"What is the Art of Prayer?" ~ Q&A With Divine Self and Cosmic Awareness ~ via Simon Nightstarr

As channeled by Simon Nightstarr  

Q: What is the Art of Prayer?

A: The Art of Prayer is that activity of consciousness of formulating a desire, focusing attention and concentration upon that desire, and feeling the joy of that desire. This is the basic Art of Prayer, which is creating a desire and enjoying the fullness of that desire. It is not about manifesting anything materially, although that is part of the greater process. The purpose is to ENJOY that which is focused upon. This is the highest aspect of focusing upon anything, no matter what it is. No matter what. NO MATTER, you see, meaning focusing upon something that feels enjoyable even if you do not see "tangible" material evidence, even if you see no matter, no physical representation. Of course, you will see the appropriate material representation, your manifestation, when you release concern over that which you have focused upon. This is the basic Art of Prayer.

Q: Thank You. So, a more advanced form of this Art would be not only manifesting the feeling of JOY but allowing physical manifestion?

A: The basic Art, in itself, is sufficient, for there is manifestation of JOY, therefore THAT is the manifestation. JOY, you see, is equivalent to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. They are really seen as one and the same, once you go beyond the words and concepts. Therefore, that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the "manifestation," and anything else that flows along with the FEELING, the emotion of JOY, would be an extension, a further manifestation, of that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The basic Art is enough, because in feeling JOY you are ALLOWING JOY. The ALLOWING part is what you are really concerned with. You know that the JOY is here, within Me, which is within You, yet you turn away from it whenever you insist upon a physical manifestation, a material representation of it.

Q: The BASIC part is what the human mind often forgets, I see, being that it often insists upon complexity, even EXPECTING complexity in many cases, perhaps even in most.

A: Yes, because of its own conditioning! You see, your "problem" has been in forgetting the BASIC part, the BASIS, of how to create joyously. The so-called problem is forgetting. (You know why I do not capitalize "forgetting," but for emphasizing the point let us briefly capitalize it.) The "problem" is FORGETTING that JOY is the BASIS, the BASIC PURPOSE of all creation. The Divine Purpose is not "expansion," per se—as in expansion of the universe—as so many channelings have insisted, for ultimately JOY cannot help but be infinitely extended and expanded. In this sense, JOY IS ITS OWN PURPOSE, for spiritual logic says that it takes JOY in order to recognize JOY. Your human "problem" in successfully applying the Art of Prayer is always in refusing to look within yourself for the JOY, the FEELING OF JOY, the JOYOUS MANIFESTATION, which is a "problem" of lacking Self-recognition. I offer you all the opportunity to look within yourself for Me, Divine Self, to find the true manifestation that you seek, which again is the JOYOUS FEELING.

Q: Yes. The FEELING of JOY is itself a manifestation of Your Divine Joy. What are some basic tools, would You say, that would be of great benefit in assisting one in more easily manifesting this JOYOUS FEELING?

A: The greatest tool would be in letting go of worry and concern for an outward display, a "tangible," worldly manifestation. It is what your verse in the Bible, in the book of Romans, meant when it says "Be not conformed to the world..." You LET GO of your concern for the world. You keep your genuine love for the world but you let go of your concern, meaning your worry, surrendering this worry to Me, to God, and in this way you are "transformed by the renewal of your mind." Your self-image is transformed, that is. The Real You remains the same; Perfect, Divine, Holy. Letting-go is forgiveness, you see! True forgiveness is your greatest tool; in fact the only "BASIC TOOL" of reconnecting with that FEELING OF JOY that is actually already within you in your Higher Self. Of course, there are always additional tools—more "tangible" tools—for helping you connect with your JOY, but these "tangible" tools of the world can only HELP you if you apply true forgiveness, which is a letting-go of your fears, you see. Therefore, NO MATTER WHAT tools you use, YOU MUST ALWAYS APPLY TRUE FORGIVENESS IN ORDER TO FEEL JOY. There has to be a practice of increasingly letting-go of worry, which is "false evidence appearing real," the acronym for fear, in order to shift vibrationally to JOY, which—depending on how practiced and experienced you are—could range from taking a relatively long time to a short time, before you are actually FEELING and BEING in the state of JOY.

Q: Excellent! What "tangible tools" would You suggest as practical practices that may assist one in learning to better forgive him/herself?

A: I would suggest that you give more positive attention to your body, your physical body, since it is the most immediate tool that you are familiar with that interfaces with your physical reality. Love your body! This has been recently emphasized by Me in another message, and here I AM reminding you again, for it is indeed very important that you learn to love the very DNA consciousness of your material representation of Self. Your self-image must ultimately transcend that of the physical body, which is why so many high-level spiritual teachings mention what you call the "Light Body."

