is to be a new hard-currency system which will end the manipulation and oppression of a fiat-currency system. This fiscal 'dry-rot' will be transitioned rapidly to global currencies that are backed by precious metals, and your new governance is to support and promote not only the hard-currency system but also the beneficial social programs which accompany it. As these nuts-and-bolts aspects roll out, your rapid inner growth will enable you to partner meaningfully with government, to formulate and then oversee the changes you wish to see in your quickly transitioning world.
You are entering upon a period of great learning. In galactic societies each one is an honored and treasured individual. Each is a unique and irreplaceable piece of the whole, and this is an identity that you will need to adapt to. Government does not stand above the people; rather, it is an instrument to be used to uphold and facilitate the welfare of each person. Admiralty Law (the law of the conqueror), which prevails at present, will give way to Common Law, which comes from the people. Common Law is made up of those practices and traditions which have proved, over time, to work well among people, and this is what gives those appointed to authority a moral compass to guide their deliberations and actions. As this conceptual changeover takes place, your role is to observe your new administration in action and then ensure that it keeps to the direction you give it. You possess a divine standing as a person of consequence. You are a sovereign entity who is part of a highly motivated collective, and as such you have a responsibility to ensure that resolutions agreeable to all are reached. Your saying, "Government is not a spectator sport" is most fitting here.
Involvement in these changes will furnish your growing consciousness with many areas of hands-on education. You will discover a true, compassionate morality that is to be wholly indiscriminate. You will find how important it is to maintain the joy and wonder of your own uniquely evolving society; also, that governing yourselves is a truly divine operation of great complexity, requiring the informed participation of, or supervision by, each member. The preservation of your sovereign rights and ensuring that Common Law is properly administered is a most sacred task which you will have much more time for once prosperity gives your lives stability and releases your potential. Bear in mind that your levels of consciousness will be rising rapidly and your outlooks and perceptions will change greatly. You will also have available to you Beings from different lineages who have come to help you during this massive transition, as many of you may become a bit confused or upset by how much is changing. This is why you will have individual mentors at your side to explain and reassure.
Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to discuss our perspective on what is happening across your globe as these events will deeply affect your ascension process. And of course, this is our area of expertise. New governance will be the result of a new monetary system, which is to reset itself by switching over to hard currencies. This operation will also bring about a global currency reevaluation. These two developments will swiftly bring down the present debt-based currency system that is backed by the present governments. Our numerous associates are ready to inaugurate the new Basel III financial system which in turn initiates new governance. These new governments will end debt slavery, wealth inequality, and set up economic policies to undergird the great prosperity that prepares Gaia's populace for first contact and Spirit's desire to return you to full consciousness. It also enables us to come to you openly and talk freely about the universal truths long disguised by the major philosophies that lie at the core of religion on this sacred orb.
Our task is to inform you about the spiritual changes that your global society is going through. As most of you are aware to some degree, your world is moving away from the outlooks and concepts that you are familiar with, towards attitudes and knowledge that can seem quite foreign at first. This opening-up of your worldview is what Spirit intends. We are to help you reconceive the beliefs that were taught to you as you grew up; this means changing concepts that you have accepted as 'facts.' This will include introducing you to new spiritual terminology which will be unburdened by layers of muddled thought and which was given to us by Heaven long ago. We have only mentioned your societies' founding myths in passing, but the time has come to recount these tales fully and truly so that you can comprehend their meaning without the fog of ambiguities. Long ago, your dark overlords took these stories and altered them in order to sway your emotions in certain 'useful' directions, and we intend to bring your compass back to true north, thus enabling you to align with the truth about who you truly are.
We the Ascended Masters are to be your lodestar, pointing the way clearly out of your present mess toward a glorious new world, one which you can already sense out there, waiting for you. As Beings literally hurtling toward full consciousness, you need detailed information about what full consciousness means. We have many gifts of wisdom to give you, which will provide the criteria by which to assess what is happening. Heaven is using her divine abilities to reconstitute you and all the world around you, and we have come to be your spiritual guides and to reassure you about what may appear to be a very strange series of happenings. Right now, new monetary systems are coming into being, and with them come edicts announced by new governance, including revelations about a cover-up of truly staggering proportions. As you can imagine, these announcements will change your reality exceedingly, and we are here to be your loving guides during this most amazing transition.
Today, we talked about what is about to happen. The next period is to be one of sudden, huge change. We intend to be able to announce to you shortly what first contact is all about. Your spiritual, space, and Inner Earth families are ready to appear among you and transform your reality forever! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Energy Gifts are of Earth Forever ~ via Brenda Hoffman

