Message from Ascended Master Lady Quan Yin ~ Every Single Moment is Filled with Mercy ~ via Julie Miller

The early morning birds are singing their joyful song of a new day and here we are Precious Hearts sharing a moment or two through your divine sister once again. 

Let us begin with understanding what Mercy is. When the gift of Mercy is upon you it is described as having the ability to express and feel incredible compassion and deep sympathy for all people regardless of culture that are facing difficult situations or are in crisis and through your ability to feel this deep compassion and sympathy you reach out with whatever help you are able to offer through the roughest times of their lives through support, love and sometimes guidance. 

The many Precious Hearts that share your beautiful Earth already hold the ability to feel the agonizing pain of the ones who are dealing with horrendous experiences and can easily walk in their shoes and be able to help carry the burdens that have been weighing them down far too long. The dear Precious Hearts that already carry the gift of Mercy has an uncanny need to help make a difference in the lives of other dear souls that are experiencing difficult hardships without passing judgment, being completely unconditional of their expressed love and compassion. We are positive Precious Hearts that you may have met someone who possesses this sacred quality and at times these people appear na├»ve as they often have a difficult time discerning the true intent of the people they wish to help. 

It is understood that the divine quality of Mercy is also the foundational force that encompasses the whole entire universe with the ability to manifest into everything you are able to experience. It is a matter of thought to see Mercy moving through and around you every day. Every time you feel the warm sun kiss your head, or hear the joy in a songbird’s song, this too is Mercy. Sometimes during the moments you are reaching and seeking help through prayer and meditation while maneuvering through a difficult situation, you may be greeted with inspiring gifts that come from the bounty of nature to help heal such as with the sun and songbird. Mercy is around you, take a moment dear Precious Hearts and notice this with your hearts. 

When it rains, think of the rain as providing essential life giving nutrients that the soil requires in order to feed the many plants, flowers, grain and fruit into life, this Precious Hearts is Mercy. Each day you breathe, you take in a breath and you exhale one to live and you do this automatically without thinking, but it is your body that is thankful to receive the breath of life that provides it with the necessary oxygen for your earthly survival… this too is an expression of Mercy. Mercy is not always coming from the hands of other dear souls, but from God through subtle gifts that often are taken for granted or not thought of as gifts at all. Every single moment Precious Hearts that you are given to experience another day, another moment to continue to exist is filled with Mercy to be appreciated with love, care and tenderness.

You look all around the world, including your own community and you will easily see that people from different cultures and financial status’ are dealing with hard and difficult times. They do not need to be reminded they are suffering for they already feel the heaviness of their situation. What they require is not your pity but your love, mercy and compassion. When you reach to these people that are experiencing life a little more harder than yourself, don’t reach to pacify the ego, reach because your heart yearns to help knowing that the mercy that is inside of you is stronger than any other force because it is fuelled with your own unconditional love and filled with God’s own presence. 

Many times other dear souls question God’s Presence during the hardest of times. Never doubt Precious Hearts, He is there right beside you. Nothing can separate you from God besides your own fear and perception that He is not there. Allow yourself to feel His love and His light will surround you, move through you and uplift you through His unconditional love. His Presence will always guide you no matter what it is you are dealing with. If you cannot feel His Presence, look for Him in other ways that speaks His name just as the sun that kisses the head or a songbird that sings. His presence is in all life that moves around you, look with your heart and you will find He is closer than you think. 

It is through the darkest of times that your faith is often tested. There are no coincidences in your life Precious Hearts. Everything you experience no matter how small or grand has a purpose and necessity. It is through your hardships that you learn the best lessons that would not have been discovered through other experiences. It is through the hard times where you learned how to be tolerant, patient, how to see value, and how to appreciate the calm that comes after experiencing the storm. Whenever you face a difficult passage on your journey Precious Hearts, have the confidence that when the difficult moment has passed that you will be a changed person. The change may be small but it is still there. You are never the same person you once were before the difficult situation presented itself. Every situation brings change and through the pain you feel God’s mercy bestowed upon you as He guides you through the pain and into the comfort of peace and satisfaction. 

Learning to forgive yourself from any wrongs you have done through prayer with God will help you to eliminate some of the negative energy you may have been attracting that has helped create some of the heavy situations that have crossed your path. God will always be merciful when you face Him, ready to let go of old hurts, old wounds and surrender to His Love. His love will provide your whole being with a renewal of energy that will feed your strength that will help you overcome any weakness and let go of any past immoral deed you may have participated in. Speaking to God with an open heart, with the readiness to bring positive changes into your life for the betterment of you, your family and whole global community, you will find yourself Embraced by His Mercy that will fill you and help propel your forward into a better and more productive love and light giving life. 

God speaks when there is silence. We understand how busy your thinking mind can become during times of strife. During the deepest and most painful of moments where even basic thought becomes a challenge, silence is what you have left. Be silent since worrying has not helped, only intensified the situation. Sitting in perfect silence, tune out the world around you and allow yourself to just be. It is through these silent moments that God will come forward and speak. He does not talk to you as others of the human world do, He will speak through your heart. But this is the time to send God your deepest thoughts in prayer and listen without any expectations or attachments to the words and thoughts you express. He will be merciful and communicate back to you without a raised voice, He never will raise His voice at you, but He will whisper quietly, encouraging you to make your way closer to Him so you can learn through trust to lean into Him so you can FEEL his love pervade your whole Self. 

Difficult situations will always test your faith and when you feel your Faith has just about run out, reach for God to help replenish your faith in order for you to continue along your journey within the Mercy of His infinite Love and Light. Do not be afraid of any of your experiences. When you bring God in to help you, let go of your fear and embrace His unending Light that has come to guide you through any darkness or shadowy experiences that have crossed your path. Believe in Him dear Precious Hearts as He has always believed in you. God will help reinstall your debilitated  faith and propel you with a new positive light that you have the strength and capability to overcome any situation and have the faith and energy to complete anything that is needed to be done even while you are experiencing a difficult event. We encourage you dear Precious Hearts, when speaking to God, don’t ask Him to take your Fear away, ask him to give you the strength to transcend your fear. Every difficult situation you have faced and have yet to face are opportunities for you to express your Faith in God’s unwavering Presence and in His power to sustain you each time. He is always filled with Mercy and Mercy is a part of you. Each of you has the ability to be more merciful towards others. Don’t turn a blind eye to someone that is facing a hard time. Reach out in ways that you can manage with your heart and express God’s Presence that is already within you through your words, actions, thoughts, will and feelings. 

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Quan Yin through Julie Miller