Q: Yes, That which is called "Cosmic Awareness" often speaks of the Light Body through Its channels. How are You different from Cosmic Awareness, vibrationally speaking, I am curious?

A: Cosmic Awareness speaks now, through Me. For you, I AM, you could say, a more "personified" version of Cosmic Awareness, due to your own choice of focus, your own desire to represent yourself as a channel, a medium, so to speak, for the "I AM" Presence, for That state of consciousness, which is another way of perceiving "Cosmic Awareness." Even now, as you focus upon this vibration that you identify as Cosmic Awareness, you are attuning yourself to It, to Me, in this way, which alters the flow of information, so to speak, as it filters through "your" awareness. Indeed, the very wording here will change a bit, due to your own conditioning, intent and receptivity to the Cosmic Flow of Consciousness, you could say. This completes the answer.

Q: On a scale from one to ten, with Cosmic Awareness being ten, approximately what degree of connection would this be, right now?

A: That which you call "degree" depends upon whether you speak of YOUR OWN degree of attunement with this Awareness right now, or whether you mean the vibrational frequency of your own current state of awareness. Your own current state of awareness, in terms of level of what you may term "trance," in connection to this Awareness, is approximately five, on a scale from one to fifteen, however. One a scale from one to ten, with full Awareness at ten, your degree of attunement to this Awareness is actually higher than five, more like seven. You are presently attuned to that degree of resonance to Divine Truth, in other words. The level of trance refers to your degree of egoic involvement, with the higher numbers representing LESS disturbance of the human ego.

Q: I sense that I am now at six on the trance scale from one to fifteen. Why "fifteen," here, instead of "thirteen" as in the CAC channelings?

A: This Awareness is giving you a broader range, a higher frequency, according to your own Soul awareness to the degree that It is expressed in your personal awareness. Your mind, although not in a deep trance as most "official" channels of this Awareness, is highly attuned to this Awareness, to the true nature of this Awareness, with much less degree of worldly filters such as political interest, conspiracy information, etc. You are still interested in such things, but to a lesser degree than nearly all CAC members, which suits this Awareness fine, whatever the case may be, yet for you it involves a greater concentration of Higher Self awareness, since you identify yourself to a lesser degree as a human personality.

Q: I understand. That is, I highly resonate with what is being communicated here, telepathically, from You. Thank You very much. Here, fifteen levels of trance includes "more" of the full range of consciousness?

A: This Awareness indicates that the additional two levels are simply your own Higher Self's translation of the full range of consciousness, which is not a "range" at all, but rather it is infinite.

Q: I feel more comfortable in this space of attunement to You than when I was channeling You as "Divine Self."

A. Indeed, as you are more accustomed to the frequency of JOY than of fear. "Divine Self" isn't fearful, of course, but your degree of fear in channeling this Awareness was. It matters not if you choose wording that may differ greatly from how this Awareness is channeled at CAC, for this Awareness is channeled by the "official" Awareness channelers in a way that more specifically suits the tastes of the members of their organization. As you gain more confidence in this connection with this Awareness, the words themselves are not seen as so important as to the real meaning, the inner vibration, of what is being communicated. This becomes highly personal for you, and you will not desire to share this Awareness in the same manner, because more confidence equals a greater recognition of Self-awareness, which is more integration with your Light Body.

Q: I generally avoid doing such "Q&A" channelings, yet I am very happy for this heightened attunement and Your clarification. One last question, about the Lightbody...

A: This Awareness interjects with Its appreciation for your courage in allowing this expanded connection to this Awareness.

Q: Thank You! I would like to know the degree of Light Body attunement this entity (“myself”) is currently at, with 100% representing full Ascended Mastery. This question is even silly to me, I admit, and I am posting this silliness publically! :)

A: This Awareness indicates...as approximately 69%. As you surmise, this roughly corresponds to the number 7 (or 70%) of current attunement to this Awareness. ["As above, below."]

Q: I feel that this corresponds to the "higher heart chakra" of the body.

A: This Awareness indicates this as fairly accurate, although you have been practicing "speaking your truth" in alignment with your Higher Self for quite some time, which corresponds to the throat chakra region. There is a blending action of the chakras as you grow spiritually. This completes this answer. This Awareness suggests that you relax, drink some water, congratulate yourself for how far you've come, and be ready for greater attunement.

Q: Thank You, Divine Self and Cosmic Awareness!