Ultra Dimensional Shift ~ Chaos in the Fractals of Time and the Earth's New Holographic Resonance ~ via Judith K. Moore

As channeled by Judith K. Moore

Ultra Dimensional Shift - Chaos in the Fractals of Time and the Earth's New Holographic Resonance ~ Parts A & B

Chaotic Timeline Patterns in Fractalline Time as Earth Overrides Time Manipulation Patterns

tr. Sandra, ed. M.
JKM 2-20-2013 Ultra-Dimensional Shift - Chaos in the Fractals of Time and the Earth's New Holographic Resonance
(Judith in Chimayo 4:00 pm)

From the Consciousness of the Universe, the Infinite Oneness, and the Wisdom of Creation

It's 4:00 in the afternoon. Michael and Gina just got here. I'm really being affected by the energy this afternoon. I called Sean, and he and Michael and others are being extremely affected.

I open to the Consciousness of the Universe, the Infinite Oneness, and the Wisdom of Creation and to the very core of the Consciousness of Mother Gaia that we may understand.

There is a cumulative factor as Earth engages in an ultra-dimensional shift. This is a period of time where there is an overlapping cross pattern, like sine waves interlocking vacillating of the timelines, and the time continuum and the dimensions are in such rapid, I'm going to use the word vacillating, accelerating, that the continuity of the dimensions is challenged right now. The continuity of the dimension is the ability for the hologram of the dimension to maintain a stable, predictable quantum field. Now the dimensions are not able to identify the points on the continuum to move from one pattern to another that is the specific energetic grid system for that dimension.

There is a disorientation in the dimensional fields and a vacillation, and I'm going to use the word vacillation because it's like the timelines are jumping, jumping, the dimensions are quickening, and this quantum effect in the dimensions of an incapacity for the dimensions to establish a predictable continuum and patterns that define that dimension in the holographic reality. The combination with that, with the factors of the DNA that the asteroid brought in, the alignment with Cygnus and the Black Swan constellation and our zero point field in a point of the galactic continuum to the galactic center, that this particular point could best be described as inter-stellar galactic high-resonance, interstellar galactic time gate, and we're aligned with this. It has everything to do with the mechanisms of our galaxy and the flow of energy in the galactic plane. Okay, I am feeling this now energetically. I've been feeling it all day, but in this transmission.

As I look at the Earth, what I see is that the grids are actually, I'm going to use the word trembling, but if you can imagine the Earth grids, like spasms in the Earth grids, there is such a velocity of cosmic particles and frequencies from the energy of this Galactic alignment, and the factors, the quantum factors, the time factors and the factors of the Consciousness of the Galactic Time Gate, that the grids on the Earth are actually, if you could think of little squiggly lines or spasms or tremors in the grids on the earth.

Our neurological systems are affected because we are on every level challenged to maintain continuity in our perceptual field which leaves us feeling slightly disorientated and out of the realm. You don't really feel like you are well-grounded in your reality when this happens. And another factor is that there have been some major activities in the distortions of manipulated timelines that are not being sustained by the Living Hologram of Earth, and therefore they are collapsing quicker than they can resolve the density. These timelines are collapsing so quickly, they can't resolve the density of the low vibration. It's as if the timeline is collapsing quicker than, I'm going to say, the perceptual reality span of that time.

These artificial timelines were manipulated to create an ability to control time and the destiny of the planet, in a very negative sense, re-generating a time line that is, I can only say a fractal time prism. It's a regenerated time system that's computer generated that doesn't have correct time codes to be sustainable in the Living Hologram. So it's gone into crisis. The only way I can describe this is that there's a holographic projection in that timeline. And now, that's why the experimentation with time is to project holograms into future timelines to control the planet's history and control world governments, project who's going to be in office, who's going to have power, who's going to have money.

So they've set up some kind of computer program where they're generating their future into the timelines. They didn't have the right time codes because they're artificially generated. It's as if the hologram is clashing, this projected holographic technology is clashing into the artificial timelines and the timelines are collapsing. But the distortions in the hologram in those artificial timelines which is, you know, the New World Order's manipulation of Earth's time, and not just the New World Order, I mean that's pretty, when you say New World Order, it's too general of a context. There's off planet intelligence involved in this time manipulation, of course, but it can't sustain the hologram.

So if you can imagine running sand through a sock, and then this sock closing it off, because that is when the timeline closes, the sand being the hologram that's projected into our future timeline. It would have to have some place to go, and it's all dense, negative holographic fear patterns. So the people who are transmuting this on the planet right now are really on overload because there are those light workers who are multi-dimensional, many of us are, and we're, you might say, traversing the dimensions to - let me think of the word, to release pressure in this as the timeline collapses and the hologram is projected forward. This holographic technology is very nasty HAARP-type technology manipulating the quantum energetics of reality and perceptual reality, so those thought forms that are the destiny that are being projected into the Earth's time continuum have to be resolved through somebody's psyche.

So light workers are picking up a lot of what they think are distortions in other peoples' fields or negative energies or personal things that they're clearing, because that pressure on that artificial timeline can actually create a hole in time. It's like - (this is really interesting) - It's like time is blowing out because as that artificial control timeline collapses, this huge bulge of the holographic projection of what they've created in the quantum field, (and this is created - I mean it's not using the word Creation or Manifestation of Creation), it's almost like they are attempting to write the script for Earth, send it forth as a hologram into the manufactured timelines, and then create a potential for Earth that they have control of.

