Integrating the Golden Age ~ A Message from Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin ~ February 17, 2013

As channeled by Elizabeth Trutwin

Greetings Children of Ra! This is Mother Sekhmet speaking to you from Niburu.
We are working together now to Birth the Golden Age. With all the new information flowing in I have been asked, “What Do We Do Now”? So I would like to address that.

The Guides You Have Helping You
For thousands of years Humanity has forgotten its Galactic Origins and given away its power to the major religions. This distortion kept Humanity unaware or out of touch from their Master Teachers.
The Ones reading this have a variety of understanding and knowledge. For some this is nothing new and for others who are just waking up it is all new. I would like to show you a different perspective so you may grasp the infinite Cosmos in which we live.
A significant number of Humanity do not believe there is a God. Many do not believe in Angels. When exploring the concept of the Supreme Being in their form and their formless states of Being including becoming pure light in the Higher Realms this perception is not completely wrong. God is in everything and everything is in God.
For our discussion here let us take into consideration we live in form Bodies on Earth and our Guides can too. At the Godhead, the very top of the Spiritual Hierarchy God is seen not in dual form but as a Collective Consciousness represented as a Great Trinity or Holy Trinity. As each Soul incarnates they have within them the electric harmonic light and sound template called a Soul. From this many Avatars incarnate in parallel dimensions simultaneously in All That Is. From this Trinity all others have been created. The Angels, Archangels and Company of heaven were created through a process of Collective Meditation and were born out of Light. Over Aeons of time through Civilizationsʻ creation and failure Humanity became sleepy.
It matters not if you are Sikh, Jain, Muslim, Sufi, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian or Hindu your religion mentions the Trinity and the Angels. Archangel Gabriel told Joseph in a dream that the Baby was conceived through Collective Meditation and he should marry Mary and raise the child named Jesus. Archangel Gabriel came to Mary in a Vision. She could see Him and hear Him. She was told the Baby Jesus would help many people. You are capable of inviting the Angels into your dreams and remembering what they tell you. As you develop your inner sight in your third eye and your telepathy you may See and Hear the Angels speaking with you as an everyday occurrence. Archangel Gabriel spoke to Mohammad and he wrote down what he had heard and it became the Koran. So why are we all at war and sending hate emails if Judaism, Christianity and Islam were all visited by the same Angel? The Spiritual Hierarchy has been on Earth throughout the ages Lighting the Path.
The Trinity in Lemurian Times, Atlantean Times, Hermetic Times and Gnostic Times were known as God the Father named Ra, the Solar Deity, God the Sun Alcyone and God the Holy Spirit or Feminine Mother Sekhmet. In Egypt there are Statues, Temples, Paintings and Carvings of these Beings. We are the Godhead. We are descendant Souls to Earth. We are incarnate now on Earth and we are here to help you establish the Golden Age on Earth. We come in MotherShips the size of Cities with millions of people to help you.
This Trinity is known in Jain, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sufism as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Hindus and others describe Ra, Alcyone and Sekhmet at the Godhead as Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. From these all Others were created. This describes the Spiritual Hierarchy. This describes your Galactic Family. This describes your Ancestors. Some interpretations in major religions were written as a Pantheon of Gods and mistakenly were represented as polytheism or multiple Gods. For Taoism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Greco- Roman Mythology, Zoroastrianism, Druidry and others these traditions were acknowledging the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth. They were acknowledging the Kumaras on Earth through the Ages. Sananda, Sanat, Sanaka, Sanatana. The Holy Kumaras are mentioned in all the Ancient Texts of all the Ancient Religions and are describing those who traveled from other Stars and lived on Earth.
Maitreya is my, Mother Sekhmetʻs consort. He is also known as Alcyone and Vishnu. He is also known as Ra. This is the Trinity from the Godhead. Other names we have had are Shiva, Krishna, Buddha, Kalki Maitreya, Lakshmi. Parvati, Radha, Rukmini, Shakti, Kali and Durga. These are our Avatara names in other cultures in other times in space. We have always returned at the end of the Age to dissolve the Timelines and at the beginning of a new Golden Age to create the New with Earth and all on Her.
During the time of Jesus the Kumara known as Sananda incarnated and it was said he was the Son of God. His Mother was The Holy Spirit. Sananda was teaching those on Earth then of the Holy Trinity and their role as Divine Grace descendant from Source Energy as Suns into Human Bodies. Later it was twisted. When Jesus was killed our Galactic Family lost Faith that Earth would ever make it back into the Higher Realms. Sananda was steadfast in his resolve to come back and try it again. This has been successful. In the Office of the Christ at the level of Cosmic Christ Sananda with his Consort Lady Master Nada have moved into that role as Co-Regents with me, Mother Sekhmet and my Consort Lord Vishnu. These are Collective Consciousness Roles and they do not function the same as others within the Office of the Christ. They have greater responsibilities and greater gifts.
Each One has the choice to become Enlightened and have their full memories and abilities. Each One has the ability to become an Ascended Master in this Lifetime and end the constant suffering. Every religion out there has laid out the Path and Meditation is common ground. This is to connect the subtle bodies to access the Higher Dimensions.
All of the Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy who have incarnated into different traditions may be called on for help and Guidance to the Path of Enlightenment.
Nothing Short of a Revolution
I, Mother Sekhmet am incarnate now in Human form. I have been working closely with the United States Politicians, the Military and the Intelligence community to acknowledge the Extraterrestrials working with them and acknowledge that Niburu and the Galactic Federation run joint projects such as the International Space Station, Wing Maker Ships, Cleaning up the Environment, Nanite Technology in the Satellites, Free Energy, Light Surgeries using Lasers, and many others. We have helped on Earth as much as Cosmic Law will allow without being formally acknowledged by your Civilization.
Right now in Washington D.C. there is nothing short of a Revolution between the dark hats and the White Knights. With KOS, Archangel Michael, Archangel Chamuel, St. Germain, Archangel Metatron and others I have attended behind closed door meetings. If you took each name listed there and showed their Avatara forms in Earth History you would see how these form the Spiritual Hierarchy have served on Earth again and again. Some of these names would be Shakespeare, Merlin, Indra, Hanuman, Enoch, Hermes, Jesus and Zoroaster only to name a few.
The dark hats know it is the end of their Timeline and they are afraid for their lives. Please do your duty of thinking of them and beaming love to them. They are High Beings who through technological intervention groomed out of their DNA emotions. They no longer have access to love. They forgot how to love. We Are All One. It is the end of time and those who cannot resonate within the vibration of love must leave Earth now. I have done everything in my power to help as many as possible. There is a requirement that One Must Ask and those without the DNA strands which access love they could never conquer ego mind long enough to ask. They only respond to power and control over others.
You are seeing this play out as the last battle over guns, violence, sexual assault, child abuse, hunger, homelessness, abuse of power, greed, lack of jobs, animal rights, pollution and the few trying to control the many. They know that Mother is here and it is all over now. Of course I work hand in hand with my Consort in many ways which go unseen in transmuting these maladies and returning Abundance in Every Form to Earth. We require the cooperation of Your Divine Heart embodied on Earth. We Will Do It Together and We Will Do It With Love. It is Happening Now.

