The Sphinx Speaks ~ And the Child Asks Mommy "Is there Really a God?" via Petra Margolis

For those of you who have children and have a belief in God, source or any other name you use, have you heard this question and how do you answer the child.
Have faith, trust me, there is really a God.
But how do you know mommy?
Have you seen him?
No I haven’t, but I belief, I have faith and I trust that there is a reason we are here.
But mommy, if there is a God, why does he let people die?
Why does he let so many bad things happen to people?
It is all about learning, we have to learn all this, to get back to him, to get to heaven.
As long as we live a good life, we get to heaven.
What is heaven mommy, is there really a heaven, have you seen it?
No my child, I haven’t, but I have faith, I have trust.
Just a small conversation about faith and trust, you are all told these answers all the time. There are so many out there that sooth their soul with these answers, young and old.
But do you really know?
Have you seen this God, have you seen the heaven everyone is talking about?
You have seen worlds where you feel better, but only spiritually, not physically.
It has an effect on the physical and bring you an euphoric state at times, a feeling that something is out there, something is really there.
And you try to explain this, but others cannot understand as they do not all have the same experience you have. And at that moment you fall back to earth, the reality of earth, the earth reality you try to ignore most of the time. By having faith and trust that something is really out there.
You have faith and trust that everything is according to a divine plan, it must be, why else would you be here, why else would you have to go through all these experiences upon earth.
There are so many advanced beings out there telling you to have faith and trust, trust in yourself, trust them, have faith in yourself, have faith in them.
Even if you don’t feel anything, see anything, have faith and trust that it is all happening.
Many of you have blind faith and trust in all you have been told so far by beings you have never met or even seen.
It is the human mind that needs confirmation, needs answers and need to have something to belief in to move on in life, to have purpose in life and this is what makes you prone to belief systems that ask you to follow blindly, as there is no other explanation sometimes for all that is happening in your world.
It makes you feel better, and it makes it easier to move through this world. Knowing there is a reason you are here.
Ask yourself the question the child asks, mommy how do you know?
Have you been there, have you seen him?
Yes my child I have seen it.
Where and how did you see it mommy?
I have seen it in spirit.
Can I see it mommy?
You have to see it in spirit.
How do I do that mommy?
You see it inside your head, you feel it in your heart, you just know.
How do you really know mommy, how do you know what you see in your head is really there.
I just know my child, I know it in my heart, I have faith, I have trust.
Why doesn’t everyone see this mommy, why doesn’t everyone know?
Because they don’t have faith, they don’t trust, they don’t live from their heart.
Why doesn’t God tell them like he tells you mommy?
Not everyone can hear him my child.
Why can you hear him mommy?
Cause I have faith and trust.
Why does god let everything happen mommy, why doesn’t he make them hear him?
People make their own choices my child.
So why do we have a god mommy, if everything that happens is because of the choices people make.
That would mean there is no plan, god doesn’t have a plan, he lets everything happen and just watches?
No my child there is a divine plan to all this, belief me, have faith and trust.
Do we need to go any further?
Or would you like to hear more of how a child will not really be fooled by telling them to belief, have faith and trust in something they cannot see.
Yet, many adults follow blindly, forgetting to ask the questions even a child asks.
Some of you want to see proof from the beings that give you messages, yet you have not seen anything yet, but you still belief, you still have faith, you still trust.
Others just go on without even asking for proof, they feel within their heart and their mind tells them this is the truth, have faith, belief, trust in your heart.
As the mind of the human needs this to move forward, to be able to move forward, to find purpose in what the mind sees and experiences as a human.
Some find their proof in spiritual experiences, experiences translated through the human mind, another way of confirmation from the human mind, to find purpose, to find a way to move forward.
Some see a divine plan behind all that is happening as it makes it easier to explain some of the horrible things that happen in the earth reality.
People make their choices, the horrible things that happen to them is because of their choices. If you live in love, live in a happy state nothing horrible will happen.
You create your reality, you are the creator, yet there is divine plan that makes sure you don’t mess up.
Everything has already happened, but you are the creator of your future.
What are you really?
Are you the creator or are you the bystander?
Are you waiting for the plan to unfold, or are you creating a plan that will unfold?
Remember the questions of the child and ask you self, who am I.
From one source to another
May 27, 2013
Petra Margolis

