Merlyn ~ The Magic of Life ~ via Lumire ~ February 25th, 2013

As channeled by Lumire

A warm welcome to you dear wise ones, I am Merlyn.

The Magic of Life is all around you and also within, you are surrounded by a field of Love that permeates everything. Nothing is not Love, all things exist in it, all things grow in it and all things return back into it. It is just sometimes we forget what and who we are, divine beings created from the Source of all that is.

The power of Magic works primarily with two things: Imagination and Intention. Imagination is the ability to see in our minds the manifestation we wish to have as already created; Intention is the force of will that energises the vision been seen. In the old the days the intention was more of a forced mental effort of will, now that our awareness has began shifting it is time to use the power of Love instead.

Love can create in your life what you desire faster than using any other energy, it has the power to move your inner and outer worlds into something that only could be dreamt about before.

The magical energy of Love is the key that has been missing so long from us, once we unlock it's power, the truth begins to flow once more within us. Love has always been there waiting for us to return to it, it's just a matter of opening our hearts fully to it and saying: “Yes, I am willing to receive you.”

Once we begin creating out of Love instead of our old patterns of fear, fantastic magical events will be attracted to our lives. The flow of Love will move into everything we experience, into every person, every creature and into the whole environment around you. This is when we truly become Magicians of our own reality.

Magic was never mysterious as it once seemed, it was always simple, no need for special spells or incantations. No need of special herbs and magical objects, the “tools” were there just to bring our attention inwards, the real magic always came from within.

So will you choose to rise up to challenge and create your own world filled with Magic or live the life you've always known. If you make the choice to become the Magician of your own destiny, the universe will begin to start helping and supporting you in every possible way, for now you know the real secret of the power of Love.

Fly free with love in our hearts,


Notes: Merlyn is one of my Spirit Guides, as you can tell from the way he chooses to spell his name, he is not the same the “Merlin” as told in legends. He appears to me as a wise elderly Magician / Wizard; his wish is to remind us to bring joy of magic into our everyday lives.