POSEIDON ~ Decomposition of Artificial Morphogenetic Field ~ by Aila

By Aila 

The Pleiadians ascended the behest of Poseidon go to decay and dissolution of artificial morphogenetic field that surrounds the Earth.

Specifically: There is an invisible, intangible field around the earth, that provides information to people. Others call it "Akashic Records", "Soul of the World," while Plato mentions as Ideosfaira.

This morphogenetic field contains information and ideas, which are attracted by the human mind. Earth scientists have studied this issue extensively.

Before I continue I would like to separate that this morphogenetic field only information obtained from humans and are often reported to have superior communication.

Is different from that of staff morphogenetic field of human - unit. In this post I will deal only with the collective field.
One characteristic of information received from the field, not verified or never occur, resulting in frustration until the person reaches the point of losing faith in the existence of higher spheres of light and confined to artificial light and matter in that it dictates, persuading himself that there is nothing beyond it. This is also the purpose of these artificial - morphogenetic fields.

We know very well that the rulers have stepped on all the information that we derive through ancient texts. Much of this information has been distorted.
According to the theory of the "hundredth monkey" when a certain number of people from one country taught information (in this case distorted) then create a morphogenetic field. An invisible, intangible field located within the material universe. This looks like an ether sea where there are recorded from the human collective unconscious all the information taught.

So if a certain number of people learned some information then the human mind stores in this invisible library. If this particular number of people taught distorted information, they shall, as a collective unconscious, morphogenetic field installed in consolidating their position.

So when another human mind wants to obtain information will be associated with this piece of morphogenetic field and draw the same or similar distorted information, which we think to be true or even information derived from artificial memory as required of domination.

This morphogenetic field called artificial and besides has the capacity to create the material souls. Specific places in this artificial morphogenetic field created these material souls and granted specific operating information and their movement to the dimensions of matter. But that will occupy us in another post.

The structure of this field is morphogenetic artificial material but invisible from the material of the three-dimensional human eye.

This artificial morphogenetic field created by the lesser gods and reinforced by their emissaries on earth, so that perceptive, but actually not awakened people (non-awakened people are those who have not worked in depth with themselves) to receive information, which does indeed superior communication but actually distract or not fulfilled. Recollect how many have not been conducted.

Above this morphogenetic field is the actual morphogenetic field, more subtle structure, in which a non-real awake human mind can not access. This morphogenetic field, real, contains all the real information and actual channeling. There are libraries of Light, Light of Reality.
Not excluded from the fields of matter, and in our case from the fields of the Earth, because the artificial morphogenetic field is a more compact structure and therefore has the main reason the dimensions of matter.

This is the veil that separates man from his true awakening. Contains 7 levels, creating an artificial pseudo-dimension within the material dimensions. Each of these levels involves pseudo-superior information to create human sense that rises dimensions while essentially follows the material infinity symbol, the ourovoro serpent, and thus continuously renewed (epanensarkonetai) into the material universe.

The 7 levels of these artificial pseudo-dimension taught by the priestesses of Demeter in the Eleusinian Mysteries, as the veils that cover the human mind disorienting him. In the Eleusinian mysteries of Demeter priestesses wore veils 7 (7 levels) and the initiates were taught to understand and to translate that to access real morphogenetic fields and libraries Light Gods and worlds.

It is this artificial morphogenetic field, which resembles an ethereal sea, at the behest of Poseidon, ascended Pleiadians will disintegrate that every perceptive mind, the truly awakened man has from now on access to morphogenetic fields Light. Without removing this veil nor was there ever a case to achieve the advancement of the vibration of the Earth and reunited with the archetype.

Pleiadio is a program that starts immediately and imagine what Real morphogenetic field can create around the Earth if we learn the real information from the Library of the Gods of Light.

The earth belongs to the people and to anyone else!
Aila - February 2013