The Arcturians ~ Solstice Transmission June 21st, 2013

We are the Arcturians beloved sister beloved brother. We come thru to you now with a mesage of hope, a message of reassurance that everything is absolute perfect and in divine order ...with your ascension process and the planetary ascension as a whole . A rebirth is taking place. Yes your dna is being activated and upgraded as you allow more and more of your divinity to shine thru, as you let more and more go of all the resistance created within you thru the collective shield, the matrix that you were kept in thru forces and dense energies created to hold you in fear. These forces however have lost their grip on you and still we know that many of you from time to time come into doubt about this whole ascension scenario. Many of you thought that by Dec 21st 2012 and the entrance into the aquarian age it would be likened entering a new earth where you would no longer be faced with duality, with suffering, with fear or pain. However it is a gradual merging of dimensions into ONE in your awareness, it is linearity being "bend" and twisted into a spiral within your awareness of time. Actually time never existed, it is only thru your linear thinking, that you are caught in that illusion, which was also the very fundament of duality, that kept you in the illusion of past and future, that again was the foundation for all suffering. So it is indeed beloved ones, beloved masters it is indeed time for you to disconnect yourself from that collective shield and the matrix of duality. Because as long as you are connected to duality energetically those thoughtforms and vibrations being emitted from the collective field of the old earth will impact you. Currently you are being held in a void or womb to enable this disconnection and recalibration to take place, so you may enter the new earth fully and when we say fully we mean with ALL aspects and extensions of your soul not leaving any parts behind. Many of you have been living in two realities... in the realm of the old and the realms of the new. In the realm of the mind and the realm of the heart. To fully step out of the old 3D matrix you may ask your I Am Presence to cut the cord, that connects you to the planetary body of the old earth, which was made when you incarnated on this planet similar to the silver thread, that connects your soul to your body temple.  (this cutting can be seen as a cutting of the umbilical cord energetically ). So we encourage you to make a conscious step into the power of your I Am Presence and if you feel ready to fully and completely step out of the old matrix into the new earth affirm, that you are ready to do so. Use the portal of the upcoming Solstice as an entrance point as that is what it is. You are indeed called to do this now, because you will serve better operating from the diamond grid of the new earth to support your family and those brothers and sisters, that have not yet rised their frequency enough to rebirth themselves into a new awareness and embody their divine blueprint, which is their entrance ticket to the new earth. You are the ascended masters of the Aquarian Age and your vibration is needed in the realm, where the new earth vibrates to support your sisters and brothers, as they are ready to embrace the light and realise their divine essence. As we touched upon earlier there is still a great amount of awakened masters amongst you, that still doubt the successfull completion of the divine plan of ascension for this planet, because of the repression and deploitation still at play on this planet.  But please understand that this is the last desparate "spasms" of an old earth the residues of a dying age, the piscean age of duality, which will eventually dissolve itself, when it has fulfilled its purpose and return to source meanwhile a new earth is being birthed within your awareness in a parallel reality. Understand that this is all taking place at the same time...  this is the great mystery, that cannot be understood by your minds but only experienced thru your heart. The timeless flow of life, the eternal state of grace that you will enter, when you embody your I Am Presence and connect with your merkabahs. Many have started to make the experience of this realm for what it truly is and experience themselves on the new earth in the awareness, that they are floating in space on a planet orbiting a galaxy, which is a part of a greater whole... but as opposed to earlier you will not see this as something happening outside of self, but rather perceive yourself as a planetary body as your energy field has merge into ONE with all of existence. You will start to perceive yourself as multidimensional beings able to create by instant thought. When your heart is aligned with the cosmic heart of creation such instant manifestations, that you call miracles, will occure naturally. Actually they already are, it is rather your perception of this, that was distorted in the old earth matrix, which has previously prevented you from seeing it. But as you move into and ground yourself deeply into the diamond grid and new earth awareness,  you will enter a synchronistic dance with the cosmic powers and your sensitivity will grow immensely, so you will actually be able to see and feel the fine mechanics of manifestation thru thought. But it is not until you take the full responsability for ALL your creations (including everything that appears in your reality), that the premise for this is given and (beloved ones it starts with your thoughts), because it is thru acceptance that you will be able to embrace your sovereignty, your godgiven right to manifestate thru light whatever honors