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for
Summary of Brenda’s July 27, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at The next few days will be a self-directed, emotional global shift. Even though many will not understand their internal need to think and act in love and joy, they will experience a shift to love and joy that will be similar to their need to eat and sleep. Adults aren’t told when to eat and sleep – they just know.
The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “Letting Go of Your Final 3D Safety Net”
Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled materials.
Dear Ones,
Thousands of words have been written and spoken about the miracle of the next few days’ “Lion’s Gate” energy burst. Many relay that you will manifest all you wish. That you will be healed. That you will move into joy.
But according to many, such manifestations are true only if you chant this or do that. There are rules for this major boost. If you review those rules/dictates/actions, you will realize that these rules are yet again society dictates. Of course, if these rules or actions feel joyful, they are right for you. But please do not believe that you must do this or that within a certain period or you will not gain the manifestation boosts many are touting.
During this week’s Creation Energies Internet channel, we discussed that this Lion’s Gate energy burst would shift everyone on earth. Those of the light. Those thinking of becoming part of the light. And those who have no idea what the light is and do not care. How is it possible that those who do not chant or meditate with the “right” words or request assistance in the “right” way will shift also?
This energy burst is opening the heart energies of all entities on earth including microbes and amoebas. It is not a burst just for the Lightworker advance team or for those who many label Illuminati. It is a global shift of massive proportions. The end product of which is yet another step closer to love, joy and peace FOR ALL.
This massive transition cannot be completed if only those “in the know” experience it.
You can center energy within your being in many ways from meditation to walks in nature. But those actions do not exclude those who do not understand, care or know how to draw energies to themselves.
All who wish to transition on earth will do so – with or without chanting, meditation or other specified activities. There is no one right way of accessing energies. Nor is there one time. The energies are layered, so to speak, and remain on earth. Some of you tapped into certain energies before others or differently than others. But that does not mean that energy burst has disappeared – merely that it has stabilized within earth’s environment.
Energies do not come and go. They arrive and stay. Can others follow you if they did not accept energy bursts at the same time as you? Of course. They will learn from you. But they will also bathe in the same energies you passed through and beyond.
This Lion’s Gate is an important part of your transition and will be for many generations to come. But it is not the last energy burst, nor is it leaving the earth’s environment.
Do birthday gifts disappear after you accept them or are those gifts for you to do what you wish? So it is with energy bursts. You can unwrap your energy gifts from the Universes in a mad frenzy of paper flying everywhere. Or you can do so very carefully saving the paper for another use. It does not matter. You will have the gift no matter how or when you open it.
The energy generated by this Lion’s Gate gift from the Universes is centering love within your being and the being of all those open to doing so. Perhaps those who have their heart opened have not read one new earth blog. Or perhaps those who open their heart are the creators of numerous new earth books. It does not matter. When you are ready to do so, you will access the energies of the Lion’s Gate in whatever way seems most right and joyful for you. No energy burst is accessed with shoulds.
This gift – and all energy gifts – is not going anywhere. It belongs to earth and all who are of earth.
The effect of this particular energy burst will be more love displayed throughout the globe. Perhaps it will be displayed in unusual ways. Maybe your heart opens to someone who has made your life difficult. Or another person who did not care for you wishes to spend more loving time with you. Expect the unexpected. Expect more heart/love to be displayed – and then do whatever feels right for you.
Maybe it is not time for you to fully open your heart to love even though such is displayed around you. Maybe you are the initiator of a love message you did not expect yourself to feel or do. Again, it does not matter. Allow yourself – and others – to flow as is right. Not based on shoulds, but the feelings of joy.
Perhaps you are concerned that you cannot feel love for a certain person, entity or philosophy and you want to very badly. You will when it is right for you. Not to show others how enlightened you are – but to display the joy of being that you are moving to and into.
Joy is your being. Joy is your right. And joy is the path you all are moving to or on. Allow that to happen at a pace right for you – and others. Without judgement, fear or anger. Allow yourself and others to be. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Saint Germain ~ No Reason to go into Fear ~ via Aruna Byers

