The Exponential Speedup of the Perception of Time ~ Brian the Dragon ~ February 9th, 2013

As channeled by Brian the Dragon

This is the dragon. Our partner channeling this message has become aware that he has perceived a speedup in time in the last two months, even though he was already perceiving time as speeding up. This is valid. If it could be measured, time is going twice as fast for him now than it was for him two months ago.

And two months ago felt two to three times faster than the beginning of 2012. The perceived speedup will be different for everyone, but most people are following the same trend. So some of you may all be noticing this. Some may be handling it quite pleasantly, and others may be feeling frustration.

Some have said that time moves slower for spirit, so as you ascend in vibration, time should seem to slow down. In fact, spirit does not only experience time since time is something that is experienced as spirit descends into the lower vibrations.

Spirit is aware of time, but time does not bind spirit's experience. Time is an illusion, but it is a very real illusion for physical beings, even if the experience of it is largely based on perception and consciousness. "Real" means only that you experience it. Not that it is absolute. So, what in fact happens as you raise vibration is that you perceive time differently.

You first start to have a more broad, holistic form of thinking, and this adds extra information which must be linearized into more time. We have discussed this before. Then, time becomes multidimensional and you start to experience multiple timelines, then multi-dimensionality (meaning parallelism, not vibration, in this case).

Now, this is typical, but you need not go through these stages. Each process is unique. Many are in the stage where their thinking becomes more broad, and experiencing the speed-up that results from trying to pack more thought into the same vessel (meaning more than just corporeal body) and linear time-frame. We have talked about coping skills for dealing with speeding up time.

We must remind you that until the multi-dimensional fan-out of your reality, you are not going to get to finish everything you want to do, for your aspirations far out-weigh the limitations that exist in the current reality. That is a typical symptom of the stage you are going through. Once you re-activate your multi-dimensional consciousness, you can finish everything you want. Until then, you will need to make choices about what to focus on.

That is personal, and there is really no wrong choice. Consider this time as a bonus time where you get to finish up a few things, then put the rest on hold. Trying to finish everything up right now will just make you frustrated. Now it's time to prepare yourself for how little of time you have left.

It will catch you by surprise. You will very soon be at the point of mufti-dimensionality and you will need to decide to let go. This will be much sooner than you can even imagine and the time from there to now will be so short, yet packed with so much experience.

You don't have to worry about the point of multi-dimensionality, prepare for it, because you will be ready and know exactly what to do. Just condition yourself to be ready to let go. We can even hear the channeler think "no, I have so much to do". Let it go.

Life after that for many will be oscillating between living one life, and living many, until the "living many" takes precedence. You can play with time and shape it as you wish, and do many things in parallel, and of course your center, your balance, will be in the "now".

At that stage, you get to finish any projects that you had to leave hanging in a parallel stream, but will you even care at that point? So you have a precious time to experience a little more and squeeze a little more out of the fleeting moments of what some of you call the piscean age, before the aquarian age takes hold.

Being born prior to the transition or during it was a gift to experience a bit more. What will you do? It's up to you. Love, The dragon