Wow, wow. But meanwhile, Earth's Living Body is moving powerfully into the Ascension Corridor because of our alignment with this Galactic Time Gate and the powerful energies that are coming from Galactic Source that are almost like tractor beams pulling us into a continuum that is The Creation. And this is very powerful because the Creation Codes are manifesting in a Future Earth.

I was kind of joking with Gina and Michael, (I didn't say it but I thought it), I was thinking, well, this is hard work, but it's a good thing you are doing it, because if not, you might jump forward in time and not have a Future Earth to jump into, and that's what's happening right now. This is a time crisis. And the Asteroid, it tore something in the astral field. It opened something up, those asteroid pieces that came in.

Okay, let me look at that Asteroid. I can see just macrocosmic power with this Asteroid and all of this Creation Codes DNA from - (I channeled on this so I'm not going to try to repeat everything about - I don't know the name of the Asteroid, I'm not going to try to repeat it), but what I do see is like the ozone, there has been a tear in the ozone. It's not the astral field. It's the ozone. It's like it disrupted the ozone in such a powerful way that it's opening an area over Russia that you might think of it as a huge influx of power and vibration from the Cosmos in like a torus pattern, or shaped like a torus, like the inside of a torus ring. That's open over Russia.

This Asteroid has done its job to open that field which is allowing - oh, yeah, a penetration of the HAARP shield, the attempt to put this HAARP shield around the planet. The Asteroid penetrated the HAARP shield, which again, that HAARP shield is like a sheath of HAARP-manipulated energies that they're using in this holographic projection for the future timelines of Earth. So we really have a meeting point of the manna and the life force energy of the life force of the planet, and the Creation Power of Union that is, we're in a Genesis right now.

At the same time there is all this reactive energy, and it's very reactive right now. The manipulations of these time systems have been irritating the natural process of the ability for the Earth to integrate the Cosmic frequencies and develop Her new holographic projections for the future timelines of the Ascension Aquarian Timelines. So Earth is really in the Living Hologram, in the process of creating the Future Earth and projecting the Future Earth into the Aquarian Timelines into the ascension fields.

So this vacillation of the fields though, if you could imagine looking at your perceptual reality and seeing lines clashing into each other - that's what is happening energetically. So our light bodies are - we have the capacity to expand our auric field and our light bodies to shield, create this vibration - not create it, but to co-create with the Elements of Creation with the Light of the Earth, to move into the Earth's light body, and to truly enter into a state of love beyond imagination, pure Light of Creation with the Earth's light body.

Each of us are, by the nature of our expanded Merkaba fields, we're connected to the Metatronic frequencies, we're merging with the Earth's light body. Our light bodies are at a high resonance, because our light bodies are facilitating in a sustained Earth's ability to basically override the artificial programs, maintain the stability of the holographic Earth and continue the projection of that as she has received the instructions from Creation and now is manifesting it in her Living Body, and so if you are feeling symptomatic, it is no surprise.

Our mental capacities do not have the ability to read these fields and actually give calibrations and precise measurements to what is happening and how quickly it is shifting, but we are definitely in an accelerated and extreme reactive state right now. So the answer is stay in your heart, focus on your light body, and that light body of Gaia through the Elemental Realm -- and the old saying, Love is the answer. Stay in that vibration regardless of the energies that are coming up in front of you when you think you're being attacked by negative forces, or this and that with negativity, you know, just breathe it through and love, love, and bring it into balance and wholeness. Don't get overly involved in the emotional drama or it can really sweep you away right now. So it's a good time to stay grounded in your own life force energy with the Earth and with the Light of Creation.

Blessed be, So Be It and So It Is

Part B, JKM 2-22-13 (Judith traveling from Albuquerque to Chimayo)

J: I am calling to record what I see energetically for the planet, and this is a follow up on my transmission a couple days ago when I saw the shifting and the trembling of the earth's grid and the high velocity energy coming through the earth's energetics. What I see now is that the energy is flat out breaking up, and earth is discharging a lot of distortion discordant patterns. She is just - I don't even think she is having a big burp, it's just like all kinds of things that were trapped in dimensions, energy that lost consciousness, all different kinds of shifts, and fields of energy are just busting loose on the planet right now.

I do look at the world grid, and it appears to be fairly stable. I know that we're being assisted by our Ultra-terrestrial brethren and by the team of people who are working to stabilize the tectonic plates. And the Earth herself is, if I look at the world grid, it's because of this massive release today, there is a real harmonic energy moving through the serpentine lines right now, but the serpentine lines are moving with a great harmony, almost to the point of harmonic vibration emanating from the serpentine line, but the discharge of energy from the hologram, from the pseudo dimensions, from the thought forms, from restrictive belief systems, from the matrix.

It's like there are cracks in the matrix, and releasing these restrictive thought forms that are based on self-limiting principles and restricted ideologies are breaking apart right now. So I wouldn't be at all surprised if something pretty major doesn't happen with the global politics in the next week, but I'm not predicting, and I'm just saying I wouldn't be surprised if I saw some major thing coming down next week. We will never hear a half of the reports that are going on from covert operatives being exposed and mind control programs breaking down. So there's a real shift in the ideologies and the patterns that will, this holding pattern in the collective trance breaking loose right now.

So there's a real effect from movement from the underworld, I don't mean the galactic underworld - I mean movement from the trapped realms of despair and desperation and fear - there is huge movement now. A great catharsis is being released on the planet. All right. Many blessings and keep your good light work up and keep up the love. Many blessings, Judith.