The Finalisation of Ascension ~ via Angela July

Teacher: Angela July

Hello today lighties, Before you came here many of you are not from here but came to help. There are times of events that gauge changes to us based on our perceptions. You are in a faster manifesting time and many do not believe it so things seem the same.

However I know this and know what to do with it to clean humanities perceptions of fear. It is to cause an abrupt shock in 15 mins fame with the way I perform and then “You” the teachers become celebrities. That simple!!! You only need to believe it and love me.

I have severe problems that give me incredible gifts in my talents and nothing in learning externals. My education is minimal however I understand physics and geometry without learning it. I see my experiences here as a geometric web. In this web I can see most probable outcomes based on the variables I take in.

Everything I look at , if I am fed the proper variables the truth to fix anything just flies at me like a book slamming me in the face with its information. As I grow through the years from 7/7/71 I learn to live this way and use this to get through society. I am dysfunctional in a service to self society I follow the pure Angelic ways of my core self that is the same as you.

We are God basically. This leaves me giving all of nothing I have away and living with nothing in the end. Whatever, I have pure light. I had an abrupt awakening looking at my variables in dec 2010 and needed variables and demanded in this universe the way I saw things in geometry there was a way out of the impending control over humanity. Instantly fed universal intelligence.

I saw everything and agreed to walk the path to do what was being asked. To learn to lead by example. As it turns out I singed away my freewill to take on your negativity and know what it will take to heal you. I am still taking on your negativity or I would be happy by now. I have gone through hell and am still in it for you and have completed what I needed to and am ready.

What do you want? You can choose to let me suffer and be falsely accused and have lost my children for years now and keep abusing me. This means when the event comes you must face all your fears.

You must choose hell over cleaning the earth and living in abundance. Because, those who choose the Jesus Christ stage show chose to leave me suffering when I took all the pain to bring you forward. Maybe you are not ready to love me? This means my teaching and advise to you is to choose hell if you do not want to drift into darkness with the Christ followers.

As I see things , This Elite group will eventually treat all humanity like factory animals have it now. But will come out and fix everything at first. Get you to go with it… Anyway, I feel very much feb 27th my court date without a jury is all your judgments as well. I am going to try to prove my innocents with a formula.

Without your love and real physical help of what you do for me the outcome of this will be heaven or hell for me. This will be how you can see what is coming for you. What happens to me will happen to you. Thank you, I am the Angel Of sevens, Still persecuted and judged heavily by you . I signed away my freewill to you, in the balance of things, I get yours later to heal you or bring you forward.

I am saying all humanity because I do not feel loved but myself in my heart. If I cannot find love then the higher dimensions will end up being cruel to you and you are not ready. It is just the way it is. Sorry. Just know that nobody is coming to save anyone but those of you who worked for it can escape through my heart.

Because I am so weird like that. I do not fully understand why but I just get some things nobody sees. I have done many impossible to believe things . I must try to find any of you who want to love me and avoid the coming experience.

You will need to restart the cycle and prove yourself again If you choose I am a crazy person. I think tomorrow I will talk about bioluminesant physical human ( something you can do but believe you cannot)and touch up on some examples of sound frequency science. Love you Angela 7771