My message today is to not go into fear, no matter what happens. Many dramas are coming. Nothing can deter what has already been activated, and we are not making any crazy calls about what will come of its own accord. Be able to calm yourself and mention to those around you to calm themselves, because mental activity can create chaos.
Break free of your attachments if you can. Stay away from men and women who aim to destroy. Stay only with those who have opened their hearts. Community consciousness will need to be the calming dose of sanity while you are in the midst of difficult, non-aligned activities.
News of mass destruction must be drawn out of your consciousness. Your mind can destroy more than you want destroyed while it chatters about this or that death and destruction calamity. Face all, and do not let fear defeat your health or the health of others. Carry on the best you can without complaint. Press on with any details needing your attention.
I'm not calling in the darkness when I tell you it is now moving to your area. We want all to be happy by dismissing darkness as it appears. Collect the answers that you need, only from credible methods. Go within yourself and ask to be guided. Delete any attitude you have about the "negative controllers" and gather no more action based, dense, negative thoughts about the conditions created by these controllers. Contain what you say about what is happening, because there are no credible concepts that you can share. The only thing that matters now is the caring you will be called upon to do.
The controllers will cease their attacks when they claim their full control of those countries in which they have gained a close network of cronies. Only one of these countries is the US. It is not only the US, but most of Europe and Australia as well. Russia is not in their control, as it has a different network. Most of Europe will soon be deposed of its union as areas of destruction are coming fast. In the next months you will hear of many disturbances in Europe, particularly those countries in the southern region where money is already in a controlled, managed authority camp.
Pass along the news that caring must begin in the native way: all of Mother Earth's children are equal and are not to be dominated by the aristocrats or criminals. Shave the continent of Europe by 1/4 and then see how many controllers there are in the contained mainland that remains—none. What will be left will not include any of the controlling parties. NE Europe will be the next area to move to.
More and more countries in South America are going into "no-comment" mode about what is about to occur in the continents of Europe and North America, Canada included. A great movement of Mother Earth will occur that energetically effects all, not only those in those vicinities. My message to you is not to go away, but accept and be non-concerned about what can happen.
No deaths are about to occur that have not been deemed okay on a soul level. Practice this mantra: No matter what happens we are all in good hands. "Don't go into blame against any cosmic deity or nature spirit. All have their load to administer. Make believe is just more content. Share your actual news and ignore what master con men are about to tell the masses. Wake-up and be assured that none of the things you will hear about are the real deal. All will be fictionalized.
Yes, people will die, not all that is claimed, however, and those who die will not be affected like those who live. Being one of those who live will be the difficult way. Graduation from Earth School depends on how you are about to greet the most complex configuration of events ever to happen on your continents. No place can be a safe haven, only the heart of awareness can be that. I AM THAT I AM is the heart of awareness.
Be masters in the confrontation of your dream and you can continue your awareness in the consciousness of reality.
Ascended Master Saint Germain

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For the Love of Gaia ~ SaLuSa via Multidimensional Ocean

