The End Of A Ray Of Light ~ via Greg Daugherty ~ february 24th, 2013

As channeled by Greg Daugherty

The End Of A Ray Of Light
Moving to interpret experience
Through taking responsibility for it,
The incarnation into the ample ripeness,
Working within a chosen pattern
To cultivate the alignment
Of the deeply inspired desire for experiences
With resolutions of emotional balance,
Becomes the intuitively shared dream
Training the understanding of the expanding detail
Building a better world.
Assuming a shape in the illusion
From the desire to manifest creatively
The passion of experience,
The vortex of consequential circumstance
Putting the dream into reality
Unleashes the ideas urging their expression
To flow through the emotional witness,
And creates an opportunity to share
The rewards of their experience
In the celebration of their harmonies.
In the placing of an idea into limitations
To establish a personal reality’s focus,
The meeting of self-awareness and attitude
Around the desire for the purposeful experience
Crystallizes an intention into reality,
And, by animating the aspiration of belief
Within a surrounding mystery’s intrigue
Toward the discovery of the emotional big picture,
Produces the awareness of the vibration
Of accomplished intention.
The creativity from the self-imposed limits
Designing the containment of self-expression
Arises from the expanse of expectancy
Moved by the flow of abundance
To translate the ideas into the improved mastery
Of the imaginative inquiry
As the visionary dreams emotionally projected,
Including the impossible dreams
That allow a view of the larger reality
Calmly awaiting its moment of ripeness.
Arriving at the end of the light ray
To examine the nature of the chosen reality,
The initial balance within creative potential
Immediately encounters expansion and co-creation
Of a plan for balance held through movement
That a flow of passionate curiosity
Moving toward the empathic desire
Gathering intuitively shared ideals
Integrates into the strength of awareness
Able to take the timely action.
The multiplicity of existence experience
Arousing the reach of belief’s influence
By the focus of creative concern
Uses the principle of abundance and expansion
With ingenuity’s germinal imagination
To anticipate the adventure
As a dreaming memory
Connecting to a subconscious stream
Of gnosis manifesting into the conscientious details
Of the harmonious improvement.
When creating the responsibility of limits
In a paradigm’s possession of life,
Imagining an expansion of creative potential,
As recognized in the principle of abundance,
Experiences the advancement beyond creation
In the optimistic initiative to expand expectation,
And moves with the felt imagination
Toward the infinity’s invitation
To the expectation’s detailed experience
Of creativity fulfilled.
In the service to self,
A self-devoted purpose
Feels life’s experience
As forces in motion stimulating growth
Along pathways of talent practice,
Where the expansion and transformation of self
Calls for the intuitional awareness
To add new realms of perception
Sensing the invisible in the company of the visible,
And bringing the primary sources of light into focus.
Problem solutions gathering into expansion
Through their experience and release into memory
Are nurtured from the release of the problem
That allows the fullest experience of the solution,
Formed and processed into the flow of release,
As the vital force that supports the optimistic imagination
Illuminating the furtherance of the flow
In the increasing quest for the better experience
Accumulated into the point of the Universe
Of the potentiation of its expansion.
Working through these attitude changes
To find the enjoyment of reality,
The catalyst of the mind,
Making the turn toward the center,
Follows the engineering of love made visible
Along the reach of optimism’s growth
As it spirals in through the unconscious
Of the meditative awareness of a dream’s passion
Into the joy of the actuality’s appreciation
And the sharing of its blessings.

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