The Tales Are Being Told
Each day in the News we are revealing the Cause of the Maladies. We do this to partner with You, the Divine incarnate on Earth in your conscious choice to Serve Earth now. The influx of Light from the Harmonic Realms of Source, the Central Sun and this Solar System are available for you to draw on to Manifest New Earth. Use your thoughts, words, actions and beliefs to change the Outer World. You are God Incarnate. You Are Here To Change Earth. You Are The Galactics. You Are The Ground Crew on this Planet. You came here with Sanandaʻs Mission to not allow Earth to go Super Nova.
As you understand the CAUSES of the maladies of Earth you move change. The Pope has stepped down. You removed this dark hat who played such a large role in 911 and tried to change the course of Earth and Ascension. As you participate in government By The People and For The People you change things. Sign Petitions. Attend Web Meetings and Talk Together. CAUSE CHANGE. It must be brought with the Guidance of Mother-Father God, through the Divine Incarnate on Earth to make it change.
This is why the Tales Are Being Told. You are being sent an invitation to Go Out Into The World and Be The Change. There is the perception that it is taking a long time. We are doing an Akashic Records Review by bringing the Truth to the Citizens of Earth who are the Only Ones Who Have The Power To Change It.
By The Time Announcements Come the Golden Age Will Be In Full Gear