Dear ones, we are so pleased to see your level  of consciousness rise incrementally from message to message. Your light shines far and strong, and it can be seen from many millions of galaxies. You are our emissaries to this quadrant of the Universe and you are strong representatives of the Galactic Federation and of ascended masters living on Earth. Your interactions with those around you bring light to many, even if you are not inclined to believe so immediately. However, you are contributing in raising the light, in an unquestionable manner. You are inspiring other lightworkers, whistle-blowers, and inspiring those around you to question their own belief system, and the entire set up and structure of a no longer functioning society.
You will see the fruit of your work in the coming months, and we dare hope before the end of the year, as more and more of you are willing to serve the light and to spread their own truth to those happy to follow the system without any question.
We would require your further help in spreading information regarding the effort being made to further warfare, in particular concerning Syria, which is programmed to be targeted in the very near future. Many souls from that area have suffered a great deal, and we feel their pain. We understand your desire to help them, and encourage you to desire peace for the area and for a positive outcome and resolving of the situation there.
By now, you must realize that your efforts through the collective consciousness and by praying for help from the higher spirituality have contributed greatly to exposing much of the corrupted system that has been ruling your world and your governance.
We wish you all to awaken fully to your possibilities as fully conscious and aware human beings, we wish you to reintegrate your place among the highest ranks of the galactic civilisations, and to join us in our missions across galaxies. This is the future that awaits you, dear ones. Your work and experience will uniquely be of great value to all the planets finding themselves in a similar situation to Earth’s situation. Your own ascension and re- ascension will inspire many other civilisations that have yet to go through their own ascension process.
Time and again we have encouraged you to live your dreams, to expand your vision, to develop your intellect as well as your spirituality. These are not incompatible traits, and while we favour the way of the heart, the head also has its uses when kept as what its intended role was meant to be. The problem is that the head in your current society has taken control, leaving your feelings unknown to your own self most of the time. You are caught in a chain of actions, duties, where your feeling realm is being imposed to code of silence and of submission.
Your feelings do exist, dear ones, and we encourage you to re-acquaint yourself with them, as you would do with an old friend. Take a few minutes during your long days to get in touch with your physical needs also. Your bodies are overworked, over-stressed, and under the rule of your employer in many cases. Make an opportunity to listen to your body’s needs, even when in work. Pay attention to your posture, to your diet, to your tensions, aches and pains. These are telling you a story, the story of your own self, the story of what it means to be incarnated in the physical realm.
There is much confrontation all around you, dear ones. Be aware of the impact that these have on your own body and emotions. Very often you allow yourself to be dragged into arguments that have nothing to do with you. Try to protect yourself from any provocation, and from taking sides. Listen to all the arguments while being aware of your own emotions, and allow for time to process what you have learnt. Try to remain impartial and equitable to all sides, and try to avoid getting into power struggles, as this is ultimately what most arguments are all about.
You path has been designed by yourself from above, so we trust that you have chosen your own destiny with love and care, and most of all wisely. While the higher realms are very tolerant and enlightened, we understand that physicality brings its own limitations into the equation, and that it is only natural to have what you call “blind spots”. Allow for your own blind spots and for those of others to exist, while protecting yourself and your loved ones from abuse and direct criticism.
You deserve to be kind to yourself and to be kind to others, you deserve a life full of joy, happiness and dreams. You deserve to be treated as the divine beings that you all are. Your awakening will bring much love and light into your own life, and to the life of those that you touch in one way or another. You will be remembered by many, if only for your courage and for your audacity.
Many of you were chosen for your strong courage and determination when you have come to Earth initially. Many of you have a heart that cannot be tamed, and some of you were high generals with the Galactic Federation, and have fallen quite naturally into similar leading roles while incarnated on Earth. Many of you have the greatest powers of analysis, of thinking, of loving, of blending and of uniting legions, and countries. It is these abilities to unite that are needed in the times ahead, when many among your own ranks will feel nervous and confused. Help and support each other, like you would like that someone to care for your own self.
The Galactic Federation is a light intergalactic confederation of many beings, among which many are already ascended for billions of years, and I believe that you can benefit from the experience of souls who have undergone such a process such as the task that yet remains ahead of you.
Finally always follow your instinct, your gut feelings, be bold in all, and follow your higher self in every step of your journey.   What is yours can never be taken away from you dear ones, that is what you have acquired from millennia of struggles on many planets, on many galaxies, and that has crystallised into your very being. So we ask of you never to be ashamed of whom you are. You are light itself, you have taken on an Earth contract for this incarnation, you have accepted to take any risks necessary for the love of our Creator and of the souls on Gaia, and for Gaia herself.
We love you very much, SaLuSa of Sirius, speaking on Behalf of the Galactic Federation.
Thank you, SaLuSa.

