Questions we would like to Ask the Galactic Federation, but we do not have the Gift of Mediation ~ by Leo Magana

By Leo Magana

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am a very inquisitive mind that is constantly coming up with questions that I cant find answers to. Every time I READ a new message from the Federation, or from Ascended Masters or any of the Blessed Galactic Beings of Light, I feel frustrated in NOT being able to ask more questions to get more answers and I am assuming that there are many more like me.

Some of us DO NOT have the gifts that allow us to communicate or that puts us in the group of SPECIAL people that can channel information from these beings and the Federation, so we sit and have to swallow our grief and think," THERE GOES ONE MORE CONTACT WE COULD NOT BE A PART OF"..

I WONDER if there is a way that we can send out messages to someone that has more time for us NOT SO SPECIAL people who also form this GREAT FAMILY  on our way towards our ascension.

At least in  my case and even though Im a REIKI MASTER and I hold groups of Q AND A that I try to answer in my best and most loving way I can, I wish I was more in tuned to energy of that I had my CLAIRS working all at 100% so that I could receive or UNDERSTAND IN MY SLEEP the answers that my SPECIAL BROTHERS AND SISTERS are probably sending me in my dreams'

Thanks for your patients' in letting me vent.....