The Sphinx Speaks ~ Past, Present and Future ~ via Petra Margolis ~ February 27th, 2013

As channeled by Petra Margolis

The Sphinx speaks past, present and future.

Has anyone ever realized that within the now moment, you are in all three, the past, present and the future?

Each now moment, is the present, but within each moment it becomes the past as well as the future as you move through each moment in space at the same time.

Even as humans you have this experience as each second passes throughout your daily life.

So when you think about something, your thoughts move through the past, present and future as well.

Some might say that some humans are too focused on the past, others too focused on the future and others too focused on the present or now moment. Does it really matter at this moment?

The past is where you learn as far as how to move forward in the future. The past in a way is a guiding path to the future. Inner guidance that comes to you comes from the past, as the guidance comes before the future of following the guidance.

So, yes you will hear me talk about the past, as well as the present and of course the future, but many answers are already within the past, as each question that you ask yourself comes from the past in a way.

Some parts of your questions can only be explained by finding the answers in the so called past as they are within the past as we answer them.

When you move out of this earthly reality, you might move into a space without the past, present and future as you see it within this moment, but within the ever expending realities it is all included and it does not matter.

Many times the past is not clear as well as the future is not clear, and even sometimes you cannot make any sense of the present.

This is due to the many veils that are within you as well as around you and the fact that sometimes the past has changed to fit a different reality as well as a different future.

Yes I said it, the past has been changed at times, to fit certain reality experiences as well as it has been changed to fit certain control systems. Whether it was agreed upon by all souls present upon earth or not, it has happened.

This is why the past in a way can be useful as it will allow you to see what can be done to change the future.

Even though there are many at this time, and many will have had different past experiences, it is useful to find those parts within you, as they have knowledge on change, more knowledge than you as a human have at this time. As it requires knowledge of change over a longer period of time than just one lifetime of human existence.

It is something to think about, but as you discover more, it is also needed to reveal what is and what was the truth and what was fiction as you call it.

But there couldn’t be a better time to find out than within this moment, as this is the time where a new change begins.

From one source to another
Petra Margolis