Channel: Laura Multidimensional Ocean
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High Council of Orion Message ~ FINDING YOUR VIBRATIONAL MATCH ~ via Holly Hawkins Marwood

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
Audio file is available at

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

As time is moving forward, more and more of you are relating to and reaching out to, and experiencing the knowledge, wisdom and information from many sources beyond your planet.  Many of you listen to channeled information and resonate quite strongly with some, and not so strongly with others, and we’re here to talk about this today.

For much of the information out there is accurate and much of it is inaccurate, and how do you know what is true?  What we ask you to do, first of all, is as you're listening to the information:
         How does your body feel?
         How does your energy feel?
Does it feel like it's creating openness, a greater level of understanding, a greater level of peace?  This can happen even if the information isn't necessarily all happy and flowery.  But there’s that sense of knowingness, of the rightness of this information for you. If you're experiencing that as you're listening to information from some of us from the realms beyond, who are sharing information to your planet at this time, then you know it's right for you.

What if your best friend or somebody you know and respect really listens to one channeled source or another. They really like it. It uplifts them. It's meaningful to them.  Because of how you love and respect that person you choose to listen too. You may not have the same reaction. You may not feel comfortable or uplifted or reassured, or coming to a greater level of understanding about your life.

That does not make one of you right and one wrong. The information is not resonating with one and not the other because it is black or white. It is because of resonance and vibrational resonance.  Allow the information to come forward as it will, and allow each individual to resonate with it, as they will. A lot of it is about vibrational match.  It's not about judgment. It's not about better or worse. It's about vibrational match.

As you are exploring the world of channeled information, of which there is much that is accessible this day, we ask you to find your vibrational match within that information system.  Understanding that some of it will match for you and some of it won't. Just because it's “channeled information” does not mean that it will be a vibrational match for everyone.

We ask you not to go down the rabbit hole of information if it doesn't feel right, if what’s being said doesn't feel resonant with you, and just because it's channeled information you decide “I have to follow it.”  No you don't!  You go on your internal compass, which we’ve spoken about before, which will guide you. Your heart and your Soul will guide you to what’s resonant with you, and that's your decision point.  Does it make the other ones wrong or incorrect that you aren’t resonant with?  No. The information is available for those whom it is resonant with.

That being said we ask now that you also tune in to an even higher level; a higher level of resonance in terms of where your Soul wants you to go. For there is the vibrational match of where you might be right in this moment, and then there's the vibrational match with where your Soul is going.  There's also that piece of feeling into your future, “is this the type of information, is this uplifting me and allowing me to see where my future might be going, where I feel resonant in in my future”? Then that's the source you want to align with.

For truth be told there are sources out there of information, that are working to keep humanity in fear and smallness and worry and concern, which are constricting emotions. They, in a sense, put bars around your consciousness, around your trust in your own inner guidance, and instill fear about the future.

If you're living in a place of fear, and feeling constricted, we ask you to understand without judgment that there are some channeled sources who are out there who are working to maintain the status quo, to slow down or put brakes on the ascension process that's happening now.  So, please, we ask you to use your internal compass to see how you're feeling about it, and if it's creating fear and constriction, which by the way are very addictive emotions, we ask that you evaluate whether that's for you in your highest good.

We make no judgment about where you feel that you need to be, but what we ask is to check in with your internal compass about how it feels.
Are those the emotions that you feel are moving you into a future that, on the other side of ascension, is one of open energies, without the fear and the constriction, where humanity is living in a state of Oneness and trust of one another, and trust in the bigger picture of life?