The Spark of the Trusted Intuition ~ via Greg Daugherty

The Spark of the Trusted Intuition
The psychic energy field of memory,
Where the coagulation of anticipation
And free will realize eternity’s optimism
As a degree of ripeness,
Offers the feeling of values fulfilled
And the recognition of the harmonious communion
To produce the dream’s projection
Of values joined into a plane of harmony
As the balance of a moment
Relating to an edge of contrast.
The coaxing call from a loved future’s memory
Found in this awareness that is the essence of optimism
Says, “Use the spark of the trusted intuition
To manifest the self-awareness
That values the synergetic balance,
And we’ll meet in The Greatest Equilibrium
That our co-creativity’s coagulated expectance
Finds to be the most magnetic,
Where the remembering of the future will be
Expanded along the ascension of vibrational capaciousness.”
“It is in the song of the spiritual practice
That the focus of the depth of feeling and ideal aspirations,
By the purity of action,
Brings up intuition’s full expression
Through the expansion of the emotional space calling for it,
Refreshing and potentiating the grand design
To give the dream its playground
And develop the empathic interplay of love
Able to center consciousness
For the further refinement of reality.”
“The creativity of an illuminated consciousness
Dominating the thought that creates belief
From the potency of intuitional intrepidity
Finds the satisfaction of self-reliance
Experiencing the flow of emotions with purpose and direction
To be the accomplishment awaiting recognition
Through the catalyst of the felt abundance,
With the defining of needs and values
Bringing forth the harmonic domain
Accommodating an ascension into the octaves of belief.”
“The creative potency of love
Allowing ideas to flow without judging them
Is a presence of the uninhibited, heart-felt comprehension
Enjoying the maturation of desire
Into the harmonic domain that supports optimism,
Where the alignment of the mind and heart
Experiences the lushness of potential
As the choice leading to the integrity
That becomes the wisdom potentiating
The ascensional movement.”
“As the pursuit of desire matures
Through the confidence in emotional creativity,
The latent talents and hidden potentials
Arise, refined into their fruitfulness,
Into a dreamed space filled with emotional optimism,
Where the completion of the emotional realization
And the expanse of expectancy nurtures
The discoveries of the eye of the heart
Into the consciousness of the potentiated moment
Experiencing the desire beyond its materiality.”
“Desire energized with passion
Focuses personal belief into the vision
Of the virtuality of what will be that is within what is
To cultivate this feeling of certitude
Into the beneficial resolution
Giving birth to an accomplishment of identified intention,
Where the passion of experience
Is in the commitment to the chosen feeling
Of a recognized potential remembered
From the move beyond its satisfaction.”
“Creatively sustaining the flow of intuition
Toward the confluence of harmonic involvement,
The originality forever revitalized
From the fruits of truth
Settles into a center of wisdom
From which this flow of uninhibited creativity
Produces a depth of trust
Able to co-create the harmonies
That equilibrate the greatest forces
Beyond the tension of imbalance.”
“Self-respect as the vivifying fire
Willfully intuiting The Greatest Equilibrium
Brings forward the spiritual impulse
From the depths of sincerity
Into the usefulness of the appreciation
Aligning the guiding principles
Into the prosperity of imagination’s cultivation
To discern with the eye of the heart
The access to the inner balance
That moves toward The Greatest Equilibrium within.”
“Living the memory of the magical experience
In the focus on the polarized potential
Activates spontaneity’s intuitional trust
To recognize the Masterwork’s gifts
Of the evolving restoration of stability,
Perceived by the awakened anticipation
To open life to the ever-growing experience
Of wisdom eliminating choice,
And intuitive unity connecting back to the pre-individual’s
Frictionless existence of The Greatest Equilibrium.”

(Queen of Wands, 2 of Wands, the Fool, 9 of Pentacles, 9 of Cups, 3 of Wands, the Empress, the Lovers, the High Priestess, 5 of Pentacles – 5/9 – 5/23/13)

