Tonight, I have an important message from the Pleiadian High Council from Planet Eros, our Home Planet from which Eros and I base our operations for this Code Blue Earth Mission.
Soferia (aka Psyche)

Dear Earthlings, Our Beloved Brothers and Sisters,
We are announcing a take-over of Planet Earth. Earth is our planet and it has always been our beautiful planet. Earthlings are our ancestors, and we are your ancestors. We are also your future “embodiments” as the elite educational community prefers to state it in order to disguise the truth. The truth is that the future is now and it has always been now. We are you and you are us. United in love, we have the POWER.

A certain group of Reptilians, in conspiracy with a certain group of Orions had moved in and taken over Earth in corrupt and illegal ways. They have been destroying earth and engaging in genocide of our people. Not all earthlings fully comprehend the depths to which these entities have driven their evil tentacles.

Many of you do know now that the Queen over earth is an illegitimate Queen and arrests are being made. There is much more. We had been cosmically prevented from intervening in the ways we had wished in the past, but everything’s changed. We devised ways to intervene to take back our planet that are not cosmically viewed as direct intervention. And now we have full cosmic support.

Today, we are making the official announcement that we are back and we are in control now. We have been working behind the scenes for more than 60 years to turn the Reptilian/Orion alliance on its head. Pleiadians from the future have slipped back in time to alter the course of events, embodying willing earthling bodies. We can do this because you are our ancestors.

We have been doing enormous amounts of work over the last few decades to turn the tide. What you see on the surface is just that - the surface changes we have made. We are multidimensional. What that means is that the surface of the new and promising progress you can see is truly just the tip of the iceberg.

We will be catapulting our works, our advanced technologies, and our world view forward faster and faster - much more rapidly than earthlings can possibly keep up with, so please get “tuned up.” What do we mean by getting tuned up? You MUST get informed about the “N.E.W. World View.” It is key to taking earth from ground zero to a fully functioning, healthy planet.

It is also key to being able to deal with the rapidly increasing complexity and chaos that is about to hit this planet at an unfathomable rate, as we continue our fast-track project to bring you all “up to speed,” so to speak. You have all been kept in the dark ages but we know you can do this. Many people have laid the groundwork and paved your paths. Listen to them. Follow their lead. They are truly here to help YOU, earthlings. You know who you are. You know who we are.

The Reptilians and Orions will continue to pretend they have power. In fact, they will act as if nothing has changed at all. As they do this, they will continue to try and employ their wicked tools to bring earth down.

They do know their days of ruling this planet are over and that they will each and every one be held accountable for crimes of high treason and crimes against humanity. They also know that any additional crimes they commit following this announcement will be subjected to triple indemnity to any victims of their crimes and three times the standard sentence of 25 years in prison.

And we are not, here, speaking of earth prisons, if you know what we mean. But on the other hand, they made their own beds. They created for themselves what lies up ahead.

That’s our message for today. You are well-advised to listen to Sōferia and read her work. She just published a new article today that explains the N.E.W. World View, which is highly recommended reading and will help prepare you for the chaos that will be appearing in the very near future. And know that all times, we "have your backs." You will get through the chaos smoothingly well!

Thank you,
The Pleiadian High Council
Planet Eros