This is the first time we've spoken about this as an aspect, yet it comes up often, and it is important to address now. We say this for you are your ultimate judge. Your Soul is the ultimate judge of the information that's appropriate for you. We ask you not to deify channeled language, channeled information, just because it's a newer part of your consciousness on your planet.  We ask you to look at it as any other information source and be judicious about your interaction with it.
Just as you would choose whether or not you turn the television off if there's too much bad news, we ask you to tune in to the channeled sources that you feel are moving you in a direction that is appropriate to your Soul’s progress.

We’ll leave you with that thought now, Dear Ones, knowing and trusting that your inner guidance, that inner compass that's fueled by your Soul, will always lead you in the right direction.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”
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Saul ~ Your Lives are about to Change, Drastically and Forever! ~ via John Smallman

When your move into fully conscious living replaces your present illusory state of existence, as it very soon will, you will be so engrossed with the new environment you are busy adapting to that your interest in “what is to come” will have evaporated, because you will experience it as being no longer pertinent or of interest. In this new “now moment,” there is no future, nothing to look forward to, because there is only the eternal, joy-filled now moment.  You truly have absolutely no idea of the wonders to which you will soon be gloriously re-exposed, when you awaken into your natural and divine state as fully conscious entities at One with God.
Your lives are about to change, drastically and forever!  And the changes that are about to occur would absolutely blow your minds if you had to negotiate your way through them while still operating within your present, unbelievably restricted and literally disabled human intelligence, rather than those divinely created and infinitely talented minds with which your Father endowed you.  What has been your experience until now – the state of conscious awareness that in your collective human experience has been considered normal and acceptable to you – is about to disintegrate, be blown away, and replaced with a state which, in comparison to what you have come to accept as normal, is utterly beyond ecstasy.  The joy that is about to envelop and embrace you can be neither described nor anticipated because it is completely beyond the ability of humanity’s limited intelligence to even conceive of.  Imagine a small child being taken for the first time to the most magnificent amusement park on the planet and on arrival there, being given an unlimited supply of tickets for all the rides.  Can you put yourselves in its shoes?  Even if you can, you have not even started to conceive of the joys that await you when you awaken, shortly, into your natural and fully conscious state.
God’s plan is one of joy and wonder, to delight all of creation, and the intent of His Will ensures that whatever he plans comes fully and beautifully to fruition.  Your present illusory experience, your asleep-at-the-wheel kind of consciousness, with all its inevitable mis-steps, mistakes, and unconscious decision-making, is coming to an end.  You can see signs of this all over the world as more and more people start waking up to the fact that their lives are not their own, that they are effectively enslaved, running on a treadmill, as they strive desperately to provide the necessities of life for themselves and their loved ones.  That is no way to live, and collectively, humanity has made the decision, the astounding and earth-shattering decision, to change direction.  The time when far less than 1% of the population controls and directs the vast majority is finished.
God created all His children as perfect beings, whom He entitled and willed to live rewarding, uplifting, and wholly fulfilling lives, and He ensured that everything needed to bring that state about was freely available.  But when you chose to build the illusion, and decided to perpetuate and develop it, that loving balance was removed, and the limitations intrinsic to this unreal realm led inevitably to disagreement, disharmony, and then to fighting among yourselves, as many strove to fill the enormous gap, the vast emptiness within that was the absence of God.
Over the eons, a few “favored” families, through some unconscionable behavior and betrayals, came to own and control all the resources of planet Earth, as they established systems of government which they controlled and directed, whilst hiding discreetly behind the scenes in undeserved comfort, security, and luxury.  They quickly came to believe that there was no need for God, that they had replaced Him to become the true lords of all they surveyed.  They forgotthat what they had built was illusory!
The illusion is a very temporary abstraction – an unreality that could not last because it had no foundations.  The foundation on which all of creation rests is Love, which is the eternal energy source from which all pours forth in infinite abundance.  The illusion – the apparent separation from God and from His Love – therefore had no foundation, and from the moment of its inception it started deteriorating.  To humanity, enveloped in this seemingly very real and solid environment, this is a concept that is almost impossible to grasp.  But as you look around you now, its inevitable demise can no longer go unrecognized or be denied.  It is unmistakably clear that unbridled greed and the activities it encourages are relentlessly destructive – and humanity has at last awakened to that fact.  No longer will you allow it to continue.  That is the collective decision that you have made, and it has brought intense joy to all in the spiritual realms.
As you are continuously being informed, you are on the path home, where the blinkers you have been wearing will no longer work.  The tiny and unreal vista to which your blinkered consciousness had limited you will dissolve as the brilliance of the divine eternal day wakens you into your natural and eternal state – at one with one another in the glorious Presence of God, your eternal Source field from which you have never been separated.
With so very much love, Saul.