Mother/Father God ~ A New Relationship With God ~ via Kathryn E. May

Let’s talk about the exciting things that are happening on the planet, things that you may be only subliminally aware of.
Yes, it is heating up, as you might say. Groups of individuals who are inclined to be of service have caught fire. Where there used to be a few brave individuals who would dedicate themselves to creating a non-profit organization and struggle to get grants to do some good work in their neighborhoods or across the world, there are now growing numbers of volunteers who are turning their sights to righting the wrongs around them. Brave new non-profits are blossoming like dandelions in the spring.
It has had an effect. For instance, towns in poor areas of the world are experiencing the luxury of a fresh water well for the community where people used to have to carry it long distances. Greater numbers of children are learning how to read than ever before, and medical help in poor areas is beginning to create change in the quality of life for families. Where civil unrest has ended, people are beginning to rebuild and feel hope for the future. Where wars continue, there is more news coverage and global concern than there was just 5 years ago. Wealthier countries are better organized and able to help when disasters strike around the world, so fewer casualties tend to occur in the aftermath.
Of course there are still problems, and that is the fodder for news, but the atmosphere of Love you have been feeling sweeping across the planet is lifting all boats, as you would say. We are delighted to see you springing into action, aligning yourselves with others of like mind to help the world become a better place.
As you perform these blessed acts of service, your hearts find a new way to open, your minds are able to expand a bit to realize your own good fortune compared to the rest of the planet, and the combination creates new levels of appreciation for your connection to your fellow man and to Us. We feel a new level of gratitude and recognition in places where people used to be nothing but busy, busy, busy.
We have promised you further lessons in The True Way. It is time to concentrate on working with yourself to rework your old habits and patterns, to replace them with brand new ways of managing your feelings, your thoughts and your actions. As we enter higher dimensions, there will be no place for the kind of impatience, rudeness and intolerance you have been so accustomed to in daily life. Respect and consideration will be the order of the day.
Employers will need to behave with appreciation and gratitude for their employees loyalty and hard work, or workers will begin to stage massive “mini-strikes” in order to be heard. Cooperation will become the order of the day rather than cutthroat competition between employees, who will stop vying for the crumbs and will begin supporting each other. Small gestures of camaraderie and backing each other up will shift the balance of power back to the people, who always had great power in their numbers but who did not understand their strength.
It will be a better world for children when parents relinquish the “stress” of having to climb the ladder or compete with the Jones’s and can turn instead to the enjoyment of spending a quiet afternoon observing the insects in the grass, or arranging bird feeders to attract songbirds to your yard. City children will be able to leave the television behind in favor of rainy-day board games and word games or trips to the museums and wonders of history and architecture which surround them.
Uncles and aunts, grandparents and close neighbors are a crucial part of a child’s life. When both parents work and weekends are dedicated to shopping and cleaning instead of living, children live lonely and empty lives. With even a modest distribution of resources, families could work fewer hours and spend more time in relaxed time with children to teach them in the natural way children have always learned: by watching their parents and talking to them about what they are doing, thinking and feeling.
This brings us back to the beginning: learning about your own feelings, thinking and actions. You see? A “busy” life is one which neglects all the important life lessons. What is your child really feeling? What does your partner really care about, and is it at the top of your list? or theirs? Are you doing things you really want to do, or are you moving from one duty to another obligation, begrudgingly doing things you don’t want to do or are not interested in? How is this possible?
Have you stopped to ask yourselves why it is taken for granted that most of every day should be taken up with doing things you don’t like to do? Why should anyone live that way? Have you taken on the attitude of negativity so automatically that you fall into feelings of resentment or boredom even when you are doing things you actually might enjoy if you were in a good mood? Why would you permit yourself to be drawn into resentment and negativity when you could change the tone and whistle while you work?
Just reading this last paragraph makes you feel depressed, doesn’t it? This is the low-level despair most of you became used to living with as an accepted tone for your life.
No, we did not create you for boredom and drudgery, but you have not yet simply accepted that any life, regardless of its good fortune or ill, is a life of boredom if there is no sense of connection with you inner God-self and all the joys it brings.
You seek happiness, you say, but you turn away from the one thing that is the foundation for all good feeling and fulfillment: the acknowledgment of your membership as one who belongs to the greatest of the great Clubs: humanity. And humanity is engaged in one of the most thrilling and challenging experiments ever attempted. You are thinking you are just slogging along trying to be more conscious, a little more aware, but the Universe looks on with fascination. You are lifting yourselves, moment by moment, hour by hour, from the 3D darkness which is already well behind you, to higher and higher 5th dimensional living.
The changes have been incremental and steady - so much so that you think nothing has happened. Nothing indeed! Have you not seen the growth in yourself and in those around you? Have you not seen the shift to curiosity and then even wonder when people are faced with cosmic mysteries, spiritual experiences, loving moments which touch everyone deeply, and the possibility that connection with God could be a deeply satisfying and fulfilling experience? Are there not more and more people who are accepting the idea that life goes on after death - since there are more and more stories about people who have died and come back - and who even acknowledge that they have lived many lifetimes along their path of development?
Twenty years ago, the idea of reincarnation was unmentionable in Western cultures. Today, it is a familiar cliche - oh, that bit of behavior or special knowledge must be from another life. In the same vein, mention of God was used mostly by either fanatical or deeply devout religious people, and the idea of a deep spiritual connection with Angels and Masters was unheard of outside an organized religion. What success! At last, spiritual devotion has broken out of the walls of churches to become what was intended from your beginnings - an expression of Unconditional Love both ways - from you to us, and from us to you. A relationship!
Yes, of course you will learn the ways of integrity and honor along the way, as you experience the great Love we feel for you, as you open your hearts and minds to accept your own great I AM Presence - the essence of Goodness and of Power. You need no rules to guide you - your breathing will bring you to Us.
Within your human makeup is the original pattern which makes you a Light being. As the energies pass over and through you, your DNA is reactivating to process Light in a more substantive way. You will feel the growing recognition in your heartmind that you are One. It will creep over you as you are sleeping, so that you awaken with a new sense of fullness and Loving companionship, even when you are alone.
Notice it, Dear Ones, relish it, revel in it, absorb the wonder of it, and know that you are the apple of our Eye, the Love of our Hearts, and the Great Hope for change in the Universe.
We are Mother/Father God, and we love you beyond words.
Via Kathryn May, May 30, 2013, 11 pm

The Council ~ Love and The Universal Being ~ via William LePar

I thought that these paragraphs from one of William LePar's lectures might be of interest so I am presenting it here.

Man’s woes are rooted in the fact that he has not accepted his status as a universal being. What is needed is for a real awakening to take place within him. It is for man to understand that he is part of the whole and not an island unto himself. A golden thread weaves itself through the universe and it is essential that man connects himself with this thread so that he may live a fulfilling and enriching life. What is that golden thread? It’s the fact that we are capable of loving. That is our prime purpose in creation, to love, to love ourselves first because if we don’t love ourselves we can’t love anybody else. All we can do is possess. Possession is only holding onto and not experiencing. If our only measure of growth is our ability to love, what is really holding us back? There isn’t one person who doesn’t want to feel love from someone else. Our natural created state is to want to love. I say, let’s forget about the extremities that the world has forced us to wear. If you tell someone you love them and you care for them what can they do? The worst they can do is haul off and smack you. So what? I have been smacked more than once and in a couple of days I forgot about it. There are many loves that I have missed that I will never forget. Many opportunities that I let go by that I wish I hadn’t.

I truly believe this is the most important bit of information The Council has ever given us because it is the key to everything. It is the key to why we are here. It goes like this: "We said that spirituality is an attitude. Yes, it is. It is that simple. It is an attitude of love, of giving, of compassion, of commitment, of thinking about the next person before you think about yourself."

Think about that. I’ve been talking to you about love. Love is giving. Love is being willing to commit yourself to an individual so that you give to them totally. Thinking about them before you think about yourself. Did we ever stop to think that in doing that we’re actually achieving spirituality? If spirituality is an attitude of giving and loving and commitment then all of life is nothing more than an attitude and what is an attitude? It’s the way we choose to look at any given situation. The way WE CHOOSE to look. Love is an attitude and with that attitude I guarantee you 100% that you are going to grow spiritually.

