The Sphinx Speaks ~ Consciousness is Separation ~ via Petra Margolis

As channeled by Petra Margolis

I would like to explain more about this subject today as there is much confusion about the consciousness of humans, conscious awareness and many more forms of consciousness as well as of course the Oneness everyone is talking about.

The moment a being, soul, comes into existence, they become a consciousness.

Let me explain this more fully by explaining a part of creation.

The source of each being, we name it Source most of the time even though others use the word God, mother, father and more.

This energy we call Source, is a moving energy, an expanding energy, but also a creational energy in a way. The movement of this energy is what created your universes, your environment in a way, as energy is not just expanding but also contracting at the same time. The friction caused between these two movements, and some other movements within the energy caused certain forms being created.

As well as the friction and movement is used by certain beings to create, but this is for another time.

Each being, each soul that is coming forward from or is being created from this Source energy, comes into existence with its own consciousness. In fact, the Source energy does not have a consciousness in the way you see and feel and experience consciousness. Consciousness comes into existence the moment a being is created. This also means that each being, each soul being created has its own separate consciousness. This might be hard to understand but it is the moment of separation from the Source energy, the moment of your creation, where the separateness/separation begins, as this is where each soul, each being starts their own journey.

This is also where you start your journey back to oneness, but not the oneness many of you think about, talk about and even experience at times.

There is one place within your own being that contains the pure oneness, pure source, and pure unaffected oneness. This oneness is only within your own being, your own consciousness and is not to be confused with the oneness you can feel when you connect with another consciousness.

When you connect with another consciousness you can feel one with this consciousness but it is not real oneness. Let me explain to you. You can see a consciousness as a ball of energy and let us say for now your energy is red. The other consciousness is another ball of energy with the color blue. So each particle of energy is red within your consciousness, in the other consciousness each particle of energy is blue. Now you move your red particles in the space of the blue particles of energy. You do not change color; you remain red, and the other remains blue. All you are doing is mixing the blue and red particles in one space.

In a way this feels as being one with another consciousness as you are within their space and are connecting with their consciousness. But you are not truly one with their consciousness. As you remain red and the other remains blue, and you are only occupying the same space.
Now to return to that real space of oneness within you, the one space, the one point within you that contains the oneness in a way, it is the moment of creation of your being, the moment just before your being became conscious. This is where you find the oneness that you are looking for.

It is a long way home to that space, as many have traveled far and the road back is full of twists and turns, it is like leaving your hometown, traveling all over the world for years and years and the way back is not always the same as the one you took when you left. As the map changes over time, roads get diverted, sometimes even deleted and the way back is not always what you expected.

Even your arrival in your hometown might not be the way you expect it to be.

As you are looking for something, you have wanted for so long, have dreamed about, thought about, fantasized about and the real return is not the way any of you expected within those dreams and thoughts.

In a way that moment of oneness you are looking for will also be the start of a new journey, looking for more oneness than what you experience within that moment within yourself, your consciousness, your experience of the oneness within you.

This is why what you all are looking for is within, but you are in a way diverted so many times, by thought systems, belief systems and even your own dreams and wishes. All of this is what makes the road not clear sometimes within your own being, as you are on your way back home.

What you will find there is the pure beginning of your being, the part of you that has in a way not had any of the experiences and feelings you have had on your journey. This is why looking for certain experiences within the oneness will only divert you from finding it.

That part of you is not light or dark; it is nothing and everything at the beginning of your consciousness, your journey. It is not love or hate as it never has experienced any of this; it is pure, ready to spring into being as a consciousness on its way to experience itself in many different ways.

And each being has taken its own road to where you are now as a human, this is why anyone speaking as the for example divine self of all, the cosmic awareness of all, is incorrect as there is no such thing as being able to speak for all. As each being is a separate consciousness the moment it comes into being as a consciousness.

This is also where the free will begins, as each consciousness springs into being, the free will for each being is what begins the separation from the moment it springs into existence.

And yes, as you might understand, with you being able to feel oneness with another being, it also means you are able to influence another being, energetically, you are able to influence their energy particles as you are able to move into and connect with their space of consciousness or being.

This also means others are able to influence you, as many of you have no knowledge yet of how to see your own energies in a way that is clear and allows you to see your journey in a way that allows you to see how you got here and allows you to see the road back.

This is also why oneness is not to be found within love, or any other feeling you have as a human or within spirit, or even within certain parts of your being.

As the oneness contains something that is not yet experienced and in fact is not even found within your being as it is in the moment before you came into being.

The journey back is full of challenges, but is yours to be found and it is your consciousness that has the need to return.

From one source to another