The Angel News Network Newsletter ~ Truth and Honesty ~ via Jeff Fasano

Teachings of Michael

by Jeff Fasano

Truth and Honesty
From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and we come to you as you are moving deeper into your heart space and into a place of truth and honesty you have never known. It is a level of truth and honesty with self, and as you look into the mirror it is now time to measure this level of truth and honesty.

It is not about looking outside of yourself to see the truth and honesty. Or about looking outside of you to measure yourself based upon those outside of you. It is how truthful and honest you are with you. It is time to look directly into your own eyes and ask yourself: am I being truthful with myself and being honest with myself? Because now it is time to take that responsibility. Am I fully being truthful with myself and am I fully being honest with myself as I move through my process?

So We ask you to look at truth and honesty and We have a simple exercise for you.

Take a mirror, a physical mirror gaze directly into your own eyes and ask this question: am I being truthful with myself and am I being honest with myself?
It is up to you now to be impeccable with yourself. The impeccability and integrity of the word begins with you, everything, begins with you. It has nothing to do with anyone outside of yourself.
Once you begin to move into the depth and breadth of your heart space to fully know you, to fully love you, to fully honor you, you then stand as an individuated adult, powerful in the knowingness and the truthfulness of you. And here at this point you realize you have choices, you have choices as an adult, you have choices to move on the pathway of powerfulness into bringing you to the world as you are, without looking to others for gratification and validation. This process is about moving into individuation and into the knowingness of self, to stand in that powerfulness so you can now choose to take your next steps in your individuated adult life. So it is about truth and honesty, dear ones. Are you taking steps in your life based upon truth and honesty of self or do you move into the mental body when you are faced with the next step in life and wonder what mom would think, what dad would think, what they "out there" would think? I have this choice in front of me, can I choose to make this choice based upon my love of self? Am I making choices in the world based upon love of self or am I still looking outside of me wondering if my choice affects others and will I still be loved? And staying in the quagmire of that existence. This message is about you moving into your powerfulness of self. Are you tired of remaining in the quagmire when you are faced with choices and wondering when and if you make that choice if it will affect others gratification and validation you?

You are now ready to stand in the truthfulness and honesty of self. So We ask you to look into the mirror, look into your own eyes and ask yourselves, how truthful am I with me, how honest am I with me? Am I making choices based upon the reaction others will have with those choices if I make them, thus remaining in an aspect of the narcissism of me, thinking it is all about you. If I make this choice it will affect her, if I make this choice it will affect him. That is the mind of the wounded little girl, the wounded little boy who thinks that everything they do affects mom and dad.

You see, dear ones, the choices affect you. When you are making choices as an adult, they are choices based upon love of self. Are you making choices in your life based upon love of self? Are you making choices in your lives based upon how much you love you? This is why We asked you to look directly into your eyes in the mirror and ask: am I being truthful and honest with myself? Am I loving me, am I living my life based upon sense of self and love of self?
Once you begin to move into the depth of loving yourself you will then know what it is to truly love another. Loving another is simply allowing them the freedom to love themselves. It is not up to you how your choices will affect the depth of love that they have for themselves or the depth of love that they may have for you. It is no longer about making choices wondering what the effect will be on others and if they still will love you. Are you being honest with yourself? Are you being truthful with yourself? Honesty and truthfulness are based upon love of self. Full love of self means that you will be honest and truthful with you and once you are honest and truthful with you, the impeccability of your word and your integrity will follow.