Embrace your Passion ~ Ascended Master Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ May 31 – June 07, 2013 via Julie Miller

Everything you set out to do, including fulfilling your Divine Purpose requires passion, fervent enthusiasm. Successful outcomes are always reached when you apply full effort every step of the way, never giving up even when challenges present themselves. Understand dear ones your Divine Purpose is your calling, thinking from the Right way with the Passion that is motivated through your spiritual heart from the unconditional love that is there that touches all you do. Your internal fire, your passion is your motivator; your passion energizes you to fulfill each phase of your journey with zeal. Realizing with the acceptance of God being in your heart is the source of your spiritual passion – He comes to you through your acceptance and Lights within you a fire that is both holy and sacred. 

In your fast-paced world that you live in, your unhindered passion still holds the essential key to every success and impacts all outcomes. The information you gather is valuable, yet possessing this inner fire, the passion from your heart is invaluable. Even if you look back in your Earth-bound history, you will see the most important accomplishments were reached because of passion. Your passion dear ones is the deciding factor between being successful and being unsuccessful in anything you set out to achieve. The fire and passion that is in your spiritual heart does affect everything you do. Remember dear ones; your enthusiasm partnered with sheer persistence will drive you to success each time. 

The passion that inside your heart does not contain static energy, meaning it does not stay the same. Remember dear ones a fire will either spread or burn itself out, passion works the same way. Stoke the passion within you, make it work for you and be the fuel to help you succeed every time. 

Passion can be brought to ashes when you face difficult challenges and fear sets in, and passion is often smothered by complacency. We have observed some dear souls become too complacent in their everyday lives and apathy is the result – apathy is also found within your dear heart; it’s the opposite of passion. Because God is with you inside your heart, He knows the very minute you lose your passion, because when you lose your passion you also lose your perspective and many times what it was you envisioned. It is important dear ones, as you flame your passion, you learn to guard it as well. 

If your passion had dwindled and you are wanting to ignite your passion and continue to have it burning within you, pray to God, asking him to put His infinite White Fire within you again and let His flame of brilliant love wash over you, absorbing its splendour into every part of your being…embracing the Fire of God, is becoming One with God dear ones. God’s White Fire will flush out your negative emotions and any negative discord when you invite this pure fire to heal you and to re-ignite your passion. You will have to from time-to-time stir your passion and you will discover ways which suit you best. Many people discover their passion is stoked when they are with other dear souls that are encouraging and carry an uplifting spirit; their energy inspires you. 

When you understand your Divine Purpose, seek God to provide you with enough passion to not only pursue this purpose but to achieve it. Use your power of concentration and focus your passion on fulfilling your Divine Purpose. When you speak of your love to God, speak it and feel it passionately and you are encouraged to share your passionately infused love to others. Your exuberance will serve your journey and you will grow when you reach out through your spiritual heart with all your love and passion. God is passionate about His love for you dear ones. His love is never dull or boring; it’s warm, infinite and all powerful. 

We have witnessed disappointment enter your life at different intervals. Sometimes disappointment is from outcomes not being achieved, a death of a loved one, an expectation not being met, etc., what we see develop is an overwhelming feeling of emptiness taking over and this emptiness comes in the form of despair and oftentimes indifference. We encourage each of you, even during the most difficult challenges; take the time to nurture yourself, your Whole Self – inside and out. When you take this time to love and care for yourself, you will discover the courage you may have thought had vanished is still there and through this discovery your passion is once again restored, even if it moves slowly, it is being stoked and cared for by you. 

You will come to recognize different strategies will help lessen different stressors that face you in a single day. Many of the spiritual practices you participate in can be applied, sometimes at a smaller scale to bring in additional peace and calm during a hectic day. Many of your strategies require you to go within, this we encourage as well. All answers to issues you may find will be answered when you take the time to go inward, allow yourself to feel deeply and with passion. If tears emerge as a result, let them flow and release. Through their release you are letting go of discordant energy that was causing a momentary lapse of clarity and preventing your true self from being shining through. 

When you move and live through your heart, you open yourself to discovering more of the unknown, what was once thought to be mysterious and realize diversity is something to be celebrated. You are meant to be different from one another. Just as you dream, your dream and what you experience in your dream is yours. When you share this dream, others may not fully get your dream because your experiences were yours, not theirs. Allow your Authentic Self to shine and permit your passion to drive you forward during each phase of your incredible journey. 

When you make time for your Whole Self, you are not at all implying you are wanting to feel sorry for your Whole Self, instead this speaks volumes that you have the courage to give your Whole Self the attention it needs to help facilitate new growth and development. When you spiritually nurture your Whole Self dear ones, you are giving your Whole Self permission to be loved by you and to renew your passion, your faith and self-trust that is definitely required for your continual journey. We encourage each of you to make time to nurture your Whole Self each day. 

You don’t have to be Christian to be spiritual. We know this and so do you. Within each of you, is the potential and ability to be spiritual and throughout your time here you have demonstrated your spiritual side in quiet sublime ways. There are some dear ones among you that have found themselves stuck and have forgotten they can simply turn back on their Spiritual side by changing their mind-set and remembering God’s White Fire fills their hearts and is waiting to be used to ignite the passion that also resides within their heart. 

We know maintaining your passion can become a challenge on its own. When you begin to doubt your divine connection with God, try a new approach: see the world with the openness of a child. See the simplicity a child sees and through this visual experience, welcome and embrace the pleasure of reacquainting yourself to these simple and beautiful sights and let them flood your senses. Your passion will be reinstated and so will your realization that your connection with God is forever. 

