Light Children and Learning with Them ~ via Ann Heifets

As channeled by Ann Heifets

New work, it is also related to serving, but in other form, in other sphere.
What they wish to tell, to pass through me? To children working on rays?

This work, it is done not for these children, because the children know it, this information is intended for people who are not aware of what was happening. This is just an information block to inform people about the ongoing processes.

She [Mary] said: - You are the seeds of new life and the seeds of the new world. We can see how difficult it is, sometimes you do what you do, how little soil is ready to accept you as you are.
But we are always with you, at any time, and to us it is hard to see how this very soil is rigid, how this very soil is rigid, how hard it is, how rugged it is.

Sometimes it is just impossible to look at how it is hard to you here. But now here, by the way, it has become easier.

But know that the building of a new life, it already exists, and it just a little time is left to reach, that is, you already have reached, there is already softening of soil, though with difficulty, though not as quickly as we would like, but it's still happening, so we ask the adults who are listening to us now to understand what it is about.
Most of the children born today are new children who work on the rays of the Father. We ask you to create the most favorable conditions for their development, surround them with attention, take them as spiritual teachers, take them with an open heart, follow them and not reject them.

This is trivial words, all of us know this, but very few follow.

New born children, who were born five years ago and ten years ago, those are children of Christ consciousness. Express all kinds of trust and all possible openness to them, try to remove your old concepts and old ideas, follow your kids, love your children, because those are your spiritual teacher.

I see now in the spiritual that all new children are uniting and forming such light phenomenon, conditional light child merkaba. What is this?

- This is what in spiritual unites all of them - their common mission, their common spirit.

Perhaps, now want to tell us in connection with that about new programs that should be?

The new program of education of children.

A child translates to you what you need. You will transforms inside youself, join it to your free will, to your heart and return to him.

Such new principle.

In that there are your education and education of the child.

Special education, education on subjects are the next step, when your soul, the soul of an adult, expresses a request: "I want to learn something, I express intention to study in that sphere, to study telepathy or spiritual sport".
And when your soul sends a such impulse, the Father through the child, through the light child, lets down the science that enters your soul, and so you learn.

- What is necessary for a child? - I ask.

- A child needs your attention, your involvement, then he feels that he fulfills his mission, he is content and calm.
But to you it is important to be in whole internal connection with your child, because at the moment he is your spiritual teacher, through which all the information for you is going, all your queries about what you want to study and how is going through the light Child.

I have a question at once:

- All the children are light ones?

- The majority, most of them, but not all. Every case is individual one.

In any case, to trust your child is the most correct thing.

I have obtained that about one third of the total number of children thar are born now is new teachers, spiritual teachers, already completed and ready.

- And what about the two-thirds (remaining)?

- Each case must be considered individually.

Many light children are now working on the old Earth, because it has also considered as very active front, very actually.

- What else they want to say to us now? I would know, of course, something about new schools related to our specialization.

- The main thing we have said to you, that love forms everything. Take children as spiritual teachers, and attune to them internally, make the inner query, and you will get those sciences that would be correct ones for you, to teach you in correct way.