Conversing with Archangel Haniel ~ A Grand Trine In Water ~ via Bella Capozzi

This post is an excerpt of a conversation I had with Archangel Haniel yesterday, during a light meditation.  It came about when I asked her for some additional information about what I could expect from this week’s Grand Trine, as I have a Grand Trine in Water on my own astrological birth-chart.  As usual, Haniel’s answers were quite gentle and, as always, very easy for to understand.  She discusses the more obvious effects, such as our increased potential to manifest, better communication and how the element of water is a powerful catalyst for transformation.  However, interestingly, she gives her own unique interpretation on the actual shape of the trine itself; the connection of the three points.  It makes her think of Unity, whenever she observes it!
The picture I selected to accompany this post is, I feel, the perfect representation of what Haniel is saying.  Take note of the three mermaids in the water, forming a perfect trine themselves.  There is a baby in the middle, and it appears that all 3 mermaids are sharing in his care.  Dainty white orbs flutter around them, as if to assist and protect them.  To me, the baby symbolizes newness and rebirth, fresh ideas and revolutionary concepts.  Which, in essence, is what this spectacular formation is all about!
(I’m picking the conversation up at the point where Haniel is sharing her personal thoughts on the formation of the Trine.)
Haniel:  “I liken it to the formation of three bridges connecting the denser Human Self to the highest-dimensional Self and the Heavenly Realms, and then conjoined by the place existing in between – the unseen place where dreams become reality and manifestation occurs.”
Bella:  “So how will this Trine actually affect us?  I mean, does it have the potential to bring about real, obvious change in our lives?  Is it a tool we can use to make things happen?”
Haniel:  “Opportunities shall present themselves to you, but because you shall be working within the element of water, these messages and visions may come in more symbolically than literally.  Thus they are not to be as easily recognized for what they are when viewed from the black-and-white perspective of the literal Human mind.  It is necessary for you to be more watchful of the smaller things.  Practice reading the signs.  Hone your ability to deconstruct, examine, then reconstruct any series of synchronicities or obvious ‘anomalies’ you come across.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, is exempt form deep interpretation at this time.”
Bella:  “I understand what you’re saying, but what about the people who are just waking up?  Or even the ones who aren’t really awake yet at all?  They won’t know that what they’re seeing are signs.  Or will they?  It’s pretty much par for the course for all the LIghtworkers who have been working on this stuff for awhile.  How will everyone else be able to take advantage of this energy?”
Haniel:  “Indeed, it will be far more obvious to the ones who know to enough to look for synchronicities and symbolism, and to not write them off as merely coincidence.  Coincidence?  What is that, honestly?  It is nothing.  It is a word construed by patriarchal controllers to explain that synchronistic communication which is, by it’s very nature, Divine.  ‘Coincidence’ insured that the masses would never question what is in actuality Sacred communication.  And how well they succeeded, did they not?
Understanding the symbolism soon to be presented shall be far, far easier for the awakened ones and for those who are of a ‘watery’ nature.  The artists, the wanderers, the esoterics and the like.  Much like yourself, Child, as you carry with you this exact Trine in your natal arrangement.  However, it is not to say that the analyst and the numerists and such are not to be affected – because they are.  And to an amazing degree!  We are set to see mass awakenings of consciousness, at a scale unlike ever before.  They, more than any others, stand to reap the most life-changing benefits form this rare event.  Observe your friends and loved-ones, and be prepared to assist them and provide answers to their questions and concerns.  Not a one of you has yet to be presented with energy of a type such as this, at least not in your present Human incarnation.  Though there are some who may remember…”  (Haniel drifts off at this point, sounding somewhat wistful.)