Don’t allow fear to control your life dear ones. Liberate your Whole Self from fear dear ones. It is okay to ask God for help, He is there waiting to be asked…we all are. Many of your attachments are based on fear, not pure love. Let go of the fear dear ones, let go of the attachments and embrace and rejoice in the purity of your passion that is found within your love that touches all you do. 

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

The Inner Core Heart Completes the Connection ~ via Shazi

The Inner core Heart completes the Connection, When it is Called Upon Regularly 

Sacredness is only a word; but when it is followed up through practice then it involves a higher Divine presence.

When kindness is followed up each day with further acts then it too has a Divine presence.

No matter what you do in life, and that your thoughts and actions promotes the inner SELF of you, then promotion of the inner BE~ing-ness is inevitable.

An action which invites others to share, is an action that invites the whole universe, as it is embraced and remembered by the consciousness of the universe; for it treasures this, and then for others to tap into it and use into their conscious psyche.

When we do this regularly then we open our higher dimensional self and it begins to communicate through you.

The heart too embraces this expansive self and shares its wisdom and universal knowledge with YOU.

So call upon your SELF and practice the better part of YOU.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.

Magenta Pixie ~ Lightbody Activations (Lifting The Shadow) ~ Transmissions for June and July 2013

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Dear Ones, I impart my very best wishes and love for all of you during these intense shifts and manifestations occuring on your Earth. Much clarity and lucidity will ensue within humanity and within each of your hearts, because a lot of energies are laying the foundation for renewal and manifestation of your personal life and your Self as well as of the collective world and Being.
What is crucially paramount nowadays is to continue staying in your heartcenter and even though you all are duly in the know through countless messages pointing out to that fact, it cannot be stressed enough as it is of the utmost importance to be able to cope with the upcoming energies and times with as little difficulties and emotional upheavals as possible.
What we mean by staying in your heartcenter is to ground yourself as much as possible and to feel and see yourself through your heart, to have only loving thoughts and to respond in a loving way to yourself and to others. One single negative thought, one negative word or criticism, one judgment is sufficient to pull you straight out of your heartcenter, catapulting you in your ego involvement.
Lightworkers often have the intention to stay in the heart and mean well with everyone, but it is sometimes forgotten that negative comments or thoughts such as judgments (whether it refers to a personal opinion or not) are not part of your light but belong to the ego. Do not stray off in such thoughts or situations, but respect everyone’s work and energy, respect what they bring forth. Judging has a negative connotation. Rather, it’s better to release everyone in his/her essence and to show respect for each heart.
This attitude is an intrinsic part of the entire process of staying in the heartcenter, operating only from your heart. There are countless attempts to try and keep you in your ego and hence it is your task and responsibility to handle and circumvent those, to go through them without responding at all and to just stay who you are in your essence which is Love.
When a heart dwells only in Love and service, it cannot be influenced as it will in essence only attract love and it will repel everything of a negative disposition. You can only attract what you are in essence, my dear ones. There are sometimes exceptions in the guise of souls who continue to stick to being manipulative, who continue sending out negativity to Loving souls. Even that is OK as it contains lessons for both parties involved and that is what it is ultimately all about. Expressed negativity will simply turn and fall back to the one that sent it out, where as a result Love will be the only thing one is wishing for and what is wished for will be accomplished in every loving context and manner.
Let’s transmute the very last negativity from this beautiful Gaia and let’s convert it into only Love. The time for turning the tide is now and that’s why you are present here, to contribute your part and to anchor your Light. The more there are loving souls, the more joy will prevail and the more joy that prevails, the more intense the Love and the Light will become. Hold a focus these coming days to think in loving terms about someone you have issues with or who you have to forgive or receive forgiveness from, acting that way will effectuate a lot due to the current energies. Apply this principle also to the dark facets within yourself as well as within others who have treated you unlovingly for lifetimes. The time to transmute this all and to convert it into Light is here and now! Leave it all behind you and forgive everyone and everything including yourself for all the deeds, words and thoughts that were unloving.
The upcoming energies will only intensify and only the ones who have achieved Mastery over themselves will go through this and will become even stronger because of it. On the other hand, those who have not yet reached that state will be severely tested but will nevertheless receive the chance to reach Mastery and the only ingredient for success for those ones is Love and the respect from the heart.
Now is the time to leave duality and her polarity behind and all it entails, such as negativity and the ego. The time for enlightenment and for unconditional Love from the heart has arrived, the time for truth and for liberation and, most important of all, the time for your own insights and your deliverance from illusion.
With the utmost of respect and Love, I am residing within your hearts lighting up the threefold flame located there and I keep it burning with my almighty Violet Flame and my essence of Being.
I AM that I AM, Master Saint Germain, your friend and Master of the Light.

Copyright © by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. and

Take a Good Look at Yourselves ~ The Manuscript of Survival ~ Part 317 ~ via Aisha North

The time has come to take a good look at yourselves, dear ones. Do not be shy, and take into account all that you see. Who are you really? And how have you evolved over these last few months, if not weeks? Do you still feel the same, or do you feel as if everything has been turned upside down? Is the image clear, or is it still somewhat blurred? We see you very clearly dear ones, and we see the splendor of who you truly are, but we also see a lot of unchartered possibilities still lying dormant.

