Living two Lives ~ via Brian the Dragon ~ February 26th, 2013

As channeled by Brian the Dragon

Hi everyone,
This is the dragon. This channeling is really meant to tell you we know what you are going through and will be going through and to provide a little information. Some of you, like the Brian, are warriors and will trudge through anything thrown at you. That doesn't mean those of you aren't sensitive, but just that nothing much phases you. Then, there are others, that need constant compassion and reassurance. There's nothing wrong with either case, and it's more a matter of personality than level of development. Of course, most of you are in between. This channeling is more for the latter than the former, for the ones that need reassurance. If you are a warrior type, you may want to just wait until the next channeling.

Throughout the past many of you have lived two lives in the sense that you had your day to day responsibilities: perhaps family, job, mortgage or rent, etc. Then you had your spiritual seeking, which was important to you but always had to take a back seat to things like bills and work if you wished to still have a roof over your head and food on the table. The consequences that the system has put in place for not meeting those obligations are terrible. Basically, you get punished for not focusing on what you are told to focus on. And we sympathize with you for having to ever go through that, and of course even with some of our own incarnations that have gone through the same thing, even if we knew what we were getting into. The incarnations' egos don't remember making that choice, so it's always tough.

Well, what's coming is not the same kind of living two lives in a much more literal, true sense. The spiritual side, the fantastical side, is going to become more alive, at least equally dominant. The division between the two experiences will grow to the point they do not blend together much at all. So for what we would say is many years, you will sort of be split between two lives in a way you have not experienced up until now, since they will be so different. We can't say when it will start for sure, especially since it will be individual, but it's coming and it will start slow then really slam you hard if you're not ready. In some ways, this will be a time to celebrate for, since you'll have the opportunity to explore your spiritual side much more. However, the challenge will be even greater because you will still need to sustain your body, and "that life", perhaps 50% of your focus, will be even more challenging in comparison to the spiritual side you are exploring. It'll be like a slap in the face every time you have to focus on regular things.

Of course, the ultimate outcome is the "spiritual life", the fantasy side of your existence, will become more and more dominant for everyone and the "regular life" will seem less real until the "regular life" part fades into oblivion. However, this won't happen overnight and as much as the transition period where you are really split will be wonderful in some ways, that transition period will also be very unsettling, very uncomfortable, and very challenging. It may even be confusing. It'll be tough to get your footing. And things will change as quickly as you start to understand and get used to them.

We can only say that we can only academically understand how this will be for you, and we can feel what you are feeling and we know it will be a trying time. However, we feel what you feel with the love of the one still strongly accessible to us. We understand you will feel more isolated and we really want to offer our support for what's coming and say we truly think you are brave souls.

Ultimately, the result will be a rainbow, a bright light at the end of the tunnel, so it's well worth it.
The dragon