Ashtar is well known as saying There Is A Sequential Flow Of Events Which Must Occur. Arrests. Announcements. Disclosure. In that order.
You are seeing the Parade of Arrests since many years now. We are now in the final preparation phase for Announcements and Disclosure.
Around the World we have seen the overthrow of many PMs in several different Countries, they have been run out of town on a rail. In other areas there were very tight elections.
We are beginning to see those like Elizabeth Warren asking our government and Her citizens why the Banks have not been Indicted. They continue to make a profit through the bailouts and beyond with no review of their illegal practices. She has asked does Too Big to Fail mean Too Big for Jail? Slowly the dissolution of all the religious, media and crime organizations still trying to control Earth continue on an ongoing basis.
You will indeed see the Announcements and Arrests because the Golden Age of Earth is already begun. Your every thought, word and deed as well as misdeed, like forwarding dark agenda emails, effects the timing.
You will still see misrepresentations of the Truth as well as the dark appearing to have some control right up until the very end. Be Certain You Know it is part of the Illusion and nothing that should grab your focus and nothing to spend time mulling over. Ignore it and go on with your day. Two examples are Rahm Emmanuel, the Head of Mossad and current Mayor of Chicago being invited to speak to President Obamaʻs organizers of New Earth. The other example is the G-20 fabricating meetings about currencies and making predictions about the Yen. They are out of money but they are not out of love. Please love them all more. St. Germain is in charge of all the Gold on Earth and no Illuminati families of any nation have gold no matter how many times you have seen it circulate on the internet.
You have created the dissolution of the old. You have created The Golden Age in your Heart. You are fulfilling Divine Law phasing in The Golden Age into the physical on Earth. Warriors of Light, I am very Proud of You! I am deeply grateful for your Service and unfailing Faith in the Light.
Divine Spiritual Government happens when the Conscious Collective Acts Together on Faith to Support Each Other through the changes.
What Is Spiritual Government?

In the Golden Age on Earth we remember the Oneness of All Life and we find we are only able to function under Universal Law. As we Ascend and become Our Enlightened Selves we look for the solutions which fulfill Cosmic Law. We desire living a life which returns us to the level of Divine Government. Nothing else will longer suffice. When All on Earth Waken to Christ Consciousness we remember it is impossible to harm any part of Life without harming Ourselves.
Spiritual Government is a way of taking care of one another. We together as Divine Beings of Light set up systems which resolve the maladies of Earth. We enhance the lives of the weakest among us and we enhance the lives of ourselves and those we love. It begins this Age as NESARA Law which will remedy those things which have been taken away from the people. It solves illegal practices such as a suspended Constitution, taxation without representation, the titles of Nobility, the illegal Federal Reserve, World Banking systems and Land Titles. It resolves these issues in many different ways including providing Free Energy to all on Earth and financial reparations. Each One will receive $10 million dollars. This will not come in a lump sum, but will be paid in segments over time. The first payment will be large enough to take care of all your immediate needs and more. Subsequent payments will come after mentoring and education about the vast choices available. We are evolving into a governance of Oneness and we will all relearn together how it is accomplished.
Spiritual Government means dissolving any man made laws made out of greed and the implementation of new laws with their basis in Universal Law, the code for all laws in our Universe. These laws take in what Nature and the Cosmos require for their evolution – it is all inclusive including the animal, mineral and magical kingdoms and their requirements for coexistence.