Do not take this as a form of chastisement, just as a reminder that there are still pockets of inaccessible energy within you all, and those pockets are more than ready to burst open at any moment now, and give you that added strength you may feel sorely lacking in your lives at the moment

Let us also remind you of your reason for being here in the first place. Originally, mankind was put onto Earth to help the whole of Creation learn a lesson that could not be given under equal circumstances anywhere else. For you have been put into a physical form with many limitations, and you have been cut off from your own inherent greatness in a way that would force you to evolve by your own provess alone. And that was an interesting experience for us all. Not just for all those lucky enough to partake directly by being allowed aboard a human vessel and get to live it all by virtue of being a human amongst other humans on this little planet. But the lessons you have learned, have been for us all, and that has been the intention all along. But, as you know, some other beings intervened, and changed the rules in the classroom so drastically, you were forced to live under a regime that actually hampered your education instead of encouarging it. As you know, these false rules have now been set aside, and you have once again been allowed the freedom to start to blossom freely, like you were meant to from the very beginning. And many of you have taken upon you the role of being the forerunners in this. For not only have you started to throw off these old shackles of fear and started to grow into the real you, but you have also started to open your heart to the fact that you are an integrated part of the divine cosmos. You are not merely a human being, you are also a spirit that is connected to All there is, and so, you are so much more than what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror. That is a fact, and we know you have started to realize it, but it is mayhaps not a fact you have truly taken to heart yet.

As we told you in an earlier missive, there are still some blockages stopping the flow of information in the form of light into your heart, and those are the blockages that you have been told to look into now. For they must go, otherwise you will not be able to do what you came here to do. For you came here to bring heaven to Earth in the form of channeling in the divine light that will bring with it the knowledge that has been hidden from mankind for eons. But unless you remove those blockages you still carry within, that light cannot access your channel fully. And so they must go. But what are those blockages, dear ones? Well, to put it to you in the best way we can, we want you to see that they are nothing more than battle scars, remnants from all of the human dramas you have been partaking in while you attended the school of fear. These scars can be few, they can be many, they can be slight, or they can run very, very deep. But they are all nothing more than scar tissue, they are actually dead and devoid of any importance at this stage, but as in your phsyical body, this dead tissue is standing in the way for new growth. And so that is why we have told you to let the light come in, for the light will effectively remove these scars, and it will do so painlessly.

But for many, the biggest problem is that they fear these scars, they fear the painful memories and the emotions that made them originally, and so they lose their courage and just pretend that these scars are not even there, or they use all of their energy trying to gather the courage to crack them open. But as we told you earlier, the actual removal of this scar tissue is so much easier than the accruing of them, and infinitely more painless than what many of you think. For you still fall back into human drama when you look at those scars. For the scars in themselves can trigger so much more drama, and so, it turns into a never ending cycle of drama and more drama, all of which is compeletely unnecessary.

Remember we told you earlier to not just leave the stage, but the whole theater of human drama altogether? Well, never have those words been more important. For if you continue to fuel these old scars with new drama, you will only block the light from your channel more and more, and soon, even the strongest of light will have a hard time penetrating it at all. So step away from it all, and look upon it for what it truly is, just old remnants of old drama, wounds from the old school of fear that are ready to be healed and removed in one go. That is, if you allow them to be. But if you insist on scraping into them, either by forcing yourself to look away from them, or by continuing to remember the reason for  their existence, you will make this whole opening up of your own divine channel nearly impossible. So again we say, only by stepping away from the drama, and by letting the light come in, will these old wounds disappear, and the blockages they make will also come undone, and the light will flow fully into the very core of your being. And from there, it will be allowed to flow out into your world, and then, miracles will start to happen.

And when we talk of the light, we talk of the divine light coming in from heavens above. You are all connected to this light, but as yet, the force of it has not been set to full, and it cannot be that either, not before we are well and truly sure that your channel is clear and ready to take it in. And so this is what we want you do to. You must allow yourself to truly receive what is being given from above. And so, this upcoming Sunday, during the next Gathering, we will help you all we can to attain that full opening. For then, you will be asked to surrender yourself to receiving this healing light that comes from above. You have all been hooked up to the divine golden grid already, and now, the time has come to start to open up for the full potential it carries. But remember, in order to achieve just that, you must also allow yourself to let go of the human drama that helps to lock you in in so many ways. For then, and only then, will you become that open channel for divine light that will change not only you, but your whole world. Forever.