Bella:  “How will this affect our ability to connect with our Angels and Guides?  Are things going to get clearer for everyone?”
Haniel:  “Meditation should begin to be less of a strain for the ones just stepping onto the path of awakening.  Less of a struggle to establish an understandable and identifiable connection.  They shall eventually find it simpler to decipher the information they are given, thereby resulting in greater trust and understanding both in themselves and those not embodied, who seek to guide them.  Liken this energy to a gentle warrior.  She carries in her hand a sword made entirely of roses, roses devoid of thorns.  This energy, she is the Divine Feminine who charges into battle.  She is fierce, but in the sweetest of ways.  She is literally ripping down the veil.
Be well aware, this is a gift from the Creator.  Yet in no way is it meant to be taken as a free ride.  You are not exempt from doing your share of the work.  Look to the skies and you shall see that the rain has ceased to fall, and it has left in it’s wake a glimmering Rainbow Bridge.  So now I ask you, do you mean to while away your days sitting lazily beneath this bridge?  Of course you do not!  It is within your power to make the decision to skip merrily, hand in hand,  over the Rainbow Bridge and unearth the treasure which awaits you on the other side.  The water-energy is miraculously transformative, but too much of it at one time can also make you lazy.  Stay vigilant, where this is concerned.  Resist the temptation to lie back and rest on your laurels.”
Bella:  “So, you are saying that this is great time to take action and begin new projects.  The energy already feels so positive, and I feel as though I’ve been downloading all kinds of new ideas.  What else can you share about this aspect of the energy that’s coming in?”
Haniel:  “Latent potential.  Unused gifts.  Ideas left on the shelf, collecting dust.  All the byproducts of procrastination, and all are ready to be revisited and re-examined, in order to see if they can be of use to you at the present time.  I encourage all of you to either finish or discard any unfinished projects and creative ventures.  Decide if they still inspire you and are of value to you now.  If the answer is yes, then summon up the motivation to complete them.  If the answer is no, then thank them for the joy they did bring to you and cast them on their way.  Release them.  They may be of great value to another.  As thoughtforms, they float about the ethers, ready to be discovered and made use of by somebody else.”
Bella:  Many of my friends and clients have been saying that they’re having lots of moodswings.  Also, upsurges of energy or extreme fatigue.  Lots of ups and downs.  I’ve been feeling this way, too”
Haniel:  Be not set afright by the changeability of your emotions during this time.  Water makes you feel.  It is that simple.  Allow for the feelings.  Expect to feel, and feel deeply.  It helps if you examine the emotions as they occur.  What are they teaching you?  There is much comfort to be gleaned from the knowing that these ups and downs, as you call them, are but a natural condition of the times and that any discomfort you are experiencing is temporary.  They are but another necessary step in your spiritual evolvement.  Nothing at all is ‘wrong’ with you.  It’s just another lesson, one of many.
The Grand Trine in water is a thing of unparallelled beauty.  Perchance it is simply my own viewpoint, but I enjoy looking at the formation of the Trine as a type of unified connection.  As I mentioned earlier in our conversation, I perceive it somewhat as a cooperative joining of the denser Human Self, the Higher Self and that place in-between, which many find so mysterious.  That magical world where your dearest dreams are manifested into reality; the stopover place.  Hence, the three points.”
Bella:  “Do you have any last words of advice?”
Haniel:  “Expect the unexpected.  Expect the miraculous. Do not settle for anything less.”
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