The Alien Communication Intelligence Organization (ACIO) and the Ashtar Command

The entire Ashtar Command are members of the ACIO. This includes fully awake and aware members of the Ground Crew who are working in all walks of life. Many are in the military and intelligence communities. These are White Knights who work to influence the dark hats to come clean about their engagement with Extraterrestrials. You know who the ACIO members living on Earth are. The Ones who lead the Exopolitics movements most certainly are. They will never admit to it publicly because everyday their lives are in danger until we have Disclosure. They are the Ones working behind the scenes. They regularly beam up on the Ships to attend ACIO meetings with Sananda and Ashtar, myself, Mother Sekhmet, St. Germain, and many many others such as Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Mary, Vishnu, Hanuman, Garuda, Great Spirit, Korton, Monk Ka, K Tar Tec, Soltec, Tec Ra, Rana Mu, Arcturus, and many Ones with names you have since forgotten.
Meetings are held on large MotherShips in vast rooms so large that projection screens must be used to see the speaker who is far away. It looks similar to the World Cup Quidditch Stadium with many attending the meeting from Stars within our Solar System. The Ones speaking appear tiny and far away but all the action is projected so it may be seen from every vantage point. At these Meetings of the ACIO everyone is given a voice. Every aspect of Earth Ascension has been discussed and planned in these meetings. All joint projects between the Galactics and Ground Crew incarnate on Earth are voted on. All intelligence about things such as Area 51 and Inner Earth tunnels is recorded and Guardians of Light with adept abilities do all in their power to assist during Humanitarian Efforts after disasters and the like. We are always there for you. Me, Mother Sekhmet/ Lakshmi with my consort, Alycone/ Vishnu head up these efforts and form Committees as it were to implement the work. We are incarnate together on Earth now coordinating these efforts with the members of the ACIO on Earth who work from the lighted realm within Royal Families, Government, Media, Military, Banks, Intelligence and other key roles to bring forth through an embodied Soul on Earth all the changes we seek. You see their names in the news everyday. You know who they are. They are not all working secretly.
The Galactics and Ground Crew work jointly together for Disclosure and Landings. The Commanders and Ships of the Ashtar Command have always and continue to coordinate these efforts on Earth and throughout our Solar System.
The Galactic Federation

The Galactic Federation is a Group of Members forming Councils to address the many issues facing this Galaxy. All of the Ethnic Groups of ET Beings, humanoid and non-humanoid are represented. The goal of The Galactic Federation is to work jointly on projects that benefit the Galaxy as well as navigating disagreements using Council Meetings in a cooperative effort to maintain peace.
The Galactic Federation includes Mother Sekhmet at the healm on the FlagShip Niburu, Admiral Sananda and Captain Ashtar on the FlagShip The New Jerusalem, Archangel Michael on the FlagShip The New Bethlehem, Athena on the FlagShip The Dove, Soltec on the FlagShip The Phoenix with many others including Arcturus with his Medical Fleets of Ships.

The Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds

There are presently 32 members of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. When Earth re-establishes Spiritual Government and knows World Peace, She will be invited to be a voting member within this Group. This Group includes members from distant Galaxies within our Universe Nebadon. This will elevate Earthsʻ status and it is required She is a Planet of Peace before entering. This opens many beautiful potentials not before available to Earth. All of the Planets in our Solar System stand by celebrating Earthʻs success and things to come.

What Do We Do Now?

Treat each moment of life as if it is sacred. When you open your eyes in the morning drop down on your knees and place your forehead on the floor. Do this in reverence of acknowledging Divine Grace within You. Ask your Guides to Light Your Path. Face All That Is in an attitude for Service. Come with an Open Heart. Come with an Empty Cup. Ask what You Can Do This Day to Be The Change. Observe practices which will bring abundance into your life and then share all you can with others. Plan parts of your week just for fun. Plan an hour a week or more to have fellowship with your very busy family. Spend time making memories with your friends. Celebrate Life!
Be willing to be naked. Be willing to become a new you each day with no attachment to the outcome.

Think about those moments when you do not have enough even though you have given it your all. Think about the less fortunate of the world and how sometimes you feel your heart may break due to the suffering you have seen. Know that I am living within the matrix with you experiencing these challenges with you. Know beyond a doubt that all the effort you have put forth together has already ushered in The Golden Age. Be In Joy and Watch New Earth unfold. The Ships are here and our integration into your world is underway. You Are Loved Beyond Measure. Namaste! This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin February 17, 2013. © All Rights Reservedhttp://ElizabethTrutwin.orghttp://Garuda.co, Please Visit Thank you for including links in reposts.
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