Channeller: Aisha North


To transmute your physical form, it is best that you release your attachment to human individuality and think of yourself as a Planetary Being. For humans to ascend via their physical bodies transmuting into the fifth dimension rather than “dying” as was normal before this great era, you will need the assistance of Earth. At the same time, in order for Earth to ascend without the extinction of Her physical form, She needs human assistance.
Hence dear humans and Galactics/Celestials in human form, you will need to expand your personal consciousness into planetary consciousness. In this manner, there is no sense of personal sacrifice or fear. There is only the great unity of person and planet ascending as ONE Being. Furthermore, we request that those of you who have awakened to your Multidimensional SELF no longer hold back your process. Others have chosen the Mission of working with the beginners.
Those of you who are merged with your Multidimensional SELF are more ready than you may think. Additionally, the higher Light is allowing you to expand your consciousness into higher and higher expression of SELF. At the same time, your consciousness is expanding deeper and deeper into your atomic, subatomic and quantum levels of consciousness. In other words, you are not just raising your consciousness. You are expanding your consciousness far beyond physical Earth, as well as deep into the matrix of Earth.
As your consciousness expands, so do your perceptions. Also, when you expand your perceptions, you can change your gene activity. When you choose to believe that your higher perceptions are “real” you increase your perceptual field to the frequencies the fourth and fifth dimensions. This extended perceptual field activates the neural activity of your 97% multidimensional DNA. This multidimensional DNA is linked to your higher expressions of SELF, as well as to each cell of your body.
Your Earth vessel is an intelligent biological Earth ship, just as our Starships are biological. The current container for your consciousness is just one of myriad containers on myriad dimensions and parallel and/or alternate realities. You have decided to take command of your current personal Earth ship, which becomes a fourth-dimensional etheric ship when you are “sleeping” and can expand into the higher dimensions during meditation.
Your “dominant state of consciousness” is the state of consciousness that directs your daily life and constant perceptions. This state of consciousness is usually somewhere between your highest frequency consciousness achievable during deepest meditation and the frequency of consciousness that is responsible for directing you to react, rather than interact. In other words, it is midway between your highest and lowest states of consciousness.
Once you realize that the act of reaction determines the point of perception that identifies your dominant state of consciousness, you will become conscious of that to which you choose to react. In other words, the perception to which you choose to react creates your dominant point of perception within that NOW. You have many different dominant states of consciousness throughout your day, depending upon the perceptions to which you react, respond, interact, or ignore.
Just as your chakras are aligned to different frequencies, every state of consciousness has a frequency of perception. These perceptions are the sum-total of the frequency of reality you have chosen by your placing your attention on, reacting, responding or interacting with that specific version/frequency of reality. Every reality has many versions, and each version is different because it resonates to a higher or lower frequency.
There are myriad channels on your “TV of 3D Life.” The channel on which you choose to place your attention determines your state of consciousness within that NOW. We say “that NOW” as to us all reality exists within the HERE of the NOW. There is no coming or going in the HERE NOW. We ARE. We resonate, we fluctuate, and most wonderfully we create.
We Arcturians are here to assist you in our co-creation of the Arcturian Corridor. We have spoken often of this Corridor. However, since you, our Ascending Ones, are now moving into a higher state of consciousness you can perceive higher frequency components of our message that were once beyond your power of perception. Hence, our (human and Arcturian) Corridor is expanding along with your perceptions: (Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor 1 through 4)
To further assist Gaia we Arcturians are in direct communication with many multidimensional beings presently wearing an Earth vessel. When we communicate we speak in Light Language. Light Language resonates beyond time, polarity, limitation, separation or fear. Since you must be free of fear in order to receive our messages, some are unable to perceive us. However, the higher Light is continually expanding your perceptions and filling you with Unconditional Love (the antidote for fear). Hence, more and more of those wearing Earth vessels are able to receive Light Language messages from the higher dimensions.
You can receive these messages through your fourth dimensional night body, or more consciously via meditations, channeling, or other creative endeavors. You are able to receive these higher dimensional messages because your consciousness is expanding into the consciousness of your higher expressions of SELF, as well as into your cellular consciousness. Through your cellular consciousness you will begin to consciously experience the cellular, atomic and sub-atomic level of your grounded Earth vessel.
At this point, you will begin to commune with your molecular Self by exploring and healing old issues and situations from your past that tell you that you are NOT the Captain of your Earth vessel. These limiting messages are at the core of third dimensional thinking. When you enter your unconscious to allow your past to heal your present, you confuse your third dimensional thinking.
Third dimensional thinking is also based on the present that appears to be outside of you. Therefore, whenever you go inside to ponder that past, which is hidden deep inside your subconscious, it further confuses your third dimensional thinking. Then, as you give credence to the lessons to be found within your past, a door opens to your past lives. These past lives are introductions to your perceiving yourself from beyond the barrier of time. Hence, your attachment to third dimensional thinking is further loosened.
The first “past lives” you choose to ponder will likely be those with unfinished business that you brought into this incarnation to finish. Hence, even your human history is beyond time, as it is stored in your unconscious mind. Once you release time to heal and complete unfinished lives, you gain the courage and wisdom to remember the past lives in which you completed you’re chosen mission and gained great insight and enlightenment.
The acknowledgement of these lives activates the memory of your Multidimensional SELF. Very often your unconscious mind is the archive for old memories that you could not resolve when they occurred in that timeline. However, with the wisdom, power and love of your Multidimensional SELF you have the ability to bring that experience into its conclusion. We refer to your unconscious mind as the archive for experiences from your past that you are too immature to process.
On the other hand, we refer to your subconscious mind as a composite of everything you have ever perceived, as well as any information your mind collects that cannot be consciously processed or acknowledged. Your conscious mind cannot always absorb all available information, as it would create an information overload. Therefore, the subconscious mind stores this information where it can be retrieved by the conscious mind when it needs to defend itself for survival or for higher cognitive purposes.