the greater whole. You are indeed great master healers and light weavers able to create worlds within worlds... yes beloveds even star systems... playing small does not support anyone in achieving the greatness and grand potential, the godgiven divine power, that lies dormant within your very essence of love. We are not saying this to pamper you but to empower you. We are aware that certain egos may feel challenged by such statements. Because the ego feels threatened in its survival so it thinks, if you step into your true power.. meaning that you will be able to disempower your ego completely, which is not what ego is aiming for. If this is the case refrain from judging it, but take responsability for it as being one of your own creations to show you where you limitate yourself. We emphasize again and again to monitor your thoughts and only give energy to those, that reflects the truth of who you are. The need to cultivatate your thoughts does not stop in the 5D reality of the new earth, but is an ongoing necessity until only pure God awareness flows thru your channel, until your heart and mind has become ONE... and still even masters have to keep their mind pure by divine intent and focus. So we encourage you to think big, to play big, to go for the cream of your dreams and not let yourself be pulled back by your ego or the ego projections of others. You are great galactic beings, but you had simply forgotten, you had forgotten that you manifestated your own incarnation and created your story as you entered this earth plane and even mastered it so perfectly, that you deceived yourself to believe, that you were unable and unworthy to create a life of happiness and abundance. But another aspect of you, that many of you have become familiar with, knows about your greatness, so we ask you to connect with that great awareness within your heart of who you are and take a conscious step out of the 3D matrix and free yourself from the manipulation, that still goes on thru media and thru the energetical hologram, that keeps you in fear and victimization. Cut that cord ones and for all. There is no point in continueing living in two different realms, as it depletes you energetically. Many of you are comming to your physical limits from scattering yourself between the realms and playing on two different octaves. And as we mentioned to you, you will serve better and reach much greater results by anchoring fully in the new earth awareness, which you are already navigating. This has been said often, but we will repeat it again. You need not worry about family and dear ones still caught up in the 3D reality, who haven´t advanced in awareness and still give away their power to fear and so seems trapped in duality and 3D matrix. There is no one overlooked or forgotten. Everyone is being extensively guided and offered according to their needs and the necessary tools and support needed to make a quantum leap, whenever they are ready, are given. However it is important to understand, that some have chosen to remain in darkkness and to reject who they are. And there are many reasons to this, but understand that everyone plays an important role, even those who sustain the darkness and illusion of separation thru their fear. They are all necessary parts of the puzzle and the ascension of this planet. So refrain from judging anyone. Just because someone seems to be stuck in 3D, doesn´t mean that on soul level, he/she may be much more advanced in awareness, than someone who is embodying his/her I Am Presence in the new earth 5D awareness. Refrain from judging but hold everyone in the vision of their highest light potential and support them thru your love and your light. And everyone will wake up from the dream according to their divine plan. And there might be those that have decided to not wake up from the dream at all, honor that they fulfill a higher plan too. However the best way you can support the greater whole is thru non-judgemental compassion focusing on your greatest light potential standing tall in your divine essence of love, embracing your multidimensional self and it will inevitably inspire others to see their own divine essence, even those who seem in great resistance and feeling threatened by the light. Remember your love is the greatest gift you can share with the whole. So as the great portal of the Solstice opens, we encourage you to enter with focused intent and prayer, that you may now fully integrate and merge into the diamond grid of the new earth with all aspects and extensions of your soul as ONE with all living beings. And so ask that the cord may be cut, so you can disintegrate yourself from the 3D matrix and enter as a whole being, a sovereign being of light in its own divine right and anchor that light in the new earth reality taking full responsability in honor of the gifts you were given, the gifts of creating by thought a forcefield of peace around you, of the 144000, which is a frequency, the vibration of christ consciousness... enter in that awareness and create this vortex thru your light anchoring it into the diamond grid of love. Know that each of you, who have mastered that vibration, will be able to create a forcefield, that can lift a 144000 souls into the light by pure divine intent. This is the truth of who you are and what you came here to do. No more shall be said for now. We are your arcturian sisters and brothers. We are honored to be in your light and be part of your family.  As one we serve as powerful beams of light into the cosmic night. And so it is.

Transmission thru Grace Antara Ma June 19th 2013. This transmission may be freely shared in its entire form with credit and link to: