Kuthumi, El Morya, St. Germaine, & Ponce de Leon ~ What Have You Done About the Energy in the Words Within Your Brain? via Hilarion ~ February 24th, 2013

As channeled by Hilarion

What Have You Done About The Energy In The Words Within  Your Brain ?

There is an energy within each and every word in your brain.

Each and every word that you know, that you carry , in your brain,

every single word-

Each carry an energy.

The energies of, in, with etc… the words

Is comprised of illusion and imagination.

And so it is with you.

It must all be removed.

Imagine removing every bit of energy, from all of these words.

Imagine removing All of the Energy from All of the words,  every word.

Until this is completed, a very significant amount of bondage and obscuration will remain…

in your outer and inner viewing.


Good Day

And we do smile on this fine day.

Great challenges…..great opportunity.

St. Germain , El Morya, Kuthumi, and Ponce de Leon