However, hidden deep inside your unconscious and subconscious is your Divine Child who carries the “instruction manual” for your current embodiment. These instructions are in Light Language sent only to you. Hence, the process of deciphering this Light Language requires that you first connect with higher expressions of your SELF before you look deep into your unconscious and subconscious to find your Divine Child who remembers everything!
When you look HIGH UP into your higher SELF while you simultaneously look DEEP DOWN into your unconscious and subconscious mind you can experience Unconditional Love and human emotion within the NOW. When you can close these polarities of spirit and matter with the power of your multidimensional perception, you enter the NOW of the ONE as you merge your Divine Child with your Higher Expression of SELF.
Experiencing your Alpha – Divine Child, and Omega – Higher SELF, confuses your 3D consciousness enough that you can jump out of time. Then the past of your unconscious and subconscious can no longer interfere with your present on 3D Earth. When you are fully merged with your NOW, you are able to perceive any third-dimensional thought-forms from your past as lessons that have guided you into your present. From this point of perception, you can easily liberate these injuries from your past with the power of Unconditional Love and by perceiving them as cherished teachers.
We see that all of you, our Multidimensional Masters, are preparing to expand your consciousness into the next frequency of reality. Before this NOW, you did not have that option, as the frequency of your reality was too low and infiltrated with fear. Because of the darkness of that reality and the restrictions that it placed on your consciousness, you could not believe that your higher perceptions were “real”.
Furthermore, you could not perceive your highest and lowest resonance of your Multidimensional SELF, as this process can only occur within the safety of Unconditional Love, which was rarely present on your reality within the last 2000 years. Thus, Unconditional Love was forgotten and re-written into a 3D format of conditional love. In this manner, the concept of love lost its true meaning.
However, now with your 97% DNA coming on line you are able to preview you highest Self and your super-subconscious at the same time. This expansion of perception is possible because of your expansion of consciousness. Simultaneously, your expansion of consciousness is possible because of your expanded perception. Also, the activation of your multidimensional DNA allows you to believe it is possible to perceive higher dimensions of reality.
It may appear that many humans are still asleep. However, they are beginning to consistently awaken due to the activation of the 97%DNA. This DNA expands your perceptions beyond the confines of time, space, separation and limitation. Simultaneously, as you expand your consciousness beyond the 3D matrix of time, space, polarity, separation and limitation this DNA is activated.
Once your multidimensional DNA is fully activated the process of transmutation of matter advances exponentially. The feedback loop of the higher Light having a frequency of matter that can contain it, while multidimensional DNA goes about the process of creating a vessel that can contain even higher frequencies of Light, begins a process of transmutations of third dimensional matter into multidimensional matter.
Of course, the multidimensional DNA was always within your Earth vessel as a latent reminder of your potential to return to your true multidimensional nature. However, this potential needed to be activated by the higher frequencies such as photons charged with particles of infrared, ultraviolet and gamma rays. These frequencies of Light, as well as frequencies still unknown or named to your world, make up the higher Light that is streaming into your world.
Humans have been doing some important research about the role of DNA on the evolution of the human species. Below is a short summary of this research:
In 1990, a group of Russian physicists, molecular biologists, biophysicists, geneticists, embryologists and linguists began a study of this “junk” DNA. Dr. Peter Gariaev PhD, who is a Biophysicist and Molecular Biologist, directed this research project. These scientists irradiated DNA samples with laser light. On screen, a typical wave pattern was formed. When they removed the DNA sample, the wave pattern did not disappear, it remained.
Many controlled experiments showed that the pattern continued to come from the removed sample, whose energy field apparently remained by itself. This effect is now called the phantom DNA effect. It is surmised that energy from outside of space and time still flows through the activated wormholes after the DNA was removed.
They determined that this DNA is also a complex, biological, micro-computer chip that communicates with its environment. Dr. Gariaev found that the basic structure of these DNA alkaline pairs is the same as that of human language. Thus, they can be influenced and reprogrammed solely by the thought waves in our environment. Dr. Gariaev and Dr. Poponin also discovered that there is a multidimensional field structure which surrounds our DNA chain.
Other studies were done by Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD who is an internationally recognized Cellular Biologist and a pioneer in a new field called Epigenics. In his book titled The Biology of Belief Dr. Lipton writes about his discovery that evolution is, in fact, driven by consciousness. The caterpillar and the butterfly have the exact same DNA. They are the exact same organism. But they are responding to a different frequency.
Dr. Lipton has discovered that it is not genes that control life at the cellular level. It is the mind’s perception of its environment. He coined the term “Spontaneous Evolution” because he has discovered that our DNA scans our environment for frequencies that are relevant to our existence, changes its structure, and then sends messages to reshape itself accordingly.
As we stated earlier in our message, many of you are ready to be co-creators of “our” Arcturian Corridor. The Corridor is not a place – it is an inter-dimensional corridor in which beings, as they are not all human, on the verge of Ascension can gather to connect, learn and remember the process of transmutation.
All of you who are on the cusp of this Ascension wave have had at least one experience of Ascension. However, in most of these experiences you released your consciousness from your third-dimensional form and soared into higher dimensions. These Ascensions were transmutations of consciousness. In this Ascension, you are not only transmuting your consciousness, but your physical AND your planetary body as well.
Thus, it is vital that you merge with your planetary consciousness so that you and Gaia can act as a team. Many of you have already gathered within the Arcturian Corridor to learn about inter-dimensional travel. Now, you will be learning about transmutation of your personal and planetary body. As you awaken your cellular consciousness, you will be able to deeply merge with Gaia, as well as assist us to implant our Corridor into the body of ascending Earth.
Your great, Multidimensional SELF is about to make a full appearance in your daily life. As you begin to perceive life from a higher perspective, you will send signals to your DNA that it is “time to enter your cocoon” and begin your transmutation. However, you, the Ascending Ones on Earth, will not be able to ONLY focus totally on your process of transmutation.
In fact, you will, and are now, called upon to perform your daily tasks while you are in the process of totally restructuring your thoughts, emotions, consciousness, DNA and Earth vessel. Fortunately, you will be able to call upon us, as well as your own higher expressions of SELF.
We shall return with more information,
The Arcturians